News #2

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been so busy with college stuff and graduation. It’ll be Summer soon. Hopefully I can listen to music and review stuff more often.

Since I reviewed all of C-ute, Ieiri Leo, and S/mileage’s stuff, except for their recent singles, I think it’s time to add some new artists.

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Silent Siren

I recently just discovered this Idol-band. Silent Siren is a 4 member bandol made up of magazine models. These girls are seriously cute! Don’t let their cuteness fool you. The girls claim to play their own instruments, and I believe them unless I see proof. The lead singer, Suu, has a great voice. Their songs include a wide range of genres such as rock, ballads, pop, and much more. I will be also posting lyrics from SS since nobody seems to have them romanized anywhere!



H!P’s new group. I have been watching them closely, and I love them! Their debut single is amazing. I eve learned part of the dance, (yes, I do dance a bit). I also like their second indies single.

File:Buono! - Sherbet Promo.jpg


Since pretty much all of C-ute’s and S/mileage’s singles are done, for the most part, It’s buono’s turn since they have the next shortest discography in H!P. They have been inactive lately. I love this trio, and I hope a new single from them comes out!

BRIGHT has disbanded….. *_____* I loved this group! I’m so sad that they won’t be releasing anymore… so I won’t be reviewing them anymore except maybe their old stuff…

A new artist has been added to the thinking about/want to review list

  • E-girls

Yeah… that’s about it. I’ll try to write more.




Brightest Best 5/5

This song comes off Bight’s Brightest Star mini album. It’s a simple, typical BRIGHT song, but I love it a lot. I love the chorus. Everyone get’s a singing part. And near the end, when Nanaka sings You are Shining Like the Brightest Star, it’s the cutest thing.

Sorairo 5/5

So this is BRIGHT’s debut song. For a debut song, this is amazing! The vocals may be lacking just a tad bit, but that’s not the most important factor in a song in my opinion. First of all, I really love the opening line sora mo kumo mo iro azayaka ni miete iru kara because everyone’s voices blend in together really nicely. And the I believe in you, I’ll sing for you, I just wanna be with you, by your side… part echos through the whole song, and it’s really sweet. One of my favorite BRIGHT songs.

Tegami feat. k 4.5/5

BRIGHT does so many collaborations. This time, for their second single, they collaborated with K, a korean singer! This is the typical BRIGHT song. It’s slow. There are many parts where the girls harmonize, and it sounds absolutely lovely. I particularly love the harmonizing on the word arigatou. Honestly, I think It’s weird to collaborate for a single. That seems like something you do for a b-side or for an album song. But nonetheless, it’s a really nice song, and K’s voice is gorgeous. The nanana’s at the end are a nice touch as well.

One Summer Time 4.5/5

This is the other a-side to BRIGHT’s second single. This isn’t the typical BRIGHT song! It’s pace is a lot faster than their normal songs. The chorus is so catchy! I also love all of the Baby, I want you, I need you that are scattered throughout the song. I really like how unique the instrumental is.

I’ll be There 5/5

This is BRIGHT’s third single. It’s probably one of my favorite singles from them! It’s, as always, a slow love song. I love the instrumental, and the vocals are just lovely. They sound so smooth and they just fit together perfectly. The chorus is probably my favorite out of the whole song!

Feelin’ You 5/5

BRIGHT’s fifth single, probably my favorite BRIGHT song ever. BRIGHT doesn’t do upbeat songs like this much, so when they do, It’s really appreciated! The chorus is so catchy. Every One Two Step. As well as all of the Can’t You tell me baby, what your feeling baby? This song got me into BRIGHT.

Kirai… Demo Suki ~Aishiteru~ 4/5

This is a song released specially for a TV drama. You can really tell because the lyrics are loaded with tons of romantic things! This song isn’t bad at all. I like the You are the only one for me parts. I really loved MEG’s solo. Why don’t they let her sing more? This is a sweet song!

FLOWER 4.5/5

This is another song released for a TV drama. I love the instrumental in the beginning. It’s really pretty! And I like how the vocals come in after it, it sounds so powerful. Also, the transition from Nagi’s solo in the chorus, to Nanaka’s sound lovely because their voices are completely opposites.

LOVE ~Aru Ai no Katachi~ 4/5

I reviewed this song earlier in the year. I gave it a 4/5, and yeah, my rating doesn’t change. I really like this song, a lot better than I did before, that’s for sure! But despite the beautiful vocals, it still feels like this song sounds too similar to other BRIGHT singles.

BAD Girl!!! feat. SKY-HI (AAA) 5/5

I reviewed this song earlier as well. I love this song! The rapping, the chanting, everything is just awesome.

Kimi ga Iru ~Kokoro no tonari de~ 5/5

I also revived this song. This is BRIGHTS latest single. I still really like it even after all of this time. Nanaka sounds lovely, just wish the girls got to singe more…

Hana 5/5

Not surprised that this popped on here! This is a cover of ORANGE RANGE’s song. As a cover, I think that this song is awesome. MEG’s solo is my favorite part.

Forever feat. Matsushita Yuya 3/5

Pffft. More like Nanaka feat. Matsushita Yuya. Sucks that the other girls can’t even sing. I’m not too sure I like this song that much. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really listened to it much.

Hanatakute 3.5/5

I like the chorus of this song, but that’s about it. The vocals are pretty, but I don’t know, this song is just okay for me. Pointers for Nanaka not having all of the lines for once.

Dear My Friend 4/5

I like how abrupt the song starts. It’s so random. But this song is really nice. The chorus and the versus are pretty catchy!


It was pretty random, but I’m glad BRIGHT released a best of album. It included many tunes that I never really listened to before. I found out that I really like the majority of BRIGHT’s old songs. Sadly, I didn’t like that 2 out of the 3 new songs.

BRIGHT: Bad Girl!! / Autabi ni Suki ni Natte

Bad Girl!!! feat. SKY-HI (AAA) 5/5

This song starts out with Hidaka (from AAA) rapping. Then Nanaka comes out with her flawless vocals and starts singing! This song is a typical BRIGHT song, but I love it. Nanaka and Nagi are the main one’s that are singing, and they are amazing. The PV is shot in New York, and I love the outfits! Hidaka raps again in the middle of the song too. And curses. (pretty exciting XD) I love the end where the members chant “crazy girl, risky girl, sexy girl” Come to think of that, those words are chanted all throughout the song. There’s also a lot of english!

Autabi Suki ni Natte 5/5

This song seems more like a b-side, but it also has a PV! Again, it’s Nanaka singing most of the song with Nagi and Mi-Mi getting some lines too. This song is calm, and relaxing, and somehow, the words rhyme/fit together really well when you sing them. I love the chorus. Nanaka’s “Akirameteta” is gorgeous. One of my favorite BRIGHT songs!

I’m starting to get more and more into BRIGHT. I haven’t listened to their older stuff yet,  but this is one of my favorite singles from them!

BRIGHT: Kimi ga Iru Kara ~Kokoro no Tonari de~


Kimi ga iru Kara ~Kokoro no Tonari de~ 5/5

I already reviewed this song in the BRIGHT album, so I’ll just copy and paste. Even though this song is a Nanaka solo song—no seriously, the other girls don’t get any lines, except backup vocals!!— I still adore this song. Nanaka sounds lovely, and the other three members did an awesome job with the backup vocals and harmonies. A really great single from them, despite all of the Nanaka glory! The PV is pretty simple. It, of course, mostly features Nanaka, but it’s still interesting. I do wonder why there’s a random kid though. I love the outfits and hairstyles; everyone looks very fashionable.

Love me like you killing me– 5/5

At first I didn’t like this song. I thought it was too busy and weird, but now, it’s probably my favorite BRIGHT b-sides ever! I just like the crazy arrangement of it, it has everything. I love the harmonies. Whoever writes BRIGHT’s songs really overdid themselves this time; this could have been released as an awesome single!


Theme of BRIGHT feat. AFRA (Skipping)

BAD GIRL!! feat. SKY-HII (AAA) 5/5

This is one of my most loved BRIGHT singles, after Feelin’ You. It’s really catchy, and Nanaka doesn’t sound nasally like she can sometimes. Also, the PV is really cool because it’s filmed in NewYork! I love Hidaka, and his rapping! He also helped Dream5 on one of their album songs.  I love the end where they chant “Crazy Girls, Risky Girl, Sexy Girl“. It’s a nice touch!

Eternity 2.5/5

I just can’t really get into this song… The piano in the beginning is really nice though.

LOVE ~Aru Ai no Katachi~ 5/5

I reviewed this song earlier, and gave it a 3.5/5. But after listening to it a lot more, I love it!! I’m in love with Nagi’s vocals!

Ichi nen ni kagestsu hatuka 5/5

I also reviewed this earlier. I still love it! It’s one of my all time favorite BRIGHT songs!

Lonely Tears 5/5

I love simple and touching ballad’s like this. I also love that Nagi, instead of Nanaka starts singing first. These girls are the queens of harmonizing; they sound absolutely breathtaking. Once again, Nagi impresses me with her vocals!! One of the best tracks on the album.

Hana 5/5

This song is a cover of ORANGE RANGE. Along with Nagi, I was surprised that they gave MEG her won solo line!And she nailed it! Her voice sounded really angelic and sweet. Though it’s sad that I barely heard Mi-Mi. The yeah‘s sound really nice and go along great with the song. BRIGHT covered the song really nicely.

Daijoubou 5/5

Another really touching ballad! I love this song so much. The lines “I want to Love you forever Donna toki demo” are really touching. Nanaka sounds heavily! Nagi also had a solo, and sung it perfectly. I love when Nanaka sung “I always want to be with you I love you” One of the best tracks on the album.

Koigokoro 4.5/5

It actually took me a while to get into this song. It’s pretty upbeat! Mi-Mi (I think that’s her singing) in the beginning of the song sounded really nice! They should let her sing more. The instrumental for this song in the middle of it is really fun too. I see that Nagi get’s her own solo too.

Autabi ni Suki ni Natte 5/5

This is the other A side to BAD GIRL!! Nanaka seems to sing most of the song (no surprise there!) with Nagi also getting some lines too. Nanaka’s “Akirameteta” near the end of the song is gorgeous! I love this single from them~

Interlude ~I’m a dreaming girl~ (Skipping)

Kimi ga iru Kara ~Kokoro no Tonari de~ 5/5

Even though this song is a Nanaka solo song—no seriously, the other girls don’t get any lines, except backup vocals!!— I still adore this song. Nanaka sounds lovely, and the other three members did an awesome job with the backup vocals and harmonies. A really great single from them, despite all of the Nanaka glory!

I LOVE U forever feat. CLIFF EDGE 5/5

For this song, BRIGHT features cliff edge for the rapping parts of the song, which is nice! It’s pretty light, and upbeat. Nanaka sings most of it, with Nagi getting some parts too. The I LOVE YOU FOREVER followed by the rapping parts are really catchy! It’s a really great song!

Girls be Ambitious 3.5/5

It took me a really long time to remotely like this song. It’s pretty fun! It reminds me of hanging out with friends. The yeah yeah yeah parts are really annoying though… At least they gave a girl other than Nagi and Nanaka a line! It’s nice, but not my favorite.


All in all, I absolutely loved this album! I don’t have that much BRIGHT songs, and I don’t follow them closely, but this album made me feel much closer to them than before. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to release next!



Love ~Aru Ai no Katachi~: BRIGHT

Love~Aru ai no katachi~

originality: 3/5

PV: 3/5

overall: 4/5

*When I first heard this song, it was kind of meh to me, it’s still kind of meh, but I appreciate it more now that I listened to it a few more times. I like it, but this song is not one of my favorites. If it wasn’t for BRIGHT’s unique and outstanding vocals, I would hate this song… The PV shows the girls standing around in wedding dresses. They look really pretty! There’s also scenes with a boy that I though were cute too~

Ichi nen ni kagestsu hatuka

originality: 3.5/5

PV: 3.5/5

overall: 5/5

*This is the much better track out of the two tracks. The song is so much more catcher, I love it! The only one tiny thing that ruins the song a bit is the one girl’s vocals, the one that sings first. Sometimes, her singing get’s a little bit squeaky, and it’s hard to listen to. But she has a unique voice and can sing those high notes. I love the girl with the short hair, who has the deepest voice! The PV features one girl in a car singing, the rest shows the girl’s dancing in a carnival setting. The background really fits with the song.

I don’t follow BRIGHT very closely, but ever since I put “Feelin’ you” on my ipod, I decided I should follow this group. This single was such a success, I can’t wait for the next one~