Happiness: Friends


originality: 5/5

PV: 5/5

overall: 4/5

*Kiss me was just an awesome debut for Happiness. When I saw “Friends”, I was a tad bit disappointed. It sounded like any other jpop song out there. However, when I added it on my ipod and listened to it a few more times, I was surprised to say that Friends actually sounds cool and unique. I love the English incorporated into the lyrics, and WOW, those girls can dance! I love how there are only three girls starting out, but then the rest are added later. Creative! (Though the dance with their hands on their butt was unique, I don’t like it…) ALL of the songs these days are about love, but this is about friendship, a nice change! There is only one person singing, however, the camera focused on ALL of the girls. I LIKE!

One more time: 5/5

*I like this song a lot, and the vocals are nice. Keeping up with their “mature” image, this song is nice and slow (but not too slow) it has something in it that will make you remember it, and it’s not repetitive. My favorite part is the high vocals around 3:50. It’s definitely better than Kiss me’s b-side. I just can’t stand “Happy Talk”…

“Kiss me” was awesome, and Happiness took it a step up with “Friends”. Definitely looking forward to their 3rd single!