ANGERME: Nanakorobi Yaoki / Gashinsoutan / Mahoutsukai Sally

File:ANGERME - Nanakorobiyaoki lim C.jpg

Narakorobi Yaoki 5/5

When I first heard this song, I was blown away. This song is probably the group’s most epic, bad*** song to date. Everything about this song just screams “power.” The vocals are powerful and passionate, the instrumental is bursting with powerful sounds.  I love the repetition of the English translation of the song : Ups and Down, especially the end when they sing: “Life is full of ups and downs.” Even the MV is pretty epic! It’s dark tone matches the song well, and the choreography is smart. Overall, this is a pretty strong song for the group.

Gashin Shoutan 5/5

This is the more playful side of the single. Gashinshoutan is more upbeat and a little playful. It has a nice beat to it, keeping the song engaging the whole time. This songs reminds of a song kobushi factory might do because it has a lot of character to it, but ANGERME does quite well in this song on their own, especially with the vocals. The MV is a little weird because it seems dark and a weird contrast with the pastel color scheme, but the choreography is really fun and innovative.

Mahoutsukai Sally 3.5/5

This is a cover of a song, so you can’t really critique it too much. I’ve listened to the original and I think ANGERME does a really good job of making the song their own. I don’t hate this song, but It’s not something I would actively listen to. It’s like when MM did “Koko kara hajimaru” it was really cute and the song was catchy, but it lost its appeal not too shortly after. I guess I just don’t like anime tie-in songs??


After the masterpiece that was Taiki Bansei, I wondered what the group would release next. Nanaokrobiyaoki showed that the new members have great powerful vocals while Gashinshoutan was sillier and included more character. I think this was the perfect single to release after Taiki Bansei.

[On a side note, I hope to get back to reviewing music again! I haven’t been active on this blog, and since my taste’s have changed, I think its time to get back into it. hopefully I can still post often despite school and the busyness of life *sigh*]




ANGERME : Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu

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Taiki Bansei 5/5

This song is soooooo good. You only have to listen once to become addicted, trust me. I sign this song in my head all day, and I never struggle to recall how it goes because it just sticks. Taiki Bansei has that old school funky jazz sound that reminds me of Momusu’s early days. It sounds very tsunku, but tsunku didn’t help with this song at all. The chorus is so good, especially when they repeat the vocals at the end of it. Taiki Bansei is also one o the few songs that sounds waaay better live than the recording. This song goes on the all time best ANGERME/Smileage songs list.

Otome no Gyakushuu 5/5

This song get’s overshadowed by Taiki Bansei, but is just as good. The opening of the song is beautiful, heck the whole instrumental is cool. And the opening versus with the weird voice-over sounds cool. This song reminds me of something Shiritsu Ebichu Chuugaku would do. The chorus is straightforward, but the high notes and harmonization make it more interesting. I also really like the “AH” ‘s as well. I love all of the high notes in this song in fact, especially the Meimi/Kana high note at the end of the chorus. This song is such a different genre than what S/mileage/ANGERME does, and I really want more idol songs that sound like this!! Maho’s solo ballet part though…


I never felt like 6 nin S/mileage was bad. I liked their singles. Eighteen Emotion, Yattaruchan, and more were great, but this is a welcome change. I am so proud of ANGERME! None of us knew what this name change meant, but it turned out to be good. These two songs are so great, and the new members added a new freshness to the group. They fit right in, except maybe Maho, but she’ll learn eventually. I’m really excited for what this group has in store for 2015!