News #2

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been so busy with college stuff and graduation. It’ll be Summer soon. Hopefully I can listen to music and review stuff more often.

Since I reviewed all of C-ute, Ieiri Leo, and S/mileage’s stuff, except for their recent singles, I think it’s time to add some new artists.

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Silent Siren

I recently just discovered this Idol-band. Silent Siren is a 4 member bandol made up of magazine models. These girls are seriously cute! Don’t let their cuteness fool you. The girls claim to play their own instruments, and I believe them unless I see proof. The lead singer, Suu, has a great voice. Their songs include a wide range of genres such as rock, ballads, pop, and much more. I will be also posting lyrics from SS since nobody seems to have them romanized anywhere!



H!P’s new group. I have been watching them closely, and I love them! Their debut single is amazing. I eve learned part of the dance, (yes, I do dance a bit). I also like their second indies single.

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Since pretty much all of C-ute’s and S/mileage’s singles are done, for the most part, It’s buono’s turn since they have the next shortest discography in H!P. They have been inactive lately. I love this trio, and I hope a new single from them comes out!

BRIGHT has disbanded….. *_____* I loved this group! I’m so sad that they won’t be releasing anymore… so I won’t be reviewing them anymore except maybe their old stuff…

A new artist has been added to the thinking about/want to review list

  • E-girls

Yeah… that’s about it. I’ll try to write more.


We are Buono!: Buono

One Way=My Way 4/5

*Typical buono song! I like the rockish feel to it, and the chorus is good~

Our Songs 5/5

*I always liked this song, I’m glad it was put on the album. The best part is the solo parts~

Independent Girl ~ Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni 1.5/5

*As long as I’ve had this album on my ipod, I could never get used to this song… I don’t know why I don’t like it. I think the instrumental is too rockish and overpowers the song…

MY BOY 5/5

*This song is so catchy! I wonder why I don’t listen to it that much…? Fits perfectly with the album!

Urahara 5/5

*One of the best songs on the track! I love how the song starts out and I love the chorus! Miyabi sounds lovely here.

Take it Easy! 4/5

*I’ve always kind of liked this song. I love how calm it is. My favorite part is the shining parts at the end of the chorus. Airi shines here.

Bravo☆Bravo 5/5

*Hands down one of my favorite buono! songs. I love the P-A-T-I! The chorus is super catchy and the dance is fun (I learned it)

Kataomoi 3/5

*Not my favorite song, but it does have it’s good parts. I like the fast parts of singing in the beginning.

Blue sky blue 5/5

*One of the best songs on the track and one of my favorite buono! songs! I love the “sky” “Fly” “Light” and all of the English parts at the beginning of Airi and Miyabi’s solo parts. I love the end of the chorus when Airi sings “Kokoro no oku ni Kiritorareta Blue”. I love the instrumental, especially after the second chorus and at the end.

Koucha no Oishii mise 5/5

*I love how unique this song sounds. it’s not really a ballad and it’s not a genki song either. I’m in love with the chorus and how Airi, Momo, and Miya harmonize their voices is just beautiful. In my opinion, Momo did the best on her solo part. One of the best songs, if not, the best on the track and one of my favorite buono! songs~

Tabidachi no Uta 5/5

*I love how the song starts out, and the whole laid back feeling of the song with the guitar is just so nice. I love the chorus~ One of the best songs on the track and one of my favorite buono! songs!

We are buono! 5/5

*This is the perfect way to end the album! I love buono’s theme, it’s so cute! I love the chorus  and the “I LOVE MUJIK we are Buono”. The “Okay guitar!” was so cute and the “Airi Miyabi Momoko” , “B.u.o.n.o! Rock’n Roll DOKI” parts. This song is perfect in every way!

This is hands down one of buono!’s best albums. The last four songs is what really made me fall in love with it though~