Bitter & Sweet: Renai Wars/ Koigokoro

Bitter & Sweet 2Renai Wars 5/5

This song has a different sound than the group has done, it’s way more upbeat. Again, it sounds like an anime opening. The group sounds a lot like Yui & Kaori, with the duo having contrasting voice types (Yui=Asahi the cute voice. Kaori=Moemi the mature voice). I absolutely love the verses because the duo takes turn singing certain lines, and they sound amazing together. I love how the girls each take on roles in this song and are rivals. Asahi takes on the younger, more cute type, while Moemi is the older girl and more mature. This song is cute, fun, and definitely the best I’ve heard from them!

Koigokoro 5/5

Here’s the duo’s first ballad. This is a very well done ballad! The chorus is catchy with the repetition of “suki de”, plus the versus aren’t boring. In addition, the vocals are outstanding. Not only can you hear the emotion of the lyrics in the song, but the harmonization skills of the girls just leaves me speechless. I love how they take turns singing the higher harmony in the chorus. Was really impressed by Moemi’s part.

Not like their last indie single was bad, but this is definitely a huge step up! Renai Wars is catchy and fun, while Koigokoro is emotional and touching. The group hasn’t released anything since February, but I can’t wait for their fourth indie single.


Bitter & Sweet: Dare ni mo Naishou/ Gesshoku

Bitter & Sweet 7

Dare ni mo Naishou 4.5/5

This song is calm, like their debut single. I am loving the synths in the instrumental, especially at the beginning. It reminds me of Perfume. The speaking parts were also unexpected, but added a really nice touch to the song. The only thing that I’m annoyed with in this song is the parts at the ending of the chorus. It has some sort of voice over filter or something on their voices, which I don’t think sounds good in the song.

Gesshoku 4/5

This song is again sort of anime-ish. I really like the chorus of this song. Again, it shows the duo’s vocals off really well. Also, the instrumental has some interesting sounds in it. Despite this, it feels like there’s something missing.

Bitter & Sweet’s second indie single. I definitely feel as if their debut was better. It had the perfect blend of sweet and strong. On this single, while I liked the songs, nothing screamed out “I love this.” Not to say it wasn’t good. I still enjoyed the songs.

Bitter & Sweet: Bitter & Sweet/ Install

Bitter & Sweet 6

Bitter & Sweet 5/5

This song is nice and laid back. The instrumental is gorgeous with its piano! (Courtesy of Asahi). This duo puts so much personality into their singing. It’s not dull and boring at all. The chorus is explosive and strong. The harmonization in this song is flawless. Moemi takes a lot of the higher melodies in this song, and combined with Asahi, they sound amazing. Overall, this song makes me feel all warm and cozy. I love the lyrics, and how they related it to their group name.

Install 4.5/5

Their second a-side is a completely opposite from the first one. Install is more upbeat, and sounds like an anime opening. Again, the harmonizing in the song is great. I love the chorus because their voices sound really powerful. It makes an impact on you. I like the more cozy bitter & sweet more, but this shows that the group has impact in their songs.

UFA has produced a really great duo! As a soloist, I wasn’t really too interested in Asahi, but teamed with Moemi, the duo is fantastic. Their debut single shows two sides of them: Sweet and Strong. Although they have a lot to improve in vocal wise, and they sound unpolished, I can tell in a year or two that they’ll be stronger!