ANGERME : Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu

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Taiki Bansei 5/5

This song is soooooo good. You only have to listen once to become addicted, trust me. I sign this song in my head all day, and I never struggle to recall how it goes because it just sticks. Taiki Bansei has that old school funky jazz sound that reminds me of Momusu’s early days. It sounds very tsunku, but tsunku didn’t help with this song at all. The chorus is so good, especially when they repeat the vocals at the end of it. Taiki Bansei is also one o the few songs that sounds waaay better live than the recording. This song goes on the all time best ANGERME/Smileage songs list.

Otome no Gyakushuu 5/5

This song get’s overshadowed by Taiki Bansei, but is just as good. The opening of the song is beautiful, heck the whole instrumental is cool. And the opening versus with the weird voice-over sounds cool. This song reminds me of something Shiritsu Ebichu Chuugaku would do. The chorus is straightforward, but the high notes and harmonization make it more interesting. I also really like the “AH” ‘s as well. I love all of the high notes in this song in fact, especially the Meimi/Kana high note at the end of the chorus. This song is such a different genre than what S/mileage/ANGERME does, and I really want more idol songs that sound like this!! Maho’s solo ballet part though…


I never felt like 6 nin S/mileage was bad. I liked their singles. Eighteen Emotion, Yattaruchan, and more were great, but this is a welcome change. I am so proud of ANGERME! None of us knew what this name change meant, but it turned out to be good. These two songs are so great, and the new members added a new freshness to the group. They fit right in, except maybe Maho, but she’ll learn eventually. I’m really excited for what this group has in store for 2015!


S/mileage: All 2013-2014 singles reviewed!



Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita 4/5

This is unfortunately one of my least played S/mileage songs. It’s a little bland and unforgettable. It sounds like a slightly above average b-side. But, It has a carefree sound, and lots of high notes that show off the group’s vocals The instrumental reminds me of Morning Musume’s Seishun Collection. Kana and Rina didn’t get too many lines unfortunately.

Atrashii Watashi ni Nare 4/5

This single is “mature” s/mileage, but thankfully, it’s done in a classy way. I like this song, especially when they repeat the “Atarsahii watahsi ni nare” in the chorus. But this song seems to be missing something. It’s not powerful enough, in my opinion. It sounds like a rejected C-ute song.

Yattaruchan 5/5

This is the better of the double a-sides in my opinion! This song is just so fun. From the catchy chorus, and spoken parts, and silly sound effects, it really reminds me of the old S/mileage. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the new members and I hate when people whine about how “4nin S/mileage as better” but I think we all just missed the crazy/fun S/mileage, and this song kind of brought that back. One of their best singles!

Ee kaa?! 5/5

We need more idol rap! Anyway, when I first heard this song I was like “wtf” is this, it’s horrible. But if you keep listening to it, the weird sounds mash together nicely, and the song actually sounds nice. Like yattaruchan, this reminds me of the fun/crazy s/mileage, and I love it. The dance is cute, and I love the rap and cheesy DJ sound effects.

Ii Yatsu 3.5/5

Scratch that, this is probably my least played S/mileage song. It’s very bland to me, it has no catch factor, nothing that stands out. It’s one of those mature songs that falls flat. It reminds me of a forgotten album song.

Mystery Night 4/5

I used to also dislike this song quite a bit, but it’s grown on me. First, the instrumental is actually pretty nice. Reminds me of Nanchatte Renai Second, the voice altering sounds nice here. The chorus is very catchy with the na na na na Mystery Night part. I could totally see Morning Musume singing this as a b-side, but S/mileage does good here.

Eighteen Emotion 5/5

In no way is this song anything special or outstanding, but I love it! It feels like it fits perfectly in with the 4nin discography, aka it reminds me of the old S/mileage. It’s fun, it’s youthful, and it feels like 15 miru sai part 2, and shows how the girls can still keep a fun, but age-appropriate image. I want more simple songs like this!

Aa Susukino 4/5

No matter how much I try, I just can’t get into this song! It’s like Ii Yatsu, kid of a bland mature song. However, I rate this high because the MV for this was out of this world. The setting, shots, and blue lighting used is just gorgeous. The girls close up shots had some good acting and emotion. Even If the song isn’t my cup of tea, clearly a huge effort was made here.

Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu 5/5

S/mileage was channeling Juice=Juice for this single. Seriously, I would have loved If Juice=Juice got this song, because it sounds like their kind of song, but S/mileage does just fine. I think the repetition of the song’s title, the “Do you love me” parts, as well as the catchy chorus are the 3 points that really make this song. plus the lyrics are just beautiful! I mean “The Two of us were pulled to each other. Stronger than Gravity” Is just lovely.

The last two years, S/mileage has had it’s up’s and down’s. There were really only 2 singles from these 2 years that I didn’t like that much, which is pretty amazing. Their image and music has changed so much from 4nin S/mileage, that’s it’s crazy how far they’ve come. They’ve had better outfits, better music, better MV’s, better choreography, better everything. We were all worried when Kanon and Yuuka left, but S/mileage is doing fine. Now that they’ve changed their name to “ANGERME”, and have added 3 members, I am excited to see what’s in store for them in 2015! farewell S/mileage!

S/mileage: Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita


Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita 4.5/5

After two mature songs in a row, S/mileage’s next single was a mystery to everyone. The group decided not to continue the trend and instead, came out with a breezy, spring-like sounding song, which I’m happy about. Suki yo and Samui Ne were amazing, but I missed my old S/mileage! This single isn’t too cute and it’s very light sounding. The instrumental reminds me of Morning Musume’s Seishun Collection. Not too many people like this song, but I like it! It has a carefree sound, and lots of high notes that show off the group’s vocals. Kana and Rina didn’t get too many lines unfortunately.

Doushiyou 5/5

It’s been a while since S/mileage has had an out of this world b-side! I was mad that S/mileage was reverted back to only 1 b-side, but If b-sides like this keep coming out, then I don’t mind. This track is a semi-electronic sounding song, and it reminds me of C-ute’s mature songs. The doushiyou in the versus is extremely addicting, it’s definitely the catch factor of the song. Rina and Kana get a lot of lines as well. This could have been an amazing a-side if the PV was done right.


This song isn’t my favorite from S/mileage, but it’s solid, and It’s a nice change since they haven’t done a carefree sounding song like this before. I am glad that they are back to releasing non-mature songs. Next single sounds like It’ll be on the cute side as well.

S/mileage: Samui ne

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Samui ne 5/5

So S/mileage is continuing the mature trend! That’s surprising. This song is a huge step up from suki yo! Samui ne definitely has a lot more character. The versus and the chorus are really catchy. The instrmental is absolutely beautiful, with the hint of the piano, especially in the beginning. The song gives off a painful wintery love song. I don’t understand how Suki yo sold better. Samui ne definitely had some effort put into it.

Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabancho 4/5

It’s been a while since S/mileage had their own song as a b-side, instead of a cover. I found that the translation of the song was pretty weird. I’m a Slightly Cute Gang Leader in Secret What??! This song is a complete 180 from Samui ne. It’s rockish and upbeat, and kind of fun. It’s standard b-side material.

I like Samui ne a lot better than Suki yo! It was a nice wintery single. Samui ne is probably in my top 10 favorites list of S/mileage songs. The b-side, was actually okay for a non cover song. I don’t know exactly where S/mileage is headed. Will they go back to being “cute” for their next single, or stay with their mature trend?

S/mileage: Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki

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Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki 4/5

Wow. How did we go from cute Dot Bikini to this?! I guess S/mileage wanted to try something mature. I mean its been a while! Even though I do like this song, I can’t get myself to care too much for it. It seems so lackluster, but again, there are some parts I like. The chorus is really nice! Akari’s part in the chorus really pops. Also, the suki yo suki yo suki yo parts are catchy as well. This isn’t bad for a group that does cute music 95% of the time.

Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku 5/5

Tsunku is too lazy to give S/mileage new songs for b-sides! (lol) So this single’s cover is from c-ute’s recent single, which is surprising since S/mileage usually covers the older songs from H!P groups like Tanpopo or Puchimoni. S/mileage blows this song out of the water! The line distribution is completely different, and it gives it a nice effect! The vocals here sound really soft, and everything is just amazing. I might like this better than the original.

So, this single was okay. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. However, the cover song of Kimi Chari was amazing!

S/mileage: S/mileage Best Album Kanzenban 1

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Dot Bikini 5/5

S/mileage is the “cutest” and most “idol-ish” group in H!P right now. Even when they produce a song like this, it doesn’t even come close to sounding like a typical idol song. Dot Bikini may be the typical idol summer song in disguise, but it far surpasses that. Dot Bikini is probably one of S/mileage’s most catchiest songs. Especially the mou ii ka? , the kekeke and dokidokidoki in the chorus, and the chu moku! part. The only thing that held back this song from doing really good was the PV and the promotion. I’m surprised that I don’t listen to this song more than I do!

Choto Mate Kudasai 4/5

Every S/mileage fan seems to hate this song. I agree that it is a little plain and toned down from what S/mileage usually does, but it is in no means a “bad” song. The Choto mate kudasai’s repeated over the song are really catchy. A while the newer members need to work on their high notes, I’ve heard worse. This is a nice breather after all of the cuteness!

Please! Miniskirt Postwoman 5/5

This is the last single to feature Maeda Yuuka, it’s also s/mileage’s best selling single, and my favorite single! Tsunku really out did himself with this single! The song is adorable, and it reminds me of a fairytale. The dancing is simple and cute, yet unique. The PV may be cheap, but its bright and colorful. Tsunku needs to put 100% into S/mileage’s songs, like this, and they will sell well!

Tachiagaaru 4.5/5

This also a single that s/mileage fans seem to hate. It features the trainee members as back up’s, which means that basically, only Yuuka, Kanon, and Ayaka are singing. The song is cute, and catchy, but it’s tiring to hear the same three members sing without any change. This single could of also done so much better if they PV was a little better. But I guess after Saki left, everything was in chaos!

Uchouten LOVE 5/5

S/mileage’s second best selling single. It’s extremely catchy and energetic, and reminds me of a DDR song. Despite it not being the highest selling song, it’s probably s/mileage’s most loved song by fans. The PV is amazing, and the dance is good. It’s sad that Saki randomly left after this song was released.

Koi ni booing buu!! 4/5

S/mileage’s worst selling single, and it’s the song that all s/mileage fans hate, except me! I mean, I admit, it is plain sounding; it definitely deserves to be the worst single. And I hated it when it first came out as well. But I think it’s cute! Although the pig nose and ears are weird. I love screaming buu! whenever I listen to this song. And somehow, I like Ayaka’s line ecchi na koto kangaeteru koto. Even though she’s my favorite member, sometimes her singing is horrid.

Short Cut!  5/5

When this came out, some people were a little disappointed, but I think this song is pretty catchy! The members cutting all of their hair off was taking the PV a little too far, but it provided them a new image. It’s not my favorite single from them, but its pretty high up!

Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama 4.5/5

This was another well received single. I like this single because it’s way more rockish than any other single that they’ve done. Plus, Tsuji makes an appearance in the PV, which is a cute reference to her nickname “nono”

○○ Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!! 4.5/5

This is S/mileage’s “weird” single. It sounds pretty quirky and has sound effects that are highly entertaining. The long parts before the chorus (nainainainai happy night, dekidekideki dakishimete, etc) are extremely addicting. It’s sad that this song is kind of under appreciated, because this is one of s/mileage’s more fun songs.

Yumemiru Fifteen 4.5/5

S/mileage’s debut song. What a good debut this was! The maintains a mature and cool tone. I like this song, but for some reason, its not one of my favorites. But I really appreciate the good vocals in this song. This is a huge huge improvement from their indies singles.

Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!! 4/5

This is S/mileage’s last indie single. It did pretty bad, and people don’t like it because its a bit plain. I agree, it is a little plain, and seems like its missing something. It’s a step down from sukichan, but its still pretty enjoyable.

Suki-chan 5/5

This is probably my favorite indie song from S/mileage! It’s really high energy, and catchy. S/mileage fans love this song, and its a crowd pleaser. It’s really fun and easy to sing along, especially to the suki chan‘s. This song could have been a S/mileage single.

Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai 4/5

I don’t know what to think of this song. I like it, but at the same time, I don’t really listen to it much. I love the vocals in this though, and the chorus is catchy.

aManojaku 5/5

S/mileage doesn’t really do toned down songs, so I really appreciate songs like this! This is a nice toned down semi ballad. It’s simple, and gives off a nice feeling. I like when the group sings in a chorus.

Kiiroi Jitensha to Sandwich 5/5

I’m glad a new song was added to the album. This song is adorable!  Ignoring tsunku’s weird voice (lol) this song is the typical “cute” s/mileage song, but with a nice refreshing sound. Akari gets a lot of lines, and she sounds amazing! Rina and Kana also gets a lot of lines, and they nice as well. This song definitely goes in my top 5 favorite songs.

So I’m finally adding more H!P artists to my lists, and I decided to start with S/mileage since their the newest group. As you can see, no song scored below a 4! S/mileage is one of the rare groups where I enjoy almost every single and song (to an extent). People say that S/mileage is in a slump, and that they haven’t been the same since the 4nin lineup. But I think that they are doing pretty well, and I love the new members! This album is a must for anyone new to S/mileage!