SKE48: Team KII 2nd Stage “Te wo Tsunaginagara”

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Bokura no Kaze 3.5/5

This is a fairly standard song. It’s not the most exciting song to start out an album. But It has a likeable melody that can get stuck in your head. Also, I love the positive aura of this song. The piano in the background is nice. This is a standard 48 song.

Mango No.2 5/5

This is one of the most likeable tracks! I wish the 48 family would do more songs like this, instead of the bland songs you see so often. This song is tropical sounding, and kind of quirky.I love how the song starts Ahhhh MANGO #2!! The CHA-CHA-CHA‘s and speaking parts are highly addictive.

Te wo Tsunaginagara 4/5

This is the title of the album. The title song is supposed to be the best. However, I think other songs on the album were better than this song. This song reminds me of Bokura no Kaze, they’re both pretty standard. The chorus is catchy, however, some of the girls sounded bored/sung with no emotion, which is a problem I find that some idol groups sometimes have.

Chime wa LOVE SONG 3/5

This is another standard blah song. I really want to like this song, but it follows the same pattern and formula. The shared lines are nice though.

Glory Days 5/5

Like Mango#2, this is one of my favorite songs on the track! I forgot the style that the girls are singing in (Ska?), but I like it. It’s a nice change from traditional sounding idol songs. I love all of the solos. Jurina sounds particularly nice here as well. I like all of the whoah’s. Surprisingly, they are not annoying. This is just a great song all around!

Kono Mune no Bar Code 5/5

Here’s a more mature song. This song is also ranked high among the tracks on the album! I love the serious tone, and the harmonizing. These three girls have amazing voices!

Wimbledon e Tsureteitte 4.5/5

This is a pretty odd song. But odd is good! These three girls have cute voices, and the song is interesting enough. The FUREE FUREE FUREE part is really cute, and addicting. I like the chorus. This song is pretty likeable.

Ame no Pianist 4.5/5

Here is another semi-mature song. And I really like this one! Like the title suggests, it features the piano all through out the song, which gives it a nice sound. I love the overall feeling of the song. The solos are off the chain, especially Yui.

Choco no Yukue 3.5/5

Like Wimbledon e Tsureteitte, this is another odd song with a weird instrumental. The vocals are really cute, sometimes too cute for my taste. This song is likeable, but not my favorite.

Innocence 5/5

This is like part two to kono mune no barcode. It features off of the wall vocals from a select few girls, and the rest of the song is just shared lines. I love this song! The group sounds good as a chorus, and the song is catchy.

Romance Rocket 4.5/5

This is a song with a spaced theme. I think that the lyrics are really cute! The Ohh yeah‘s are catchy. I like all of the added sound effects and random speaking parts.

Koi no Keikou to Taisaku 5/5

Another one of my favorite tracks! This song shows that SKE can be weird and crazy, and I love weird and crazy! The instrumental is kind of funky, and the chorus is amazing. I love all of the little sound effects and random bursts of speaking. Even though this song is pretty weird, every little element somehow comes together!!

Daisuki 3/5

Here’s a semi ballad song. I don’t know what to think of this. The chorus is pretty nice, but the versus are really boring!

Rope no Yuujou 3.5/5

Every album has to have a “serious” song, and this song is pretty serious and fierce. The girls sung in a chorus for the whole song, which makes them sound really powerful. The song in itself is pretty catchy as well.

Kayoubi no Yoru, Suiyobi no Asa 3.5/5

I swear this sounds like the song above this one. Like Rope no Yuujou, this song is a pretty serious song. I don’t know, it sounds too much like rope no yuujou to me.

Tooku ni Itemo 4/5

An idol album isn’t an album without a ballad!! *sarcasm* This ballad is the standard ballad. It’s slow. It’s kind of boring. But this song actually really grew on me! If you listen to it long enough, it’s actually really touching! The chorus sounds really nice.


I don’t know why I reviewed SKE’s 1st stage album after their second… this album has some favorites on here that I like, but I have to say that Seifuku no Me was a tad bit better than this. That’s a good thing! It means that they improved~


SKE48: Team S 2nd Album Seifuku no Me

I don’t usually bother with the 48 stages albums because there are just too many and I’m more of a casual listener. But I LOVE SKE48, so with them, I check out their stages and albums.

Koi wa Kataru Shinjin ni Narenakute 4/5

*Why is this title so long?  T___T anyway, this is a nice song to start the album with. I love the chorus the most because the voices blend really well. But after a while, the non chorus part get’s a little repetitive because I feel like some members aren’t singing with any emotion.

Goukaku Kiss 5/5

*This is one of the best songs on the track. The way the song starts out and ends,kind of reminds me of a video game, and the whole song overall reminds me of night for some odd reason. I love all of the “nee’s” and the “Don’t fall in love” “let’s kiss more” “let’s fall in love” “don’t kiss me now” parts, it sounds nice.

Antenna 5/5

*Again, one of, if not the best track on the album. I love how the song starts out, it sounds like a baby’s baby. The best parts in the song is when the words are repeated just before the chorus starts (like deai wa and guuzen). Also, the chorus is really catchy. I also love the random funny noises like “hoy” and “ee?”. And the end where they all shout hey! I also really love the lyrics in general.

Seifuku no me 5/5

*The album title track is supposed to be really good compared to the rest of the songs, and ske didn’t disappoint. Seifuku no me is really catchy and upbeat.

Omoide Ijou 2.5/5

*Hmmm, this isn’t one of my favorites. I like the chorus though, how they are singing fast.

Ookami to PRIDE 5/5

*This is such a cute song, with adorable vocals and a really catchy chorus. I love the harmonization going on between Sayuki and Kumi. One of the best songs on the track.

Onna no Ko no Dairokkan 5/5

*I love how this song starts out. Mizuki starts and she sounds strong. I also really like Masana, who sung third. The best part of the song is the random english thrown in and the chorus. This song is so unique sounding~ One of the best songs in the track.

Kareha no Station 5/5

*And here we get to Matsui Rena’s solo song. The song is nice, and Rena sounds lovely~ I love the talking part near the end. I would have preferred a Jurina solo, but oh well…

Mangekyou 5/5

*This song remind me of something traditional…weird. Anyway, I LOVE this song, it’s like traditional mixed with a tad bit of rock. Ono Haruka is the star in this, she sounds fantastic. The best part is the solo parts, everyone just sounds so nice. I also love the ending, it’s so pretty and remind me of a lullaby. One of the best songs in the track!

Jealousy no Alibi 3/5

*This sounds like an anime opening. I like how strong the song sounds, but other than that, not my cup of tea. I think it would sound better if there were some solo parts.

Doubt! 4/5

*I like how the song starts out and the “Doubto!” parts. I think an instrumental version of this song would be nice. Sounds summery.

Nakama no Uta 4.5/5

*I love the guitar in the beginning, it sounds so light and refreshing. The chorus is really catchy and nice~ I love how the chorus is repeated a lot at the end.

Mizu no Nai POOL 5/5

*I love the beginning, that piano is just beautiful. I am in love with the chorus, the lyrics are also really nice.

Rakuen no Kaiden 2.5/5

*I used to hate this song, but now it isn’t too bad. I love the “YEEI!” at the beginning. The chorus sounds really strong.I love the “Oi’s” near the end.

Pinocchio gun 5/5

*I love this song! Everyone sounds so tuff and I love the chorus so much and the “VICTORY!”. Hands down, one of the 48’s best songs. If only there were more fun songs like this!

Tegami no Koto 2/5

*This song is just really boring. The instrumental sounds nice, but the people singing sing with no emotion, they sound like they’re bored. The speaking part is nice.


This is really one of my favorite albums all time, and my favorite album from SKE! I will be reviewing their 1st album soon so look for it~