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The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~ 4/5

Here we have a fairly high energy song with pretty fun instrumentals. This song is Mai and Saki heavy thankfully! (They don’t get enough lines). I usually dislike auto tune effects, but this actually isn’t that bad to me. It adds a nice effects to their voices to make the song more dynamic. This isn’t a bad release for the group, but it doesn’t rank high for me.

Gamusha LIFE 5/5

This was the star song for everyone when this trio of songs were released which I can understand why. The song is light and cute, but without being overly cute and generic, similar to Iron heart. I love the chorus the best, but the other nice part of the song is after the second chorus. Instead of doing a music break and ending the song after the repeat of the chorus, the arrangers added this really cool rap part thing that builds up and just generates a lot of energy. This song makes me really happy, and it suits the group well.

Tsugi no Kado wo Magare 5/5

This is my second favorite song from the triple a-side single. Not only is the instrumental absolutely breathtaking and powerful with its touch of classical instruments, but the chorus and versus are pretty bada** This sounds like an epic action packed anime opening. Honestly have nothing to complain about here.

Arigatou ~Mugen no Yell~ 2/5

This is a semi-upbeat ballad. As inspiring as the lyrics are, I do find this song to be a tad bit boring. I find that with ballad’s it takes several listens before the song becomes catchy. I’m sure this song is like that.

Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight! 4/5

This is a high energy song that has more of a rock vibe to it. Reminds me a lot of something Buono would do! I’m conflicted over this song. It’s not completely boring, but at the same time I feel like it isn’t anything special. This song really pumps you up and makes you feel motivated, which is the point of the song! It’s not bad, but definitely not going to make my top 10 c-ute songs.

So I feel like this was a good year for C-ute! I really liked the trio of songs that they released in the beginning of the year. Definitely felt super excited and proud back when these three songs were released. I feel like the last two singles were some of the weakest since 2013-2014, but they did carry very meaningful and touching messages.