SIlent Siren: 31 Wonderland

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Ring Ring Ring 4/5

At 0:15, this song kind of sounds too similar to Kimi wa Tenki, their other song. Other than that, this is a solid song. I love the “Hey, Hello, Ogenki desu ka?” part, because of the blend of English and Japanese. The chorus is catchy with the “Ring ring ring” part as well. Other than that, this song seems a little too similar to some of their other songs.

Biisan 4/5

The “Whoah oh oh” parts are really really cute and catchy. This song has a very summery and refreshing sound. The versus are really boring, but the chorus is solid. I don’t really think this is a strong single for them, but it’s a solid song.

Are You Ready? 4.5/5

This song takes on a much darker tone than most of their songs. I love the the interruptions with the vocals in the versus. I have no idea what they’re saying, but it sounds good. The chorus is really good as well. I love the whispered “Are You Ready” part. Definitely the best so far on the album.


This is pretty average song. It kind of sounds like their past songs, but it somehow has a very calming and comfortable feeling? I like all of the chanting, it adds energy to the song. I think I prefer this over the a-side IxU.

Antionmy 4/5

The beginning of the song starts out great with the piano, then it feels kind of feels that part crashes too much with the rock sound. I do like the instrumental though, and some of the vocals have a filter applied, which sounds cool. Other than that, I just can’t seem to get into this song.

Delay 4/5

The instrumental has a cool rhythm to it, it’s not new, but it’s familiar, which I guess is why I like it. This song has a calming feeling, and I like the “sono kimi ga” part before the chorus.  Not a bad song, it feels like a solid b-side song or something.

I x U 3.5/5

Here’s a sort of christmasy ballad that was one of the groups singles. Suu’s soft vocals in this song are everything. It’s an okay song. Not really single material in my opinion.

Limited 5/5

I heard this song before I got this album. Basically, this song made me want to listen to this album. This song is darker, more so than “Are You Ready” , and I love it. Love the chorus with the repetition of words, as well as the “Semai semai sekai” part. One of the better, if not best songs on the album.

Milestone 4/5

Can’t be an album without a ballad! Here is the album’s ballad. I like the “kira kira hikaru” part of the versus. The chorus however, is quite annoying compared to the calmness of the versus. I don’t if it’s just Suu’s vocals, or if it’s the melody? It isn’t bad at all, but it’s definitely not their best ballad

Amefuri Frill 5/5

Here is a song that quickly became one of my favorites. It really stands out due to the pauses in the song and the variation in how the lyrics are sung. It sounds different from what they’ve done in the past, and it’s fun. One of the best on the album!

Guru Guru Wonderland 4/5

Here is the title song. It’s a really upbeat and happy song, perfect for ending an album. The versus are a little bland, but the chorus rocks. I love the “iin jan” parts, and the little chants. It has a lot of energy, but I just can’t love this song 100% no matter how many times I listen to it for some reason.

So… I wasn’t really feeling this album. In their past 2 mini albums, I liked 90% of the songs. This album, I can only say that I really fully like 3-4 of them. It isn’t a horrible album, but It just didn’t feel as good as their previous mini albums.


Silent Siren: →

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Sweet Pop! 5/5

Silent Siren’s debut single is the album opener, and I think It’s a great way to start out. Sweet pop is cute, catchy, and energetic. It leans heavily towards the pop side, though it’s still rock. It’s cute, and very “idol-ish” sounding, but isn’t generic or overly cute. I love the “Love love cherry pinku ni…” part due to the harmonizing.


Here’s the title song. I love how they used the arrow symbol to represent the word “start”, it’s creative. Start is a good enough title for the title track. It’s cute and uses repetition as a catch factor. But is it the best song on the album? Not really. Still, I like it enough.


This is one of my favorite SS songs! Maybe they should have renamed this album URARA. This song is just so unlike other SS songs. It stands out in a big way. It gives off this mysterious feel. The verses and chorus are really catchy, and the instrumental is awesome!


I can’t remember what this song sounded like. I used to have it on my ipod, but deleted it because I didn’t like it. So, I think it isn’t fair to rate this song.

Nee 3/5

This isn’t a bad song at all. It’s one of SS more quieter songs. It has a nice calming melody. However, the timing of the song annoys me! It feels like it’s completely off and doesn’t match the beat of the song. I feel like Suu should be saying the word “Nee” earlier than she does, but she doesn’t. Maybe If the timing wasn’t so awkward, this would be a better song.

Remember 5/5

Another solid Silen Siren single! What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s a nice rock song with strong vocals and a strong instrumental. The chorus is especially catchy.

Want CHU 3.5/5

This song was released as a digital song forever ago. One thing that stands out in this is that the other members besides Suu sing! Granted, a lot of them are pretty decent! besides this, I don’t like this song that much. I like the beat of the drums, but this song is just like Nee; the timing of the song feels off, like when they say “hashire” and “I want you/need you”.

Zutto… 5/5

Another ballad-esque song from the group! I like how the instrumentals are tuned down and quiet. The melody is pretty nice, and the chorus is really crazy with Suu’s powerful vocals.

Soda 5/5

What I like about this song is that it’s playful. I like all of the sound effects, especially the rain/water sound effects. It’s nothing too different from their usual sound, but the chorus is pretty catchy. I also like the “Shuwa Shuwa Do what you want” parts.

Stella 3.5/5

The groups second single! I feel like this is a huge step down from Sweet Pop. Nothing in this really stands out in this song. The beat of the instrumental is interesting, but there’s nothing really in this song that makes me want to keep listening to it.

Kanzou 5/5

This song is really great! It’s an acoustic song, and the groups usual loud rock sound is turned down. I like this, because it’s short, calm, and the melody is really catchy and sweet. It’s a great way to end a song.


This album had some great additions to my Silent Siren discography, and was just as great as their two mini albums. However, I think this group has a problem, and that problem is that their music is sometimes too formulaic. For example, If it’s not a pop rock sound, it has a more pop sound with synths, or it’s a ballad. I think that this group needs to experiment with their sound a little! Looking forward to reviewing their album and newer singles.


Silent Siren: Love Shiru

LOVE no Shirushi 5/5

Here is a very pop-ish song to start the album off. Love no Shirushi is very playful and cute. It’s very catchy, it’s very Silent Siren, especially with the harmonizing of the words “boy” and “girl” as well as the “denpai note note note” in the chorus.

Evening Star 4.5/5

Here is a more toned down and more rock-esque song. Nothing in this song really stands out to me, but it’s still pretty catchy. I like the echo effects.

Milky Way 5/5

And we’re back to a more pop style. The chorus of this song is pretty infectious and cute! Though, the more I listen to this song, I get a little tired of the “todoke” parts.

Hatsukoi Kinenbi 4/5

Keeping with the pop style, but with more rock, Hatsukoi Kinenbi sounds similar to many Silent Siren songs. It’s not annoying special, however, I really enjoyed the high notes in this. Suu really did her best.

Escape 4.5/5

Aka Evening Star 2.0. Seriously, these songs sound too similar to me. It’s the same as Evening Star: It’s pretty catchy, but nothing really stands out. I think I like this slightly better than Evening Start though.

Goodbye x 3 3.5/5

At first, I really liked this song a lot, then as I listened to it more, it became annoying. This song is another one of Silent Siren’s “Ballads”, so It’s very low pace. It kind of sounds really similar to other Silent Siren ballads in my opinion. In addition, I dislike the transitions between the chorus and the second verse, how the pace slows down and then it picks up.

Kimi ga Suki 5/5

This is another very sweet song from Silent Siren. What I love most is the piano introductions in this song. I wish they’d include the piano more. This song has a sweet melody and is very easy on the ears.

This is the second indie album from Silent Siren. Overall, there wasn’t much experimentation with the music. It pretty much sounded like the first album. In fact, It feels like maybe 2 mini albums was unnecessary, but I understand why they did it. I liked most of the songs from this album, and I’m pretty happy with this, but I prefer their first mini album because I feel like the selection of music was better.

Silent Siren: Saisai


Lingerie 5/5

Silent Siren starts off their first indie mini album with an upbeat pop-rock song! This song is really cute, particularly due to that cute instrumental song in the beginning of the verse. The “Please Call My name kiss me” part in semi-bad English is cute as well. I love this.

Koi Ai 5/5

This song is more laid back. The instrumental is still rock, but it’s more dreamy. I think the music and melody perfectly suits the songs theme of “love” I love Suu vocals in the verses, but she sounds a little strained in the chorus. I think this is a really sweet song.

Kimi wa tenki 4.5/5

How does Silent Siren match the mood of the song so perfectly?? This song makes me think of the beach and sunshine, which matches the title’s translation (You are good weather). I like the “yeah’s” in the chorus, the”Ii jan” after the chorus, as well as the repetition of “Motto” at the end. Overall, this is a really nice upbeat pop-rock song.

Chiranai Hana 5/5

This song is one of my favorites from Silent Siren! I love the beginning, how Suu sings in a low voice, which is totally different than her usual high vocals. Again, she sounds a little strained in the chorus to me. Though listening to this, the instrumental is staring to sound the same in all of the songs.

Sepia 5/5

We finally get a brake from all of the rock for a more mellow tune. Sepia is a quiet ballad, though the band still stays with it’s pop-rock roots. Sepia just has a really pleasing melody throughout; It’s very sweet and easy on the ears. One of my favorites as well.

Siren 4/5

Back to rock, Siren is sort of bland to me. It used to be my favorite from them, but I think the verses are a little boring. The chorus is really great. Siren isn’t bad at all, It just has nothing special in it to really make it great.

All right “Ima wo kakeru” 4.5/5

I love the instrumental in this. It reminds me of the songs in the first half of the album. Like Kimi wa tenki, it has a sweet, playful instrumental. I like the chorus, but like Siren, it seems to be lacking something. Also think they should have ended the album with something more mellow like Sepia.


I have followed Silent Siren since their debut. I’ve been meaning to review them for a long time! In the beginning I could not deal with Suu’s voice. It was too high and annoying. But once you get used to it, It’s actually pretty pleasant and cute. I think this is hands down one of the better indie debuts I’ve seen from groups. I mostly really like every song off of the album, though the songs were kind of similar.

News #2

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been so busy with college stuff and graduation. It’ll be Summer soon. Hopefully I can listen to music and review stuff more often.

Since I reviewed all of C-ute, Ieiri Leo, and S/mileage’s stuff, except for their recent singles, I think it’s time to add some new artists.

File:Start Promo.jpg

Silent Siren

I recently just discovered this Idol-band. Silent Siren is a 4 member bandol made up of magazine models. These girls are seriously cute! Don’t let their cuteness fool you. The girls claim to play their own instruments, and I believe them unless I see proof. The lead singer, Suu, has a great voice. Their songs include a wide range of genres such as rock, ballads, pop, and much more. I will be also posting lyrics from SS since nobody seems to have them romanized anywhere!



H!P’s new group. I have been watching them closely, and I love them! Their debut single is amazing. I eve learned part of the dance, (yes, I do dance a bit). I also like their second indies single.

File:Buono! - Sherbet Promo.jpg


Since pretty much all of C-ute’s and S/mileage’s singles are done, for the most part, It’s buono’s turn since they have the next shortest discography in H!P. They have been inactive lately. I love this trio, and I hope a new single from them comes out!

BRIGHT has disbanded….. *_____* I loved this group! I’m so sad that they won’t be releasing anymore… so I won’t be reviewing them anymore except maybe their old stuff…

A new artist has been added to the thinking about/want to review list

  • E-girls

Yeah… that’s about it. I’ll try to write more.

Silent Siren – Chiranai Hana


ima sekaijuu no dareka ga waratte nai te me wo tojita ichibyou no aidai
dore dake no koto ga oki tadarou
genjitsu kara nigeta ichibyou de

risou no sekai wo tsukutta tte sashikomu hikari hamassugude
toki ga hete ba nanika kawa ruto omotte ta
sore ga donnani futashika demo

nantonaku sugo shite
nantonaku iki teta
meni utsuru keshiki mo subete itsuwari nano ? nee , oshiete !

hana wa chiri namida wo nagashi sotto sora wo miageru
watashi wa kyou mo kokyuu suru
soshite iyade momata asu wa kuru

nanimo kamoga muda na kiga shita
subete ga dou demo yo kunatte
dareka wo shinjiru koto sae ukeire rarezuni
jibun no sonzai desura aimai de

tomatteru n0 wa jibun dakede
toki hadondon sugite kuno
dakara sonna furi ni kitaisa retatte komaru no ikigurushi iyo !

hana wa kare namida wo nagashi sotto sora wo miageru watashi wa kyou mo kokyuu suru
chikyuu wa mawari toki wa meguru onaji toki hanakute watashi wa teikou suru koto monaku
tsugino jibun heto atarashii jibun heto umare kawaru

moshimo toki wo koe mae ni modore runara
setsuna ni chiri yuku hanabira mo kuzure ochiru kono kokoro mo
zutto , zutto , chira nai hana