C-ute: All 2014 singles reviewed!

File:C-ute - KnSwUnSLtd. A.jpgFile:C-ute - The Power reg B.jpgFile:C-ute - I miss you lim A.jpg

Kokoro no Sakebi no Uta ni Shitemite 3.5/5

After the mature streak, I guess C-ute wanted a little break. I love C-ute’s “cute” songs, but this is a little disappointing. It’s a little bland, and not very high energy (which is okay). But in this case, the slow pace of the song makes it kind of boring for me. However, the outfits, MV, and dance are great!

Love take it all! 4/5

C-ute’s mature part of the single. This song is a little more playful than most of C-ute’s “mature” songs, however, like Kokoro no Sakebi, I find it bland and missing something. The instrumental is rather playful and interesting though. Once again, the outfits and dancing is on point, but the MV is a little low grade.

The Power 5/5

A lot of people hate this song. I LOVE this song! Yeah it’s weird, and seems like a berryz song, but It’s playful, and to me it still feels very “C-ute”. The dance to me may not be up to their standards, but it’s creative, especially the flying part. The chorus and the verses are catchy and they all look fabulous. What’s not to like? It’s nice to not only to mature songs.

Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version) 5/5

We all know that this is a great song, so why does UFA keep releasing this on everything? In my opinion, it should have been an A-side the first time.

I Miss You 5/5

This song is a masterpiece, and it’s a kind of mature song we haven’t heard fro c-ute yet. Reminds me of BRIGHT’s stuff. Everyone keeps saying how messy the verses are because there’s 3 separate parts to the singing, but I love it, and to me it doesn’t sound messy at all. I love the “I asked myself” part. I love the buildup to the phrase “I Miss You”. Also, whoever is singing the main pain part in the chorus (Airi?) has hit the jackpot. She sounds so good! I think Chisato would also sound great singing this part. Honestly, this is one of C-ute’s best songs ever.

The FUTURE 4./5

Here is C-ute token mature song. It reminds me of “What is LOVE?” a lot, which isn’t a bad thing. I love the beat, and the chorus especially. Someone in the comments said that this song wasn’t memorable?? I know it’s an opinion, but this song has been stuck in my head all day! Especially the part where they sing “The Future.” I think this is just as good as some of the mature songs that C-ute released that I can’t remember the tune to like Kanashiki Amefuri.


I don’t think C-ute will be releasing anything else this month, so I want to review their singles for this year. With this post, I am finally caught up with all c-ute’s songs. Once again, I feel like this was a great year for C-ute despite the two weak singles. Their dances, music, MV’s, and outfits keep on getting better and better. They have quickly climbed to the top of the best H!P groups. Like, when did they get so good? I think it was around the time when Aitai x3 was released in 2012. This is how you handle an idol group people! Looking forward to next year with C-ute!


C-ute: All 2013 Singles reviewed!

I review H!P artists by year since most of the groups has too many singles! Please click here to see other C-ute reviews since It’s been so long.


File:C-ute - Kono Machi D.jpgFile:C-ute - Crazy Kanzen na Otona C.jpgFile:C-ute - Kanashiki Amefuri D.jpgFile:C-ute - Tokai no Hitorigurashi A.jpg

Kono Machi 4/5

Lesson #1 in the idol business: ballads are a HUGE risk. If you do one, you have to do it right. I think this one was done right! This is a cover, and I think the song is actually nice. It’s not boring or generic. C-ute’s members have very powerful voices, and it works to bring power and emotion into the song. They also promoted this like crazy, so It did well.

Crazy kanzen na Otona 5/5

Kono Machi was a slight disappointment for me, and other C-ute fans. We all wondered what direction they’d take after all of the mature singles. C-ute decided to stay on the mature path! This single has got to be my favorite mature single from them! While the PV is average, the song is amazing and catchy! I love the “Itsu no hi ka kitto” part before the chorus. I also love Airi’s parts in the chorus. The Crazy Kanzen na otona ni.. and the Sexy Kanpeki and Otona ni…  The line distribution is also amazing for once. This song makes you want to dance, it’s a home run! Even though it sold very well, I wish it was promoted more.

Kanashiki Amefuri  4/5

This song is mature, yet somehow maintains a cute feeling due to the PV. It’s very c-ute-like, aka high energy dance track. I think the verses are a little plain. The chorus is what makes the song. It has this little electric sound right after the chorus that I wish was incorporated into the song more! Overall, decent song.

Adam to Eve no Dilemma 5/5

This song is right up C-ute’s alley. It’s a powerful, upbeat dance track. The instrumental is really good, and the chorus is catchy. The vocals are amazing, as always. The whole song just makes me want to get up and dance. I think this is the better of the two songs from the single.

Tokai no Hitorigurashi 4.5/5

I love the instrumental for this! it reminds me of some of Juice=Juice’s stuff. This is nice break from of all the mature stuff C-ute has been releasing. It’s still cute and catchy, yet at the same time sophisticated. This is what I call an “adult” idol song.

Ai tte Motto Zanshin 4/5

Here is the token “mature” song of the single! And the sexy is turned up high for this MV. As always, this song is a high energy dance track. Love the “tabun” parts! The chorus is okay for me. It’s a very weird transition between the verses and the chorus, but they make it work.

C-ute really made up for not being that active in 2012 this year. Although only four singles were released, it seems like more with two straight double A-sides. This year, C-ute really solidified that they have graduated from all of the kiddy idol songs. They released an array of mature songs that all sound unique. Even their one “cute” song that they released has the aura of being sophisticated. Also this year, MV quality has been upped tremendously! The MV’s are all gorgeous and creative! This has also been their highest selling year, ever. This group is really going in the right direction.

C-ute: Crazy Kanzen na Otona

File:C-ute - Crazy Kanzen na Otona B.jpg

Crazy Kanzen na Otona 5/5

Kono Machi was a slight disappointment for me, and other C-ute fans. We all wondered what direction they’d take after all of the mature singles. C-ute decided to stay on the mature path! This single has got to be my favorite mature single from them! While the PV is average, the song is amazing and catchy! I love the “Itsu no hi ka kitto” part before the chorus. I also love Airi’s parts in the chorus. The Crazy Kanzen na otona ni.. and the Sexy Kanpeki and Otona ni…  The line distribution is also amazing for once. This song makes you want to dance, it’s a home run! Even though it sold very well, I wish it was promoted more.

Chikyuu Kara no Sanjuusou 5/5

This b-side is sung by Maimi, Airi, and Chisato. This song is very laid back. At first I didn’t think that I’d like it because of the beginning. But It’s actually a really great song! All three of the girls voices blend nicely throughout the song, and it creates a nice harmony. Maimi and Chisato’s voices especially blend beautifully in the chorus. It’s sad that Mai and Saki weren’t in this song. I think that Mai would have sounded lovely with her high pitched voice. I love b-sides like this! probably one of my favorite C-ute b-sides.

The☆Treasure Box 3.5/5

This song has the edginess of Buono! and the silliness of S/mileage. This song is okay. It’s not bad, but it seems like it’s missing something, you know? It feels like a filler song. I like the chorus, and the vocals are nice.

Watashi wa Tensai 3/5

I was excited for this duet because Mai and Saki never get lines, like ever. I love Maimai and Nakky’s voices. Cute voices in a mature group? That’s hard to do, but they both pull it off so well. I don’t mind these two singing cute songs since cute songs really fit them well, but this is just meh… So much time and effort when into the other trio’s song, but this sounds really plain. They should have gotten a song like Saikoukyuu no ENJOY GIRLS or Saikou Music. Those are cute b-side songs, but they are good songs.


I think this song beats Aitai x3 as my favorite C-ute mature song! ChikyuuKara no Sanjuusou was also a nice addition to this single. The other two b-sides were average. C-ute is heading into a very nice direction!!

C-ute: All 2012 singles reviewed!

File:KimiwaJitenshaA.jpgFile:C-ute - Aitai Aitai Aitai na D.jpg

Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Denhsha de Kitaku 5/5

Aka the longest title in H!P history! I remember when this came out, everyone was upset that it was a ballad. I like when soloists do ballads, but when idols do ballads, they tend to be long, bland, and boring. This is actually a good ballad! And even better, tsunku promoted this song like crazy. It payed off, because the sales for this single was amazing. Everyone finally started to see C-ute as this amazing group of talented singers, and not just another H!P group. The music is pretty, and the dance is kind of dramatic, but this is a lovely single from C-ute.

Aitai Aitai Aitai na 5/5

Sticking with the same genre, here is another mature song from c-ute. Out of all of their mature songs, this one is definitely my favorite because it’s so high energy! I love the end of the chorus when they extend the suki sugiru wa. The lines are pretty even as well. In addition, I love how they all sing koisuru otome wa and then one person sings the rest, it sounds nice. I love this single, even the daring dance move. The two b-sides for this single rock!


C-ute only released 2 singles for the whole year, which is disappointing because the two singles for this year were amazing!

C-ute: All 2011 singles reviewed!

File:Cute kma V.jpgFile:Cute ms lb.jpgFile:C-ute - SHnO SV.jpg

Kiss me Aishiteru 4.5/5

2010 was quite a mature year for C-ute, and C-ute starts of 2011 with another mature song as well. When this song came out, everyone was like “WOW” because it was the maturest and sexiest C-ute has ever been! I like this song, yet at the same time I don’t listen to it very much. I love the echo effect in the words, as well as the kiss me and nee parts in the chorus. The covers for this single were beautiful, and the dance was so high energy.

Momoiro Sparkling 5/5

When I first heard this song, it was a radio preview, and I was excited. “Momoiro Sparkling” sounded like an interesting title” However, I was disappointed. There was nothing in this song that made me want to listen to the whole thing. However, when the PV came out, I decided to check it out… and was amazed! The PV is fun, the dance cute and simple, the clothes amazing. Despite this song being very bland and idol-ish, I love this song! The more you listen to this song, the more hooked you get on it. I love the light, airy, summery feeling it gives you, and the line distribution and appearances on camera are even and fair.

Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna na no ko 5/5

Another cute type of song? This song is terribly generic, and I usually put down these types of song’s… But how could you hate this song? It’s so terribly cute, everything about it! Everyone’s voices completely compliment each other and fit the song perfectly. I love the Wow wow yeah yeah’s and the Happy’s! This song is so cheerful and I listen to it non stop! It’s so catchy! The PV is unfortunately kind of unoriginal. But it did keep my attention with the bright colors and cute clothing.


This year was a pretty good year for C-ute as well. I liked all of the singles, even the cute ones!

C-ute: All 2010 singles reviewed!

File:C-ute - Shock EV.jpgFile:Campus Life LimA.jpgFile:C-ute - Dance de Bakoon A.jpgFile:C-ute - aitai lonely christmas A.jpg

Shock! 3/5

I never thought that that UFA would have only one member singing in a five member group. But they did. And unsurprisingly, Airi is singing by herself in this single. I’m fine with Airi having a solo. She’s done it before. However, having a solo as C-ute’s a-side is not okay with me. She has a great voice and shines in the PV, but in lives with the dancing that she has to do, she seems to have trouble. I actually like the b-side, but again, only Maimi and Airi are singing. This is one of the worst decisions that has been made. Maybe if it was Mai or Saki who don’t get much attention I wouldn’t mind.

Campus Life ~Umarete Kita yo ne~ 4.5/5

After their last single, C-ute is back to normal with a fresh spring sounding song. Lots of people don’t like this song because it’s simple and not a lot goes on. But I actually like this a lot. It’s a nice laid back song with a catchy song, a great dance, and a nice outside PV. Love the suki suki suki part.

Dance de Bakoon! 5/5

I think I’ll dare to say that this is c-ute’s best single! This song is so high energy, and the instrumental makes me want to dance! I love the ja ja ja ja’s in the versus, it makes me feel pumped up! I love Mai’s and Saki’s solo’s at the end of the second chorus. The dance to this is so amazing! This is a nice crowd pleaser for fans.

Aitai Lonley Christmas 4.5/5

We haven’t had a ballad in a while. After the craziness of Dance de Bakoon, this song is nicely welcomed. This is a nice Christmas-ey song that has a nice instrumental. I’m happy that the versus start out with Mai and Saki singing.

The year 2010 shows us how well C-ute can function as a 5 nin group. Minus shock, this year marks the year that C-ute really started to stand out to me.

C-ute: All 2009 singles reviewed!

File:C-uteSM08 Single V.jpgFile:C-ute - SOM Lim.jpgFile:C-ute - Everyday Zekkouchou SV.jpg

Bye Bye Bye! 4.5/5

This is another rather underrated C-ute song. I guess its because it doesn’t really sound like a-side material. This sounds more like a b-side or album song. It’s rather slow paced, but I like it! I like the beat, and the repetition of the bye bye bye. 

Shouchuu Ominai Moushiagemasu 4/5

This is a cover of the same song by Candies. After a rather mature streak, c-ute is now back to cute (lol). I like this song a lot. It’s really cute and sugary! But I don’t listen to this song much, sometimes it gets annoying, especially the versus.

Everyday Zekkouchou!! 5/5

This song is rather laid back and average, but even so, I really like this song. It’s such a simple, laid back song. I love the end of the chorus when they say Good Day Sunshine. But what makes me really like this song is the lyrics. I love it when they say Giving up is such a waste Being negative too is such a waste Not seeing dreams is such a waste. In my opinion, this is a perfect graduation song.


2009 seemed to be a very blah year for c-ute. They only released three singles, and Erika and Kanna left…

C-ute: All 2008 singles reviewed!

File:LLLSnUSingleV.jpgFile:NnILe.jpgFile:C-uteEdoLe.jpgFile:C-uteSM07 Single V.jpg

LA LA LA Shiawase no Uta 5/5

One of my favorite c-ute singles! This song is so cute and high energy! I love the dance because its so lively and takes a lot of hard work to do. The vocals are super cute, and the chorus addicting with all of the LA LA LA’s. Saki and Mai should have gotten more lines since their voices suit this song more. Such a standard idol song, but I love it!

Namida no Iro 4/5

This is one of my least liked and least played c-ute songs. I don’t know why, but I never liked this song too much. Which is sad since this song has a lot of flavor with the guitar and nice instrumental. I like the goujou and yujou at the beginning of every chorus. Airi and Maimi really do a good job of hitting those high notes! For some reason I like the way Airi sings in here.

Edo Temari no Uta II 5/5

One of my favorite C-ute songs! It’s so unique sounding. I love the chorus with the Hiiya Fuuya Miiya Youya part.There are some awesome vocals going on in this song, Airi especially. Everyone gets a line here, which is good for once. More Japanese groups should do more history related songs, because this single is amazing! I wish it was longer! This song is so underrated!


Continuing the mature trend, we finally get to C-ute’s twelfth single. It’s a shame that that I don’t listen to this more, because I really like it! It’s mature, with the intense music, yet at the same time, it’s cute sounding, with the My Daarin/I Love You in the chorus. This makes me want to dance!


C-ute continues to make amazing music, even a year after their debut. This year contains some of my favorite songs!

C-ute: All 2007 singles reviewed!


Sakura Chirari 5/5

C-ute’s debut single. It fits perfectly because this song is really cute and simple. I love the sailor sound in this song. The chorus is really nice. The dance is also one of my favorite dances in H!P. The dance is also really simple, yet it’s confusing at the same time. Nice spring-ish song to debut with!

Meguru Koi no Kisetsu 5/5

This song is what being idols is all about! This song is so cheerful and lively, it’s filled with love. It’s so simple, and it’s message is clear, and love it! The versus are catchy when they scream BOY! and GIRL! This is such an underrated song! I love when Maimi screams Alright! Susunde ke!

Tokkaiko Junjou 4.5/5

I used to hate this song. I guess I didn’t like C-ute’s new image so soon. This song is the first mature song c-ute’s done. It took me a really lone time to warm up to this song, but now I really like it. I love Maimi’s solo spoken part, especially when she says demo ne, watashi kodomo ja nai (How old were they? XD) I love the chorus, and the dance is amazing for girls this age, but the instrumental is my favorite! C-ute won best new artists with this song!


2007 was a good year for C-ute. The debuted with some awesome songs and won best new artist!

C-ute: All Indies singles reviewed!


Massara Blue Jeans 5/5

C-ute’s first indie’s single, and we’re off to a great start! This song is catchy right from the start with the NO NO’s. The chorus is as equally catchy with the Love me Love me parts. This song is especially famous for its dance. Pelvic thrusts? How old were these girls? Who cares! Massara blue jeans is one of c-ute’s catchiest songs with some great vocals! (Even though they’re not wearing jeans…)

Soku Dakishimete 4.5/5

This is one of c-ute most underrated songs. Like nobody talks about this song. Ever. Which is sad because its not bad at all. It’s not as exciting as massara blue jeans, but the versus are amazing due to some good vocals from Megumi, Airi, and Maimi!

Ookina Ai de Motenashite 5/5

This is probably the cutest song any H!P artist has ever released! Even when H!P does idoly- and trust me, this this song can’t get any more idol-ish- it still doesn’t sound that idol-ish. This is really catchy and cute! I could listen to this all day. The repetition of the title is so addicting!

Wakkyanai Z 4.5/5

This song is also really catchy, and with all of the Z’s that are sung, it really gets you pumped. I love the yosha yosha yosha and nande nande nande parts after each chorus. Megumi and Airi pretty much steal all of the lines, but they both have really good vocals.

Koero! Rakuten Eagles 5/5

This song was released shortly after la la la shiawase no uta was released, so the vocals have matured a lot, and some people are gone. Despite this song being released for a baseball team, I love it a lot! The group sounds amazing in the chorus, and the chorus itself is pretty amazing itself.


I’m going way back to 2006 to C-ute’s indie singles so that I can start to review all of their singles. I love c-ute’s indie singles! They are actually all pretty good! I’m going to start reviewing all of c-ute’s singles. But I know that people don’t want to see 30 c-ute posts, so I’ll do them by year or something until I get to Campus Life, which I consider “the current era”