Country Girls: Boogie Woogie LOVE / Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Michuu~ / Koi no Magnet

File:Country Girls - Boogie Woogie LOVE lim C.jpg

Boogie Woogie LOVE 5/5

When I heard this song, I was pretty much blown away from the start. Incorporating old styled American music is something new for the group that I never expected them to do.  This song reminds me of classic American swing music. It’s upbeat, jazzy, and the new members show that they really belong in the group!

Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Michuu~ 5/5

This song is a cover song, but I never heard the original. This song goes back to the traditional Country Girls style of “cute” idol music. This song is so laid back and cute, I love the vocals of all of the girls, especially Manaka. The repetition of “Ra Ra Run” is what keeps me coming back.

Koi no Magnent 5/5

This song also surprised me! One, because it takes on a more serious tone, two because it sounds very 80’s inspired, and three because it has a slight electro feel to it with the instrumentals. I absolutely love the whispered “Shall We Love?” etc parts. I hear Chisaki heavily in these parts, and she sounds great. This is such a great song that never gets boring!

This is the group’s third single, and I continue to be blown away by this group. This single showed us that Country Girls is more than just a “cutesy” girl group. They explored two different genres of music while still staying true to their themselves. The two new members are a nice addition to the group, especially Funaki who is I can see becoming one of H!P’s vocal powerhouses like Airi, Sakura, and Sayubee.









Country Girls: Wakatte iru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer Time

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Wakatte iru no ni gomen ne 5/5

People often compare this song to itoshikutte. In my opinion, wakatte surpass itoshikutte for me! Wakatte is more upbeat and less repetitive. I like how the song tells a story with its speaking parts. When I first heard this song and it ended, I cried because the story was so cute and touching.  It’s refreshing. The play on “Gomen ne” from their first single is really cute as well. They even incorporate the hand movements from it. Chisaki still isn’t that good of a singer, but she’s cute and tries her best. Overall, probably one of my favorite Country Girl songs so far.

Tamerai Summer Time 5/5

Tamerai Summer is a sugary sweet song, but with a more laid back sound. This is a perfect blend of the old and new Country Girls style. The chorus is really nice . The girls sound so good singing together as one. My favorite part is at the end of the song when Chisaki sings “Darin Kamo ne?” Overall, this song reminds me of a relaxing spring day. It’s very pleasant.

Country Girls debut single was so amazing, it blew everyone out of the water. Due to this, I think that there was a lot of pressure for their 2nd single to be just as amazing. In addition, Uta left Country Girls. She was the most popular member after Momoko, so a lot of people were wondering how the group would function. This is definitely an amazing 2nd single for Country Girls. I like it slightly better than their first, and Uta’s absence isn’t really noticed. I think Country Girls future is bright, and they seem to be doing really well with their cute concept.

Country Girls: Ittoshikute Gomen Ne, Koi no Dorobu

Ittoshikute Gomen ne 5/5

This song has such a classic H!P sound, heck, it has a very classic old school idol sound. I usually don’t like really idol songs like this, but this is great! I love the toy sound effect at the beginning, plus the English parts. The versus are a little painful at times, but it picks up in the chorus! The chorus has great harmonization, and is really catchy. The vocals aren’t perfect, but that’s what makes this song great. Momoko’s vocals though… they’re sometimes overpowering. The dance is really freaking cute, and the MV is perfect. Overall, this is a very old school sounding idol song that still sounds modern.

Koi no Dorobu 5/5

The group’s other a-side is more upbeat, and has a more idol sound that’s common, Still, it sounds “H!.” The versus of this song is definitely more interesting, also the line distribution is more fair to Risa and Manaka, who didn’t get much lines in IGM. The part where every member sings one line is really innovative. The chorus of course with its repetition of “zettai” makes the song super cute and sugary sweet. The “Love me do” part at the end of the chorus is just too adorable for words! The best part of the song is at the end where they scream “Oh my God.” I just thought that was super cute and unexpected. This is my favorite out of the two songs.


When it was revealed that CG was getting a reboot, with Momoko as the sort of supervisor, everyone panicked and thought it was a bad idea. But Country Girls debut single was a hit. It’s amazing. It’s regular old idol type music, but it is amazing and cute. Why do I ever doubt H!P? They never fail. Usually. It’s too bad Uta has left the group. I’m worried because it was clear that h!p set her up to be the face and center of the group. Yet I’m not worried because it’s pretentious to say that all of Country Girls fans were Uta fans, and the group’s remaining members are seriously all awesome. So here’s to hoping CG has a bright future!