Bitter & Sweet: Renai Wars/ Koigokoro

Bitter & Sweet 2Renai Wars 5/5

This song has a different sound than the group has done, it’s way more upbeat. Again, it sounds like an anime opening. The group sounds a lot like Yui & Kaori, with the duo having contrasting voice types (Yui=Asahi the cute voice. Kaori=Moemi the mature voice). I absolutely love the verses because the duo takes turn singing certain lines, and they sound amazing together. I love how the girls each take on roles in this song and are rivals. Asahi takes on the younger, more cute type, while Moemi is the older girl and more mature. This song is cute, fun, and definitely the best I’ve heard from them!

Koigokoro 5/5

Here’s the duo’s first ballad. This is a very well done ballad! The chorus is catchy with the repetition of “suki de”, plus the versus aren’t boring. In addition, the vocals are outstanding. Not only can you hear the emotion of the lyrics in the song, but the harmonization skills of the girls just leaves me speechless. I love how they take turns singing the higher harmony in the chorus. Was really impressed by Moemi’s part.

Not like their last indie single was bad, but this is definitely a huge step up! Renai Wars is catchy and fun, while Koigokoro is emotional and touching. The group hasn’t released anything since February, but I can’t wait for their fourth indie single.


Bitter & Sweet: Dare ni mo Naishou/ Gesshoku

Bitter & Sweet 7

Dare ni mo Naishou 4.5/5

This song is calm, like their debut single. I am loving the synths in the instrumental, especially at the beginning. It reminds me of Perfume. The speaking parts were also unexpected, but added a really nice touch to the song. The only thing that I’m annoyed with in this song is the parts at the ending of the chorus. It has some sort of voice over filter or something on their voices, which I don’t think sounds good in the song.

Gesshoku 4/5

This song is again sort of anime-ish. I really like the chorus of this song. Again, it shows the duo’s vocals off really well. Also, the instrumental has some interesting sounds in it. Despite this, it feels like there’s something missing.

Bitter & Sweet’s second indie single. I definitely feel as if their debut was better. It had the perfect blend of sweet and strong. On this single, while I liked the songs, nothing screamed out “I love this.” Not to say it wasn’t good. I still enjoyed the songs.

Bitter & Sweet: Bitter & Sweet/ Install

Bitter & Sweet 6

Bitter & Sweet 5/5

This song is nice and laid back. The instrumental is gorgeous with its piano! (Courtesy of Asahi). This duo puts so much personality into their singing. It’s not dull and boring at all. The chorus is explosive and strong. The harmonization in this song is flawless. Moemi takes a lot of the higher melodies in this song, and combined with Asahi, they sound amazing. Overall, this song makes me feel all warm and cozy. I love the lyrics, and how they related it to their group name.

Install 4.5/5

Their second a-side is a completely opposite from the first one. Install is more upbeat, and sounds like an anime opening. Again, the harmonizing in the song is great. I love the chorus because their voices sound really powerful. It makes an impact on you. I like the more cozy bitter & sweet more, but this shows that the group has impact in their songs.

UFA has produced a really great duo! As a soloist, I wasn’t really too interested in Asahi, but teamed with Moemi, the duo is fantastic. Their debut single shows two sides of them: Sweet and Strong. Although they have a lot to improve in vocal wise, and they sound unpolished, I can tell in a year or two that they’ll be stronger!

Silent Siren: Saisai


Lingerie 5/5

Silent Siren starts off their first indie mini album with an upbeat pop-rock song! This song is really cute, particularly due to that cute instrumental song in the beginning of the verse. The “Please Call My name kiss me” part in semi-bad English is cute as well. I love this.

Koi Ai 5/5

This song is more laid back. The instrumental is still rock, but it’s more dreamy. I think the music and melody perfectly suits the songs theme of “love” I love Suu vocals in the verses, but she sounds a little strained in the chorus. I think this is a really sweet song.

Kimi wa tenki 4.5/5

How does Silent Siren match the mood of the song so perfectly?? This song makes me think of the beach and sunshine, which matches the title’s translation (You are good weather). I like the “yeah’s” in the chorus, the”Ii jan” after the chorus, as well as the repetition of “Motto” at the end. Overall, this is a really nice upbeat pop-rock song.

Chiranai Hana 5/5

This song is one of my favorites from Silent Siren! I love the beginning, how Suu sings in a low voice, which is totally different than her usual high vocals. Again, she sounds a little strained in the chorus to me. Though listening to this, the instrumental is staring to sound the same in all of the songs.

Sepia 5/5

We finally get a brake from all of the rock for a more mellow tune. Sepia is a quiet ballad, though the band still stays with it’s pop-rock roots. Sepia just has a really pleasing melody throughout; It’s very sweet and easy on the ears. One of my favorites as well.

Siren 4/5

Back to rock, Siren is sort of bland to me. It used to be my favorite from them, but I think the verses are a little boring. The chorus is really great. Siren isn’t bad at all, It just has nothing special in it to really make it great.

All right “Ima wo kakeru” 4.5/5

I love the instrumental in this. It reminds me of the songs in the first half of the album. Like Kimi wa tenki, it has a sweet, playful instrumental. I like the chorus, but like Siren, it seems to be lacking something. Also think they should have ended the album with something more mellow like Sepia.


I have followed Silent Siren since their debut. I’ve been meaning to review them for a long time! In the beginning I could not deal with Suu’s voice. It was too high and annoying. But once you get used to it, It’s actually pretty pleasant and cute. I think this is hands down one of the better indie debuts I’ve seen from groups. I mostly really like every song off of the album, though the songs were kind of similar.

Juice=Juice : All Indies singles reviewed!

File:WatashinankyaCover.jpg File:samidare.pngFile:TenMadeNobore2.jpg

Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne 5/5

When this song first came out, everyone was blown away. This song is such a good first indie’s song! So different than anything I’ve seen from H!P’s groups. Of course Juice=Juice isn’t the first to adopt this brass/Sax sounds, (Mano Erina’s Saxophone Santa song comes to mind). Not only is the song catchy, the dance is also fun and decent. Still one of Juice=Juice’s greatest songs!

Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru 4.5/5

This song still has the same sound/feel as their first single, but more toned down. I love the chorus of this song! Especially Tomoko’s parts. Other than that, I don’t really find myself listening to this song the whole way through. It seems like something is… missing?

Ten Made Nobore! (Juice=Juice version) 4/5

For being a very cliche idol sounding song, this isn’t that bad at all. It’s catchy, especially the part right before the chorus. Even the dance is fun. This is a nice little song, but I don’t see myself listening to it much.

C-ute: All Indies singles reviewed!


Massara Blue Jeans 5/5

C-ute’s first indie’s single, and we’re off to a great start! This song is catchy right from the start with the NO NO’s. The chorus is as equally catchy with the Love me Love me parts. This song is especially famous for its dance. Pelvic thrusts? How old were these girls? Who cares! Massara blue jeans is one of c-ute’s catchiest songs with some great vocals! (Even though they’re not wearing jeans…)

Soku Dakishimete 4.5/5

This is one of c-ute most underrated songs. Like nobody talks about this song. Ever. Which is sad because its not bad at all. It’s not as exciting as massara blue jeans, but the versus are amazing due to some good vocals from Megumi, Airi, and Maimi!

Ookina Ai de Motenashite 5/5

This is probably the cutest song any H!P artist has ever released! Even when H!P does idoly- and trust me, this this song can’t get any more idol-ish- it still doesn’t sound that idol-ish. This is really catchy and cute! I could listen to this all day. The repetition of the title is so addicting!

Wakkyanai Z 4.5/5

This song is also really catchy, and with all of the Z’s that are sung, it really gets you pumped. I love the yosha yosha yosha and nande nande nande parts after each chorus. Megumi and Airi pretty much steal all of the lines, but they both have really good vocals.

Koero! Rakuten Eagles 5/5

This song was released shortly after la la la shiawase no uta was released, so the vocals have matured a lot, and some people are gone. Despite this song being released for a baseball team, I love it a lot! The group sounds amazing in the chorus, and the chorus itself is pretty amazing itself.


I’m going way back to 2006 to C-ute’s indie singles so that I can start to review all of their singles. I love c-ute’s indie singles! They are actually all pretty good! I’m going to start reviewing all of c-ute’s singles. But I know that people don’t want to see 30 c-ute posts, so I’ll do them by year or something until I get to Campus Life, which I consider “the current era”

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: Chime!

File:Sec chime.jpg

Chime! 4.5/5

This is a pretty standard sounding song. It doesn’t exactly sound like a-side material, or a third single from an indie group, but it has its charms! The versus are pretty catchy, as is the chorus. The vocals are also pretty nice, especially the vocals at the end of the second chorus. This song is laid back, and has a nice rhythm.

Doshaburi Regret 3.5/5

This is a more mature sounding song. I think this is the most normal song Ebichu has ever released. It has random speaking parts, which are really random.  I’m trying not to take points off for the vocals, but I don’t think I can. The vocals are kind of bad, which is weird, since they were fine in the a-side. I love the random English I love you demo its too late. This song is okay, but I would love to see it re recorded in the future.


This is Ebichu’s third indie single, and for the most part it was okay. Chime is pretty catchy, it’s just kind of plain. Doshaburi Regret would have been better if the vocals were better.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: Motto Hashire!!

Motto Hashire!! 5/5

I’m pretty sure Motto Hashire!! Is what made me an offical Ebichu fan! And after they released this, I started looking at some of their older singles. Anyway, I love how energetic motto hashire is, it really makes me want to run. The beginning of the song is my favorite, because they say “I don’t want to lose” at least four different ways! (I don’t want to lose, I can’t lose, There’s no way I’m losing, There’s no such think as losing). The speaking part by Ayaka and  Suzuki was cute. And of course, Hinata’s voice is really annoying, as always XD I really enjoy how fun this song is.

Uretai Emotion! 5/5

This is a pretty funky sounding song! The nai nai’s in the chorus are catchy, but they do become annoying after a while.

Eien ni Chuugakusei 5/5

I love this song so much, that It’s annoying to listen to it. But this is one of ebichu’s more relaxed songs. It’s a nice tune, and the speaking parts where they say their names, and near the end are cute.

This is ebichu’s sixth, and last single before their debut, and It’s just as good as their previous singles. It seems with each release, ebichu is getting better and better!

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: Oh My Ghost? ~Watashi ga Akuryou ni Natte mo~


Oh My Ghost? ~Watashi ga Akuryou ni Natte mo~  5/5

This is yet another fun song from ebichu! Their now singing about ghosts instead of tissues! (what a change!) In all seriousness, part of the reason why I really love this song is because it takes on a dark tone that not many idols put out, while still remaining fun. The speaking parts in this song are awesome, the dance is high energy and cool (I like the punches and the kicks).

Gozonji! Ebischu Ondo 5/5

I thought that this song was the weirdest song ever, when I first listened to it. It sounds like a particular style of Japanese music (I don’t know the name. If anyone does, please tell me!) I thought it was weird for an idol group to sing a song like this! But all of the “Sore Sore”‘s are so catchy, and the song does speed up after the first chorus, which was a complete surprise! Whoever is singing in the beginning, they have an amazing voice, I’d like to know who it is. Great b-side!


As Ebichu’s fifth indie single, Oh my ghost?! Is just as good as The Tissue! Another amazing release!

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku:The Tissue ~Tomaranai Seishun~


The Tissue ~Tomaranai Seishun~ 5/5

This song is what got me into Ebi Chu! So it’s only appropriate that I review it first. I love this song! And it remains one of my favorite ebi chu songs. It’s so catchy! Especially all of the tissue’s that are chanted throughout the song. The vocals are also rather unique. As expected of a stardust group, this song is completely wacky and fun! You won’t find any other idol group that has a song about tissues!

Ebi Chuuichi Shuukan 5/5

When I first heard I did not like it. At all.  But it grew on me a lot! I love the beginning because I can repeat after the guy. I love the member who sung the “sonna donna no getuyoubi” I don’t know her name though, but she always has good solo’s. The subject of this song is also interesting. Their singing about their day as idols, voice lessons, and dance lessons, etc. The chorus is also extremely catchy. “Aidoru doru doru…”


This is the groups fourth indie’s single, and it’s amazing. Wonderful a-side, and even the b-side is addicting!