Kikkawa Yuu: Two YOU

Dramatic 4/5

I don’t like the autotune in the beginning of the song and after the chorus; it’s just annoying! For a while, I didn’t listen to this song because I couldn’t stand the beginning. But when you start to listen to it, it’s not a totally bad song. I think that some of autone parts are unnecessary. Not a bad song to start out the album, but this song gives me a headache sometimes…

Darling to Madonna 3.5/5

I never did like this single due to the autotune. But now, I’m listening to this song all the way through. It’s not bad. The chorus is kind of catchy. Sadly, this song kind of sounds like a filler song. She released this so shortly after Koko Kara Hajimarunda! and this song kind of sounds like it could have been a b-side for that, instead of an a-side.

Zutto Zutto Kimi ga Suki da 5/5

I love the instrumental for this song! It’s so playful due to all of the sounds. This is a pretty generic love song, but it’s somehow unique due to the instrumental. I love the instrumental before the chorus. Kikka’s vocals seem iffy here. Maybe it’s only me? The Zutto Zutto Zutto… kimi ga suki da part is really catchy. I find myself repeating Zutto Zutto a million times. Overall, this song isn’t anything special, but the sounds and energetic pace make it an enjoyable song to listen to.

Renai Enbo 5/5

This is song really reminds me of traditional Japanese music, and enka (even though it sounds nothing like it). There’s nothing really special about this song, it sounds like a normal upbeat kikka song, but the traditional music turns it into something fun and enjoyable to listen to! I really like the chorus, and how Kikka sounds here.

Sekaijuu ni Kimi wa Hitori Dake 3/5

This song was part of Kikka 3 a-side single. This was the song I liked the least out all three songs. This song just seems so blah and boring compared to the other two songs. Kikka sounds really weird here, almost nasally-like. Maybe it’s just me? This song is a really boring ballad, and honestly, I can’t seem to like it.

Koko kara Hajimarunda! 4/5

I revived this song earlier. I still don’t like all of the autotune at the beginning of the song. I do like the chorus, and Kikka really sounds nice there. For this being an A-side, I’m not too fond of it. I will probably take me a while to like this song. before, I gave this a 3.5, but now it’s a 4 since it has grown on me a bit.

TO BE… 5/5

Here is the first ballad from Kikka off of the album. Every album must have one after all. This song reminds me of Ari no mama I LOVE YOU and LOVE YOU FOREVER but to be seems more R&B. Sort of… this song reminds me of the stuff BRIGHT released. Anyway, this song is pretty nice! It’s a ballad, but it’s not boring. Kikka’s high notes sound great! I love the lyrics, especially the to be not to be not to be or to be part. It’s confusing, but it was played well, and it was a nice Shakespeare reference.

Kaze no You na Melody 4/5

I reviewed this song before as well. This song still reminds me of the a -side. Like Koko Kara, I can’t really seem to get into this song. I like Kikka’s high notes though. I like this better than the a-side, and like Koko Kara, this song has grown on me a bit.

Unmei 5/5

Another ballad, but this time, it’s not as bad as Sekaijuu. Kikka sounds lovely here, love the verses. The soft instrumental music in the background is pretty and simple. I also like the chorus. This song isn’t boring at all, however, Kikka sounds a little…shaky? You can hear it at the end of the chorus. But again, maybe it’s just me?

Twinkle Days 4/5

More autotune. *sigh* her autotune songs are all starting to sound the same. This song’s chorus actually sounds okay. It has a lot of high notes, and Kikka hits them nicely.

Sayonara Namida (acoustic version) 5/5

There’s not that much of a difference between this and the original accept that this version is a lot slower. The instrumental is about the same, except in this version, the piano seems more prominent. Not much of a difference, but this version is pretty nice to listen to.

Kikkawa wa YOU! (acoustic version) 5/5

Kikka must really like this song, this is the second time that it has been changed in some way. I really like this. The song is, of course slowed down. I never thought a song like this could become a ballad since it’s so upbeat. Kikka sounds really nice here.


Overall, this is not my favorite album from her. One for YOU! was way better because it had a lot of good songs. This album had too many auto tune-like singles and b-sides, that the new songs got overshadowed! I loved the new songs a lot, but some of the other songs ruin the album for me.


Kikkawa Yuu: Vocalist?!

File:Vocalist (Kikkawa You) DVD.jpg

Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo 4/5

The original song is by Moritaka Chisato, and Kikka has covered a lot of her songs in the past. I haven’t heard the original of this song before, so I can’t compare, but this song is pretty nice and laid back. It has a nice and relaxing sound to it. Not my favorite, but I don’t hate it. It’s a perfect b-side song.

Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to 5/5

Original song by Shinohara Ryoko. I can understand why this song sold 2 million copies, because it’s amazing! When I first listened to the album, this song was the song that appealed to me the most first. The arrangement is just so unique, it’s really a great song. Kikka does a really good job with this song! She sounds strong, and there are no weird auto-tune moments!

Kaze wa Aki Iro 5/5

Original is by Matsuda Seiko. I love this song! It’s so cute and happy. Kikka’s version is a little more slowed down than Seiko’s, which I like. Kikka does a good job with those high notes as well.

Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ 3.5/5

Original by ZONE. One of my favorite songs. I have at least 3 other versions of this song, plus the original. I like how the song starts out. The soft guitar throughout the song is nice. However, I think that there is too much instrumental in the song. It’s distracting and takes away the simplicity. While Kikka’s voice is nice and soft, this is not one of my favorite covers.

Maji de koisuru 5 Byou Mae 5/5

Original by Ryoko Hirosue. I like what was done with the beginning! It sounds like a Mario game, it’s really cute. Kikka’s version is a little less cuter than Ryoko’s, which is okay. This is just a really nice song.

Samishii Nettaigyo 5/5

Original by Wink. This song is amazing! The beginning is changed a lot form the original. Kikka’s version is more rock. The song acts as if it will begin after the slight pause in the music, but it doesn’t, which is a part that I really like. This song is so unique and original. I love the arrangement! Kikka could improve on the high parts in the chorus, but otherwise, I like her version better than some of the other covers.

17 sai 5/5

This is a cover of Moritaka Chisato. Kikka does agood job of making this song her own. This version somehow sounds more tropical! The song in general is really catchy and laid back. It makes me want to dance and I like the arrangement.

Daite! HOLD ON ME 5/5

Original by Morning Musume. I actually had never heard this song before this CD. (What kind of MM fan am I?). I can understand why people love this song, it’s really awesome! I love the chorus! My favorite part is the daite daite daite oh lonely night. Kikka sounds so powerful singing this song. She did the rap all by herself, and it sounded amazing.

Shoujo A 3.5/5

Original by Nakamori Akina. At first, I didn’t like this song much. But it has grown on me, not by much though. I like the dark tone of the song, and the auto-tune isn’t too bad.

Natsuiro no Nancy 5/5

Original by Hayami Yu.  I don’t usually like cute songs like this, but this is so addicting! This version, once again is slowed down. Kikka does a good job of making this song not sound too cute.

Sotsugyou 4/5

Original by Saito Yuki. This song is  faster than the original, and has a more steady beat. I like the beginning instrumentals in this song, though the auto tune is annoying and unneeded… Kikka’s voice sounds really weird in this song, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s not a bad song, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

LOVE Namida Iro 4/5

Original by Aya Matsuura. I don’t like the auto-tune in the beginning… It kind of off sets the whole song. This was never one of my favorite Aya songs, but I do like the chorus of this song! Kikka’s version has a lot of more instruments and sounds.


Kikka covers songs on her b-sides all of the time, so it’s not a surprise that she came out with a cover album. I thought that this album would be filled with covers of popular anime songs, however, it’s not. All of the songs are covers of popular 80’s songs! (I like it better this way). While I knew some of the songs, I didn’t know most, so I really enjoyed this album because it exposed me to some classic 80’s songs. Kikka did an amazing job with most of the covers. I just wish auto tune wasn’t used so much because in some of the songs it sounds a little awkward.

Kikkawa Yuu: Hapirapi ~Sunrise~

Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ 3.5/5

After such an awesome debut, this song is a bit of a disappointment. I like how it’s happy, and laid back, but somehow, it’s missing something… I have tried so hard to really like this song, but I just can’t! This has to be my least favorite song by her. Regardless of this plan-ish song, Kikka sounds gorgeous. For some reason, I like when she says “Ari Kamo Ne”


This is the first b-side, and it’s amazing! It’s even more laid back then the previous song, and I don’t know, I just really love it. The chorus is so catchy “Love you forever”

Mizuiro 4/5

It took me a long time to like this song, and now, I find that it’s really likeable. Kikka’s voice sounds so nice in this, it sounds so fresh. The guitar is

Sweetie 5/5

Weirdly, I also used to hate this song, but now it’s one of my favorite Kikka songs! It’s a new sound that Kikka hasn’t done before, and it’s so fun and playful, I love it! The chorus makes you feel energetic.

As a second single, this isn’t bad at all. The a-side may have been not to my taste, but all three of the b-sides were amazing!

Kikkawa Yuu: Koko Kara Hajimarunda!

Koko Kara Hajimarunda!- 3.5/5

I don’t like all of the autotune at the beginning of the song. It’s not really a good way to start a song… I do like how Kikka sounds kind of pixelated, it gives a cool effect. However, I really prefer Kikka’s real, and natural voice. I like that she’s trying something new, but I just can’t seem to get into this song this much. I do like the chorus, and Kikka really sounds nice there. For this being an A-side, I’m not too fond of it. I will probably take me a while to like this song.

17sai- 5/5

This is a cover of Moritaka Chisato. I haven’t listened to the original much, but I think Kikka does a really good job of covering this song. The song in general is really catchy and laid back. It makes me want to dance and I like the arrangement.

Kaze no you na Melody- 3.5/5

This song kind of reminds me of the a -side. It also reminds me of vocaloids. I know that someone who works with vocaloids wrote the a-side, but I’m not sure about this. Like Koko Kara, I can’t really seem to get into this song. I like Kikka’s high notes though. That’s something she’s always been good at!

After Kikka’s awesome 3rd single, her 4th is kind of bland for me. I like that she’s trying out new styles, but these songs, except for 17sai didn’t really seem like a-side material to me.

Kikkawa Yuu: Konna Watashi de Yokattara

Konna Atashi de Yokattara– 5/5

Finally getting to reviewing this, even way after her first album came out *___*. But anyway, as I said before on her One For All album, this song remains my favorite Kikka song! I love when Kikka sings naturally like this. She sounds amazing, and the song is so catchy. It’s definitely a step up from Hapirapi Sunrise, which I still a/can’t seem to get into. The only thing I don’t like is the PV, which is a little plain.

Early Snow-4/5

This song sounds rather Christmasy. When I first heard it, I hated it so much! It was so blah,I couldn’t even get past the versus. But now that I listen to it, it’s rather nice. It’s a touching love song, and Kikka’s vocals sound heavenly! I think that if it was anyone but her singing this, I’d be really boring.

After the disappointing single last time, Kikka’s third single is really awesome!

Kikkawa Yuu: One For You

Konna Watashi de Yokattara 5/5

I did not review Kikka’s 3rd single, but this is my favorite single from her! The song is just so catchy, and her voice sounds lovely! I love when Kikka’s song are like this, rather than idolish sounding.

Sweetie 2.5/5

I wonder why they chose to use Sweetie to put on the album. Honestly, I don’t like this song at all. I don’t find it very catchy, and in my opinion, Kikka’s voice doesn’t really sound good to high pitched songs like this and Hapi Wrapi Sunrise. They should have used Sayonara Namida or Fuyuzora Hanabi. I guess it’s alright.

Kikkawa wa YOU! 5/5

Ah, Kikka’s debut single! My second favorite single from her. Love it!

Knight Flight 5/5

I don’t think we’ve really heard any legit ballads from Kikka before this album, but I love this! Kikka’s voice sounds so clear and soothing. There’s two ways to do a ballad, the boring way, and the interesting way, and Kikka has definitely done the latter. One of my favorite songs on the album!

Time to Zone 5/5

This is my other favorite song from the album. I love all of the English in this song, and Kikka’s voice sounds really cute here.

Aitaku Nattara 5/5

Another one of my favorites. This song is nice and slow paced, I also love Kikka’s voice in this. The chorus is really catchy, and the bridge in this is brilliant.

Mizuiro 3.5/5

Another b side off of Hapi Rapi Sunrise. This song is okay. The chorus is catchy though.

Hira Hira Hoshi  2/5

This song is very interesting with the auto tune and everything. I, unfortunately don’t like it that much, but the instrumental is amazing.

Sayonara Namida 5/5

One of my favorite b sides from her debut single. I just love everything about this song. More b side songs should have been included from her debut single rather than her second single.

Arinomama I LOVE YOU 5/5

This is a nice laid back song that reminds me of R&B. The verses and chorus are really catchy! Love the bit near the end when her voice sounds distorted.

Hapi Wrapi Sunrise 3.5/5

My least favorite Kikka single. I don’t understand how this sold more than Konna Watashi de Yokattara. I don’t like Kikka’s voice in this song either. The only thing really catchy about this song is the chorus.

Hako no Naka Blue 1/5

I like the instrumental, but I don’t really listen to this song that much.

Make YOU! 4/5

I don’t know why, but this reminds me of a song Koharu Kusumi would do! But anyway, I like this song. The chorus is really catchy, and Kikka doesn’t sound too cutesy. I like the English.

Kikka’s first album is simply amazing! It waaay over surpassed my expectations of her! Now, I’m becoming a huge fan of Kikka and I can’t wait for her 4th single.

Kikkawa wa You: Kikkawa Yuu

I knew Kikka from when she was in Milky Way. I liked Koharu first, then Kitahara Sayaka, and Kikka was actually the member I didn’t like that much. (based on voice) But when I heard she was debuting as a soloist, I was excited! Well… until I was reading around some H!P forums and youtube. People were saying some mean things about Mano Erina, H!P’s current soloist. Things like:

“We need a new solost, Mano’s boring” “H!P’s current soloist sucks” “Kikka will do a better job” “Kikka is definitely better than H!P’s current soloist” “Mano will be pushed back once Kikka debuts”

I am a HUGE Mano Erina fan. These words hurt. I’m sure they’d hurt Mano is she heard them to. That’s when, for a short period of time, I kind of hated Kikka. I hated her for debuting, and because of her, Mano would be pushed back and ignored.

Later, it was revealed that Kikka would debut under Universal, and not H!P. That’s when I realized I was being ridiculous! Why in the world was I hating on this wonderful girl? Besides, Mano’s not being pushed back. I just watched her PV of her single “My Days for you” it’s awesome, and everyone seems to like it.

Kikkawa wa YOU!

originality: 4/5

PV: 5/5

overall: 5/5

*I love the title, it’s a play on her name! When I first first heard this song, I thought it sounded kind of old like a 70’s or 90’s song. Then I got addicted. I love everything about this song. It’s also original meaning I can’t think of any other song that sounds like this. It’s cute, pop-ish, and uplisfting, yet gentle and easy to listen to. The PV is kind of unoriginal, but between the dance shots, bright colors, close ups, and Kikka’s dazzling smile, it keeps you interested. The dance is simple, yet I like it! Kikka’s voice is already considerably good, however, it sounds kind of shaky at the ends of “My lover” and “So sweet” which is something she can improve on.

Sayonara Namida: 5/5

*When you hear the title of this song, it sounds like it would be a ballad song, but it’s actually pretty uplifting. I like it~

Candy Pop: 5/5

*I like how the song starts out, it sounds kind of old. I know what they did to Kikka’s voice, but it sounds sort of different in a good way. This song is so relaxing and I love the English that’s put into the song. (I wanna change my world, I want to be happy) This is definitely my second favorite track.

Fuyuzora Hanabi 5/5

*This sounds like an anime opening, and it reminds me of winter for some odd reason. I like the high notes in the song, Kikka hits them well. My favorite part is when she sings: “”Ah ano koro no futari de Ah fuzakete waratte odottari odoketari, Ah futari dake ga ukanda shashin ga SHATTAA no oto hibikaseta kono yoru ni” It sounds cool sung fast like that.

Kikkawa wa YOU! (remix) 5/5

*I don’t usually like remixes of songs, their just plan annoying. But this one is actually pretty good.

Kikka is off to a great start, and she already has a nice fan base. I actually liked ALL of the tracks on this single, which is a first for anyone debuting. When’s her next single?!