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Akogare Adoration 4.5/5

The bland, idol songs are the songs I hate the most. However, this is pretty good. the chorus in my opinion is what saves the song because the versus are boring. The chorus rocks, mainly to do with the member who leads the chorus. Her voice rocks!

Kaniko 3.5/5

I don’t know what to think of this song. I hate the synths and the whole instrumental. It just seems very “idol-ish” and typical. Also, it get’s kind of annoying after a while. Not my favorite from them.

Sentou Renai Shojo Robo B Gata no Yuutsu 4/5

Like Kaniko, this song is also very weird, especially the vocals near the beginning of the song. It sounds a mess honestly. Also the weird “system off” before the chorus is very odd. However, the chorus is actually very catchy and nice to listen to. Also, the members put a lot of personality and feeling into their solo lines. One thing though, the beginning sounds too alike to SUPER GiRLS Joshiryoku Paradise…

Bon Voyage! 4.5/5

This song starts off slow, but picks up (thankfully!!). It’s an ordinary idol song, but it’s quite upbeat and catchy to listen to.

Natsu no Ojousan 5/5

You can’t get more idoly than this! Despite the fact, this song is great! It’s really cute and catchy, especially the Icecream parts. What’s even better about this song is the chorus of the song. It doesn’t sound like a typical chorus. From the versus to the chorus, it’s just one smooth transition. Too bad this song is a cover, not an original.

Namida no Freesia 3.5/5

I hate idol ballads that sound like this. Their voices sound so lifeless and boring. The chorus isn’t bad, and the instrumental is actually kind of pretty, but with the lifeless vocals, it ruins the song.

Samui Yoru Dakara 3.5/5

This song is just as bad as the previous one. At least it’s a little more upbeat. It still has those really idol-ish synths though. I do like the beat of the song, it’s less boring than Samui Yoru.

Puri Kyun Survival 5/5

Finally an upbeat song to keep things moving! This song is great. It’s so catchy, and it has tons of solo’s in the song. Tons of solos equals less boring, draggy, parts. Plus the members put a lot of energy into their lines.

Promise 4/5

Here’s the real ballad of the single. It’s not an idol album without a nice slow ballad. For Idoling!!! though, this is actually towards the upper middle in terms of ballad quality.  The chorus actually sounds nice because the voices don’t sound lifeless.

Shine On 3.5/5

And here’s the upbeat song to end the album. It’s very idol-y and frankly, kind of annoying. Sounds like a forgotten b-side…

So here’s Idoling!!!’s fourth album. They didn’t release one last year, which was weird. You’d think they’d have an album packed of out of this world songs since they skipped a year. Not quite. You could probably already tell, but this isn’t my favorite from them. There was no experimentation at all. All of the songs were either idol-sounding or a ballad. SISTERS didn’t really experiment much either, but compared to SISTERS, GOLD EXPERIENCE is a huge step back, which says something. SUNRISE still remains their best album, in my opinion.

Idoling!!! has always kept a nice balance between genres. They do pop, idol songs, pop-rock, ballads, and sometimes techno. The fact that they do a bit of everything is what made me like them in the first place. Looking at how bland and idol-ish their singles have been, and looking at this album, they are really pushing the “idol” in this group. They have plans to release another album next year. I hope this groups picks up the slack!


Idoling!!! : Sakura Thank you

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Sakura Thank you 4/5

This is a rather plain and boring song for Idoling!!! Idoling’s b-sides usually sound exactly like this. I’m rather disappointed because this group always has nice a-sides! I get that they wanted to create a spring/graduation single, with flowers, and a soft ballad-type song and all that jazz, but this is too typical. The versus are extra boring. The chorus is actually not that bad, it has a nice and easy to follow melody. At least the PV is nice, with all of the pink.

Secret X-mas 3.5/5

This b-side follows the same pattern as the a-side. It is rather plain and boring. Idoling!!! sometimes has trouble with their b-sides, so I’m not surprised. I really like the vocals in the solo’s of the song, but this is not a song I see myself putting on repeat anytime soon.

Voice 3.5/5

This b-side is a little more interesting than the previous songs. It has a much more mature sound. But just like the other songs, it’s very plain sounding. I can’t explain it, but it feels like the song has no feeling. There’s just no catch factor.


This was one of the worst Idoling!!! singles since, well, ever. I have never really disliked an a-side from them. Even the super typical Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi was better, and had better b-sides. Sakura Thank You is tolerable, but very plain. The b-sides sound too alike and have no feeling. Am I being too harsh, or is it just me who can’t get into these songs? Please tell me Idoling!!! fans!

Idoling!!!: SISTERS

File:SISTERS Lim. Ed. A CD+DVD Cover.jpg


The title of the album is supposed to be the best song. This does not apply to Idoling!!! in this case… SISTER is rather bland and typical. I don’t know what Idoling!!! was thinking making this song the title of their album.

Yarakai Heart -Extended Edition- 3.5/5

I can’t tell an differences between this version and the original. Can someone help me! The music sounds slightly different, slightly, and maybe more sounds were added to the song, but other than that, I can’t tell the difference… Anyway, this song is one of Idoling!!!’s worsts, it’s kind of bland… but the more you listen to it, the more you get used to it.

Haruiro no Sora 4/5

Here we have a semi ballad type song. This song isn’t bad. It’s actually pretty catchy, especially the chorus. But the three girls who were chosen to sing the song have annoying voices at times, it’s too cutesy! This song is a lot better live, because the girls actually have nice voices!

Mei ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi 4/5

Here we are at Idoling!!!’s 12th single. This title is ridiculously long! I remember when this came out. I was kind of disappointed. But as time went by, it grew on me. It’s not a bad song. The chorus is really catchy. I also like all of the du du du du’s. Not my favorite single, but it’s tolerable.

Pool Side Daisakusen 4.5/5

This is Idoling!!!’s 13th single. It reminds me of mujouken koufuku in the sense that it’s also really energetic. It’s also pretty standard. I don’t think you can get more idoly than this! Despite it being really typical, it’s kind of catchy. But it gets points taken off because after a while, it’s just annoying.

A・NA・LO・G 5/5

Here’s another new song. It’s rather upbeat and It has some cool sounds ans synths in it! It’s pretty catchy, and has some nice English lines in it.

Bokura no Niwa -eco mix- 5/5

I don’t know where this song went! I must of deleted it off my ipod. I think this version and the original are pretty close, that’s why I deleted it. So I’ll just judge this song based on the original. I like the calmness of this song. The instrumental is beautiful. The vocals are gorgeous near the end when they harmonize on the la la la’s.

Eve -Voices Mix- 5/5

I like the concept of having all of the girls say I love you, even though it’s kind of just fan service… lol. Anyway, A++ to who can name the girls based off of their I love you’s. Because I sure can’t! While I don’t think that this “voices mix version ” was necessary since this version and the original are pretty much the same, I still really like this song. Actually, this was a song I was surprised I liked, since it’s pretty standard.

Konayuki ga Mau Machinami de -Powder Snow Mix- 3/5

This song I remember clearly. I deleted it off of my ipod because I could not stand it, no matter how much I listened to it! Now that I go back to listen to it, this song isn’t as bad as I thought it was. It sounds like it’s from the 80’s. 80’s music isn’t bad, but this is just too slow and boring.

4U 4.5/5

This song is more techno, kind of. The 4U 4U part is so catchy! I also really like the vocals in this song. This song is kind of like an ANALOG part 2.

Queen Bee ~Shoujo no Jidai Kara~4/5

Lol, what was Idoling!!! thinking when they released this? It’s not that the song is bad or anything. It’s actually pretty catchy! But it’s random how they tried to appeal to kpop in this with the obviously obvious title Shoujo (no) Jidai KARA and the random Korean words.

Caramel Latte Nomi Ikou! -Jitsu wa Toubun Kajyousesshu Mix 5/5

There really isn’t a huge difference between this and the original. This version is more techno at the beginning. The vocals sound like they’ve changed a bit. But this is still one of my favorite Idoling!!! b-sides!

Ichikoi 4.5/5

This is a song that was the b-side to Yarkai Heart. People voted to see which subunit they wanted to see, and this won. Here we have Team Gakuran, aka Asahi and Kaoru. This song is pretty catchy. It’s “gakuran” and tough, well, as tough as an idol song can be. Ashai and Kaoru make a nice team!

Makehende 4.5/5

This is like Haruiro no Sora number too. Except, I think I like this song much better! Some of the girls have annoying voices, but overall, I though that the vocals in this song were nice. I like the chorus.

StarGirl★StarBoy -BuiBui Mix- 5/5

I’m so tired of these mixes! This song actually sounds pretty different from the original for once. The vocals are definitely altered. They sound auto tuned. This is one of my favorite b-sides from idoling, but I choose the original over this.

I no Standard -Popsicle mix- 4/5

This song is so annoying at times! But the good thing is that every single member gets a solo line! You can tell that there’s a reason why some members get lines, and some don’t. I like the speaking parts. Even the chorus isn’t bad, even though this song is so sugary sweet.

This might be my least favorite album from Idoling!!! because it was filled with a bunch of remixes and mixes that didn’t really differ from the original. The new songs were a nice addition though, and hopefully for their next album, they’ll keep all of the remixes to a maximum of only 2 or 3.

Idoling!!!: SUNRISE

File:News large idoling sunrise standard jkt.jpg


Idoling!!!’s third album starts out with a band. Here, we get this sort of futuristic type of song. It seriously reminds me of taking a ride through space. I like the random solos in the middle of the song. It shows off the vocals more since the song, and I like how there’s the word zettai in almost every sentence. The ending is also pretty nice, with the furi dashite‘s overlapping. Nice song!

Kishuhen Ecstacy 5/5

This is the b-side to SOW. I think that this is one of Idoling!!!’s best b-sides. The versus are catchy due to the fast talking. And the chorus is addictive. Great vocals, great use of English.  One of my favorite b-sides.

Tenohira no Yuuki 3.5/5

This is another sub unit, tokimeki Idoling!!! Honestly, this is the worst song of the subunits. This song is so typical and bland. It reminds me of the bland b-sides that the 48 family sometimes puts out. The chorus is okay, but overall, this song is just average.

U 5/5

This is such a pretty song. The song starts out with a pretty instrumental. It sounds like a music box mixed with waves. Then the rest of the girls chime in after the ai part of aitakute is sung. I really like the versus in this song, and of course, the solos.

Sunadokei 5/5

This kind of sounds like elevator music, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It gives the song this sort of laid back, gentle feeling, like time (the title in English means hourglass). Also, the solos are probably my favorite part of the song! The girls’ vocals sound lovely. I also love the random instrumental break in the middle of the song.

Snow Celebration ~everlasting story~ 2/5

I do not like this version at all. Snow Celebration is such a wonderful song! It sounds so messed up here, and the  music is so awkward. It sounds happier here,  and loses its feeling. Original is better.

3 dome no kinenbi 4.5/5

Here is a rather slow song. It’s a typical love song. My favorite part is the chorus. All of the harmonizing makes the song sound so meaningful, it really pulls at your emotions.

LA LA LA no SONG (I cannot find this song. I must of not have liked it since I deleted it off my ipod)

Love Magic♡Fever ~LOVE LOVE Magic hyper mix~4/5

This is another subgroup, this time its by puyupuyu Idoling!!! This song is so standard idol, I have to laugh at it! But somehow, its really cute, and catchy. This version doesn’t really sound more “hyper”, instead, it sounds more techno, and the vocals sound like they’ve been alerted or rerecorded.

Houkago Telepathy 4/5

I cannot find this version of the song. I’ll just base it off of the original. This song is like the a-side. It’s energetic and catchy. A perfect summer song!

Rainy Girl 5/5

This is a more slower song. The instrumental makes it feel as if its really raining. Anyway, this song is really nice, especially the chorus, and the solos. This song just gives you a kind of lonely and nostalgic feel.

Don’t be Afraid 4/5

I used to hate this song, but this song isn’t bad at all! I don’t really like the chorus much, but the versus are nice! The yelling/chanting gives it a refreshing feel!

S.O.W Sense of wonder 5/5

This single definitely makes my top 10 list. This song is highly enjoyable. I love the versus, and the chorus, and the chanting. Fairy Tail should be honored to have a song like this as their theme song!

SUNRISE is my favorite Idoling!!! album, simply because its filled with a lot of great new songs. Even though its on the short side, the whole overall theme of this album is amazing, and the songs, especially the new ones, just flow together, like magic. Petit-Petit wasn’t bad at all, but Idoling!!! really showed more of what they can do through this album. Next to review is Idoling!!!’s latest album, SISTERS.

Idoling!!!: Petit-Petit

File:Petit-Petit standard.jpg

Mujouken☆Koufuku 4.5/5

This is Idoling!!!’s 8th single. And usually, I would hate songs like this. However, this song is pretty catchy. It has a nice summer tone to it, and the solos are nice.

Shokugyou: Idol (ARE? MIX) 5/5

There are really no differences in this song from the original, except for what is said at the end of the song. So, I just judged it based off the original. I really like this song. It’s really energetic! I think I like the message said at the end of the original son better though.

Lemon Drop 4/5

This is a cute, laid back song. It’s the b-side to shokugyou: Idol. Here, Idoling!!! sounds really nice singing as a group.

Forever Remember 4/5

The music in this is really pretty. And the best part of the song is the semi-rapping that’s going on here!

Beta na Shitsuren ~Sibuya ni Furu Yuki~ 5/5

This is part of the sub group singles, and this song is by kyunkyun Idoling!!! I like how slow paced, and relaxed this sounds. It’s hard to do a ballad type song without sounding to boring. I couldn’t have picked better voices for this song. My favorite Idoling!!! member, Nao Asahi, holds her own too! One other member has a really cutesy voice, and it surprisingly fits with the song. This is my favorite song out of the four sub units.

Royal Milk Girl 5/5

This song is sort of crazy, wild, song. It reminds me of momusu’s koko in iruzee. It’s performed by only eight members, plus this random guy who’s singing! This is such a great, catchy song, especially the chorus. I love all of the speaking parts, and random noises. More idols should release fun stuff like this!

NA GA RA 5/5

This is another sub unit song, this time its gizagiza idoling!!! This is such a catchy song! It has a kind of jazzy feel. All of the vocals are amazing, but Michelle’s voice really stands out! This is my second favorite song from the subunits!

Haruka Nara Virgin Road 4.5/5

This is the third sub unit, banban Idoling!!! This song is kind of standard, but its catchy. The vocals in this are super cute. The speaking parts are the best. Not my favorite of the units, but its not a bad song.

Tsuyu 30% Orange Juice Tsubutsubu Hairi 4/5

This song is also pretty standard. It’s pretty energetic, and the whole group sings as a chorus. It’s not bad, it’s kind of on the short side. I like the oh yeah o~range part at the end. It makes me want to eat an orange, even though I don’t like them.

Kokuhaku 5/5

After Baby Blue, this is my favorite Idoling!!! song! I don’t know what it is about this song, but it’s just so catchy! Maybe its the slight jazzy feel. It’s Idol music, without being too idol-ish. I like how all of the words flow together. It’s so simple, and for that, I love it.

Hannin wa Anata desu♡ 4.5/5

This is the last subgroup, furifuri Idoling. Out of all of the groups, I think this has to be my least favorite, even though I still like this song a lot. This song is kind of typical, but when you listen to it more and more, it becomes really enjoyable and lighthearted.

Baby Blue 5/5

This is my all time favorite Idoling!!! song! I don’t why, but this song is just so laid back. It make me think of the sky when I hear this song. The versus and chorus are so catchy, and the instrumental is so peaceful. I think this will forever be my favorite Idoling!!! song.

Soushoku-kei Carnival 4/5

This song is pretty weird, but in a good day. It’s pretty standard idol music, but the animal sound effects makes it seem like there really is a carnival present.

Like a Shooting Star (puru-lele ver.) 5/5

This is a solo song by Mai Endo. I love it!! Mai Endo, while not my favorite member, has an amazing out of this world voice. This version of like a shooting star is slowed down, and has this weird techno sound in the background. Nice cover!

TokiMeki Dreaming!!! 4/5

This song reminds me of the carnival song and the orange song. It’s not a bad song, but it’s not my favorite either. I like the chorus, the girls sound really strong. This song is really crazy sounding!

Sayonara Matane Daisuki 4/5

I used to really love this song, but I listened to it too much, and it has become annoying… anyway, this song is a nice, and slow song. It’s a tad bit boring, but the harmonizing is really nice.

Petit-Petit is Idoling!!!’s second album, and it’s definitely a step up from Daiji na Mono. Petit-Petit carries a lot of my favorite singles (Baby Blue, Kokuhaku) and you can see that the group really experimented here. I recommend any new Idoling!!! fan to buy Petit-Petit before anything else because it contains a whole lot of singles, and cool b-sides/album songs. Now, the next album to review is my favorite: SUNRISE!

Idoling!!!: Daiji na Mono

File:Daiji na Mono regular.jpg

Hyakkaryouran Idoling!!! 4/5

This song is pretty energetic. It’s also really catchy, especially the power power‘s that are repeated. However, after all, this song get’s pretty annoying with all of the go‘s.

Friend 4/5

Why did I delete this off my i-pod?? It’s not a bad song at all. It’s kind of laid back, and the guitar gives it a nice sound. I like the chorus. I might put this back on my ipod…

Moteki no Uta (album mix) 4/5

This is Idoling!!!’s collaboration song with AKB (the b-side). I don’t hear any changes from the original, except that Idoling!!! is singing the whole thing of course. I still like this song. The solos are good, and the mote mote‘s are addictive.

Kimi ga suki (vox change) 4/5

If you listen closely, you can hear the changes from the original. There’s different members singing the lines for this version. Honestly, some of the vocals are weaker than the original, but it’s not bad!

Snow Celebration 5/5

One of my favorite Idoling singles, even to this day. Snow celebration is a nice, laid back, wintery kind of song. Even though the vocals are kind of bad, It’s still really enjoyable, especially the boy will meet girl with snow… part. Love the chorus, and the harmonizing.

Daiba no koi no Monogatari 4/5

I deleted this off my ipod, so I must have not liked it… but listening to it again, it’s not a bad song! It’s completely different from what Idol’s do. It’s this tango music, and for it to be in this album, its just so random. The vocals from the four girls are amazing! And who is the guy singing?!!

Stay with me 3.5 /5

This song kind of gets annoying! Especially the stay with me parts. The chorus is catchy, but the song is too high pitched…

Like a Shooting Star 5/5

This song is kind of generic, but even so, I still really like it. It’s the b-side to their second single, Snow Celebration. The vocals are kind of weak, but some of them are okay.

Omoi no Uta 5/5

One of my favorite album songs from Idoling. This song is such a pretty ballad. Eto Maria (who sings first) was my favorite member, until she left, so it makes me sad when I listen to this song. I couldn’t have picked better singers for this song. Endo Mai’s voice is gorgeous, as always. And Rumi was a member I never paid attention to, she has a nice voice as well! I wish they gave Maria more lines, but this song is still pretty awesome.

Ganbare Otome (warai) 4/5

This is Idoling!!!’s debut song, and for debut, it’s not bad at all! It’s kind of standard sounding, but it has its charms!

Daiji na Mono 5/5

This song is the perfect way to end an album. It’s nice and slow, and relaxed. The best part is that every single member gets a line to sing! It’s a tad bit long, and can get repetitive, but I love the inspirational messages that are in each line.

As Idoling!!!’s first shot at an album, its not too bad. However, SUNRISE is still my favorite album!

Idoling!!!: One Up!!!/ Ichigo Gyunyu

File:One Up!!! A.jpg

Time to catch up on Idoling!!! singles…

One up!!! 5/5

I haven’t been into Idoling!!! singles recently. MAMORE, Don’t think. feel, seemed to blur together. But this song, I really like! I really prefer strong Idoling!!! songs, over their cute one’s. This is definitely the strong type. The vocals are strong, the instrumental is interesting. While it’s not my favorite Idoling!!! single ever, it certainty is catchy.

Ichigo Gyunyu 3/5

Boring boring boring. The title was so cute (strawberry milk) so I was hoping that this song would be cutesy, but this song is nothing but bland. The opening instrumental is pretty, and makes me thing of something nostalgic. However, the rest of the song is really bland. It reminds me of the generic b-sides AKB is infamous for. It’s not the worse that I’ve heard, but it

Sayounara Junjou 5/5

This is probably one of Idoling’s best b-sides! It has an interesting instrumental to it. Also the chorus is really catchy because of all of the harmonizing. This definitely makes my top 10 Idoling b-side list.

Megami no Pulse 4/5

This b-side is more upbeat. it features a lot more solos than some of the other songs, which I really like! This is a nice b-side, but I can’t say that it’s my favorite. Whoever did that solo at the end of the first chorus has an amazing voice!

This single was okay. It’s not my favorite, but it definitely makes the top 10 list. There was only b-side I didn’t like, the rest of the b-sides were okay, and there was one b-side I really really liked.

Don’t think. feel!!!: Idoling!!!


Don’t think. Feel!!!

originality: 4/5

PV: 2/5

overall: 4/5

*Let’s face it, the recent Idoling!!! singles have been kind of meh lately… Eve was nice, it was okay. Yarakai heart… ugh. Well, Don’t think. feel!!! is so much better than what they’ve been doing lately! I really like the background instrumental for this song. And that sound, I really don’t know how to describe this synth. The PV is a tad bit boring though. Same old close up’s dance shots, alternative shots. I love the whole trying to break out of the hourglasses theme though. This is a song I would serf through my ipod and listen to on a daily basis, however, it’s not one of those song’s I would replay over and over because I love it.

Koi no Rensai!! ~matamata ver.~ 4.5/5

*You can’t get more mainstream than this. This song is so generic, it’s not even funny. However, it’s a catchy generic song! I really love all of the “Hai!” ‘s “Uh Oh”‘s and “Lai lai lai”‘s. I think the chorus could have been a little more catcher. But overall a really fun and upbeat song!

Alphabet de Kore Nanda!? ~Hokenshitsu Daisakusen~ 2.5/5

*I like the solo parts in this, they sound nice. And the speaking parts. Other than that, this song isn’t really for me. It’s not really catchy at all.


Idoling!!! is known for having horrible A sides and wonderful B sides, but not this time! Don’t think. Feel!!! Was kind of neutral single for me. I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it. Hopefully Idoling!!!’s next single is a little better.