Fairies: Soushisouai☆ Destination

File:Fairies - Soushisouai destination goods.jpg

Soushisouai☆Destination 4/5

This is a very powerful song that kind of sounds like a classic anime opening. Sounds like we’re all preparing for a battle. Along with the powerful sound comes some powerful vocals! I’m impressed at how more fair the line distribution is. Whoever sings those high notes at the end of the chorus… (Miki?) They aren’t bad but they do sound a little strained. Overall, this is a sold single showing Fairies more powerful side but don’t think I would rank this in my top 10.

Honey Vacation 4/5

The b-side is also really upbeat. It has a more sweeter sound to it. Instead of individual solo lines, the song is sung together as a chorus and shared lines, which I kind of like. This isn’t one of their best b-sides, but it’s nice to just listen to it. I do really like the instrumental of the song. In fact, I find myself focusing on that rather than the vocals. It has a lot of synth sounds in it. Also, I find the “Love you my Prince” in the beginning of the song really funny, but cute at the same time.

So I think that this single is a little weaker than their past, but it definitely isn’t their worst song ever. I really like how the group showed a more powerful side to them that we haven’t seen sing “Bling Bling Love.”


Fairies: Kiss me Babe/Hirari

Kiss me Babe 4.5/5

This song is so different than the group has done in the past. The instrumental has character, and I absolutely love Sora’s rap! It sounds really good. Even Miki get’s a line right before the chorus. In the recording, she sounds good, but live she’s screechy. The chorus is catchy and easy to sing. Near the end though, it kind of sounds a little messy, but other than that, this song just adds another awesome song to Fairies impressive discography.

Hirari 4/5

This song is more idol-y than ksb, but it has a very catchy and sort of flowy melody for the chorus. It sounds kind of dreamy, and feels like it would be a great b-side to “Hikari ni hate ni“. All of the members sing the chorus; always a plus. The versus are okay, but at least Miki get’s a lot of solo lines. I think the auto-tune is completely unneeded though.

Tokimeku Tokyo 4.5/5

This song seems very American/Kpop inspired, but somehow it still feels fairies-like. Feels like it should have been a b-side for BLING BLING love. I love the powerful chorus, with the melodies, and overlapping vocals. Though the rap near the end, not Sora’s rap, but the one before that sounds really really lame. The lyrics are just too typical. It’s not their fault though because whoever wrote this song isn’t writing it for native English speakers, but still. Also, this should have been the other a-side instead of Hirari because it’s so good!

So this single is just as sold as their previous one’s. It’s still very Fairies-like, but with trying a new sort of sound. I’m excited to review Soushisouai destination.


File:Fairies - BLING BLING MY LOVE CD.jpg


This song was really special to the group because the MV was filmed in California and it’s supposed to be an American-style song. I love this song, it’s super catchy, especially the chorus, but I don’t see how it’s “American-style.” It sounds similar to other Fairies songs. Sounds more Kpop than American to me, especially the speaking parts in the beginning. Anyway, I love the fast, upbeat pace of this song. But Momoka sings mostly the whole versus and the chorus, while the other members only get the backups. WTF Fairies?? Why?? She’s not the only person who can sing!! This is not Fairies feat Momoka. The choreography is beyond impressive though. And there’s a ton of English mixed into it.

Don’t You Wanna Dance 5/5

This song is great, I kind of wish it was a single and not a b-side, as it’s probably one of my favorite b-sides from the group. The chorus with the “Don’t you wanna dance” part is super catchy, and the group sounds great singing together. Though once again, besides Sora’s rap part, momoka get’s the solo lines. Why? Even in the b-side, they don’t let other members sing.


Another solid single from the girls. BBL is cool, (besides Momoka singing basically everything) and features gorgeous shots of California!

Fairies: Super Hero / Love Me, Love You More



File:SH-LMLYM cdonly.jpg

Super Hero 5/5

This is Fairies coolest song yet!! They sound so mature and fierce, I love it! Let me tell you, Sora’s rap makes this song!! I think that If it wasn’t in here, the song would be a bit bland. What I also love about this song, besides the really catchy chorus, is that it just continues without that many pauses, like one fluid line; it’s really refreshing! It sucks that Momoka get’s mostly all of the lines though, with Miki getting a line here and there, but oh well. Even the MV is super cool with the choreography.

Love You, Love Me More 5/5

Here’s the more upbeat song of this single. This song is really upbeat and positive. It makes me want to get up and dance. I love the chorus where they shout “You Love Me, I Love You More.” Even the versus are really catchy. This is supposed to be a double a-side, but where is the MV to this awesome song?


After two cute type anime releases, Fairies goes back to their traditional cool style. Super Here is a super cool song, that has an awesome rap. And the other a-side is just as great. I’m really impressed with this single.

Fairies: Run With U

File:runwithu cddvd.jpg


Run With U 4.5/5

When I first heard this song, I was a little disappointed that it was another cutesy song again. However, this song, compared to other songs that idols release isn’t even that cutesy. It’s actually quite catchy, with the repetition of the “Run run run run with you” part. It’s very upbeat and gives off an overall happy feeling. Plus, it’s for a girly anime, so of course it has to fit.

Silly Boy 5/5

Here’s our standard Fairies song! The “Go go go go” part at the start of the song is a little overkill though, but the rest of the song is great! I love the little English parts throughout the song, as well as the rap part. Another thing I enjoy about this song is it’s variety. It varies with the melody, beat, vocals, etc. Plus, the “Ohh” part before the chorus is great. I also love the overlap in singing and speaking parts at the end.

Wild Boy 4/5

My least liked song on the single; even so, It’s not that bad of a song. I just think the versus are a little boring. Momoka’s part near the end is really lovely though.


For an anime centered release, this single was really good! Run For U is a great upbeat song, while the b-sides were good.

Fairies: Hikari no Hate Ni

File:hikarinohateni cddvd.jpg

Hikari no Hate ni 4.5/5

I was really disappointed with this song at first. Fairies always seemed like the least Idol-ish group, but here they were putting out a generic song. But it turns out that I wasn’t really listening to the song itself. I judged it way too quickly! After listening too it properly, I fell in love. No, It’s not their best song, but it’s their best “cute” song. This is catchier than Sweet Jewel. It may seem boring at first, but it has this nice, easy to follow melody. The dancing may seem lackluster, but the outfits are cute. The group sounds great as a chorus!

Yell 3/5

Why does every idol group have at least one song titled “Yell”?? One of the 48 groups had one, Idoling!!! too, and many indie idols. The b-side is another cute song. It’s quite generic… the instrumental with the guitar is pretty though. I don’t know, I don’t really care for this song.



This is a nice break from their mature style. I like this enough, but there are too many Idol groups releasing stuff that sounds like this, so hopefully, they go back to their usual style. Also, I noticed that I don’t really like most of Fairies b-sides. I hope they improve them in future singles.

Fairies: Beat Generation/ No More Distance

File:Beat Generation.jpg

Beat Generation 5/5

After HERO, which was amazing, Fairies is back with another amazing song! Like HERO it’s upbeat, energetic, and makes you want to dance. Speaking of dances, Beat Generation has got to be one of Fairies most complicated dances ever, with all of that jumping. Just like in nearly all of Fairies songs, I appreciate all of the English woven through the song. Somehow, the English just perfects the song. I love the chorus, especially when they sing you can fly to the distance. Why are all of Fairies songs so inspirational?

No More Distance 3.5/5

This song reminds me of the kind of stuff that BIRGHT does, but without the mind blowing vocals. This song is alright. It just sounds really flat at times. I think it would have sounded better with some solos mixed in there to give it some variety. Not bad, but not the best either.


Beat Generation has to be my second to favorite song, after HERO. Once again, the other a-side is a little average though. But overall, this was a good single for Fairies.

Fairies: Tweet Dream/ Sparkle


Tweet Dream 3/5

This is my most disliked Fairies song. This song was surprising, and didn’t seem like a song Fairies would ever release. I really commend them for trying something different, variety is the key! However, this sounds horrible. The auto tune sounds weird, and the arrangement is awkward. Even the follow follow tweet tweet part, which I’m sure was supposed to be catchy fell short. The only really enjoyable part is Momoka’s solo after the second chorus. I really don’t know what happened here… I have tried to listen to this song and like it, but I can’t.

Sparkle 4.5/5

The other a-side makes up for it! I had a hard time liking this song. I couldn’t get past all of the auto tune. But when I finally did, I found that this song is really catchy and enjoyable. The whole song makes you want to get up and dance. I really like the English scattered across the song. The song is really meaningful when you translate it into English; it’s a huge confidence booster.

I think Fairies was experimenting with auto tune, as both singles have auto tune in it. This single was okay. I really liked Sparkle. Tweet Dream not so much. Some people didn’t like either songs! Oh well, they can always do better with their next single.

Fairies: White Angel/ One Love

White Angel 5/5

Fairies has picked it up again with this single! White Angel is a high energized dance song, and it’s amazing. It’s a more darker and deeper sound than Fairies has ever produced. I love when everyone sing Beautiful Angel and how all of the voices come together when they sing dance. Amazing dancing! Sora’s hair looks awesome by the way.

One Love 3/5

This song seems to be pretty much the same as No More Distance. It’s a kind of slow, almost R&B type song. Again, it falls really flat. However, it’s a b-side this time instead of an actual a-side, so I can give it more leniency.


White Angel is somehow unexpected because I didn’t picture the song sounding like this! Once again, the b-side is kind of average. That seems to be a repeating pattern with Fairies’s singles. Hopefully, the next single will feature two really good tracks.

Fairies: HERO/ Sweet Jewel

HERO: 5/5

This has got to be my favorite Fairies song ever! When this song comes on, I feel like dancing. The versus are catchy, the chorus is catchy. And the lyrics are meaningful and uplifting. Seriously. When I’m having a bad day, I turn this on, and I instantly feel so much better. The song is also mainly in english, and the english words are pronounced really well. Fairies has the best english out of any idol group. Most of the lines are shared, but at least everyone gets a line! I love this song!

Sweet Jewel: 3.5/5

Everyone seems to love this song. It’s as close to regular idol music as Fairies has gotten so far. I don’t like it that much, because it’s treading into generic idol territory. I think this song would have sounded better with some solos in it… The song just has Rikako, Sora, and Momoka singing the whole song with shared lines… At least the PV is pretty!


This single is definitely a huge step up from More Kiss! Hero is an amazing song. Sweet Jewel isn’t too bad. But it seems like Fairies has an amazing song on the single, but also a mediocre song on the single. Hopefully, the next single has two good songs!