E-girls: E.G Time

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E.G Anthem ~We are Venus~ 4.5/5

This is the perfect way to start off the album! E.G Anthem is an upbeat pop song, with plenty of shouting. Love the solo’s in the versus. We get to hear from a lot of members who don’t sing a lot. The chorus is great with the repetition of the words. In addition, I like how they incorporated the separate groups of E-girls in the song. It’s nice that E-girls finally gets an official theme.

Mr. Snowman 4.5/5

This song takes a long time to get used to. At first, it comes off as kind of plain and typical sounding, but it isn’t bad. The instrumental in the beginning of the song, that runs through the song is catchy. I don’t think this is even close to their best single, but it isn’t the worst.

Music Flyer 5/5

This song is very techno-like, with monotone vocals. I love that the group experimented with a different sound. It’s a breath of fresh air. Music Flyer reminds me of a lighter, more pop-ier Perfume or Capsule. I love the static “whoas” and the instrumental music is out of this world! I highly recommend.

Move it! 5/5

This song is sung by DREAM. I don’t understand why they say “Dream and E-girls” in the song, when it’s just DREAM singing, but whatever. This song was Snowman’s b-side. This song should have been the a-side. It’s a very fierce song, and I love the half rapping. It’s very catchy, and very E-girls!

Rock n Roll Widow 4/5

Like Dream Flyer, I appreciate the  group trying new things! I hated this song when I first heard it. The opening was just too loud and annoying. I still think the instrumental is too loud. But after a few listens, it’s a pretty nice song. It somehow combines country and rock?? Love the “Gakko” parts, and SHIZUKA’s solo right after. The members with lower vocals sing, which I appreciate. Overall, I think this song was nice because it’s different from the norm, but it’s a little weird…

High School Love 5/5

One of the group’s better singles! High School Love is still very pop-ish, and very e-girls, but it has a different sound than most of their songs. The bridge is really good with the build up to the harmonization. In addition, the chorus is solid and catchy with the repetition.This was used for the GTO drama theme. It fits perfectly. Overall, definitely in my top 15 songs from them.

Odoru Ponpokorin 4.5/5

Again, love the experimentation from the group. It’s still very pop-ish, but it’s more childish due to it being used for Chibi Maruko-chan anime. Although it can get annoying fast, this song is very fun, with its over the top sound effects, and random speech and screams throughout the song. Everyone hates this song, saying “Why did they release this?” but I think it has great energy and fits well with the anime.

Jiyou no Megami ~Yuvuraia~ 3.5/5

Even reading a translation of this song, I still I do not understand what this is about. The title translates to “Statue of Liverty, Yuvuraia” What does Yuvuraia mean? I tried to look it up but nothing came up. It’s just a very weird song that doesn’t make much sense to me. I admit that the chorus is very catchy, but it feels like that designated weird b-side that shows up on idol singles.

Ureshii!! Tanoshii! Daisuki!! 5/5

This song is a cover of a DCT song. No wonder I like it so much! I heard the original already, and it’s not too different from the original. I love the instrumental of this song. The versus, chorus, everything is just awesome in this. As expected from DCT. E-girls sounds good in their version of it. Letting the members with lower vocals sing was a great idea for this song.

Again 5/5

As soon as I heard the first 10 seconds of this song, I loved it. Mainly because the background music is gorgeous, especially the piano in the beginning. This whole song just has a very calming feeling. It’s very light, and airy. It reminds me of a summer day. It reminds me of SNSD’s older songs. The vocals really fit with this song. It’s definitely good enough to be an a-side!

Chocolat 5/5

Another really great b-side from the group. Chocolat has that same sweet and airy feeling as Again, but in a different way. The chorus in this song is really great, with the overlapping of the vocals. Ami’s opening solo made me cringe inside a little bit.

Kibou no Hikari ~Mirai wo Shinjite~ 3.5/5

I keep forgetting that this song is on this album. Every idol girl group of course must have a ballad on it. I was surprised that there wasn’t more than one ballad. Anyway, this song isn’t the best ballad ever. But it’s not the best. It’s definitely not the group’s best. The versus are as boring as every other idol ballad, but the chorus is interesting. It’s very progressive, and each member adds a level of progressiveness. Not my cup of tea, but not bad to end the album.

So this is E-girls third album. One of the things that people complain about with this group is that their music is all the same. I agree. Their A-sides are all very pop-ish and are sometimes too similar, but with b-sides and album songs, the group makes up for it. This is probably my favorite E-girls album. It’s jam packed with really awesome b-sides, a cool cover, and cool original album songs are. Overall, I’m impressed by the experimentation, and hope that the group’s a-side songs improve!







RYDEEN ~Dance All Night~ 3/5

I’ve only ever listened to the first 20 seconds of this song because the music is annoying and gives me a headache. Now listening for the first time, this song gives me kpop vibes. It has a very flat, central melody that’s sort of boring. However, the song get’s really interesting midway at the versus. It’s this sort of whispery/talking thing. I would have loved if the chorus was different, maybe I would have enjoyed this song more.

Gomennasai no Kissing You 5/5

This is the groups most successful song. I think they have better singles out there, but this one is still one of their better one’s. It’s straight pop, like most of their songs, however, I think the success of this song lies in it’s repetition of words, great versus, and the slow singing part of the last part of the chorus. The “SOSOSO” part is pretty awesome too.

Diamond Only 4/5

Not one of the groups best singles, but still pretty decent. The versus are a little bland, but the chorus makes up for it. Like many of their other songs, they have a lot of electronic effects which work towards their advantage. In addition, the instrumental has some nice sounds. Along with SHIZUKA’s deep vocals, this song is pretty decent.

ASAP 5/5

This is a nice, upbeat song. Somehow, It feels like it could be speed up just a tad bit to sound better. I absolutely love all of the random English lyrics in the song. The chorus with the spelling of the “ASAP” parts is definitely the best part.

Fancy baby 5/5

The b-side to Gomennasai no Kissing You. This song is more serious and mature. The instrumental is pretty cool. Along with the versus being catchy with the repetition of the “nee” parts, the chorus, as well as the end of the chorus is really good. I love the whispering vocals as well. This is such a good song for a b-side.

Sayonara 5/5

B-side to Kuru Kuru. This song isn’t quite a ballad, but the tone is more slow and serious. While the song is amazing, I think what really makes this song is the outstanding vocals! The members with deeper voices sing in this song (Aka Reina and Shizuka), and the duet just sounds right together. I especially like the “konna konna ni mo…” parts at the end of the chorus.

Mirai e 5/5

Here’s the real ballad of the song. Of course its slow paced and quiet, but unlike most ballads, it doesn’t drag. The versus are slow, but in the chorus, it definitely picks up the pace! The singers in here are Shizuka, Reina, and Ami, and I feel like Ami’s voice kind of stands out in a bad way. It’s not really suited for ballads (In my opinion) but she does sound nice in her “juu nen..” solo part near the end. Overall, this is a very heartfelt ballad, perfectly suited for this album.


Here, we pick of the pace with this next song. This is a super super cute song sung by Ami, Ichika, and Yuzuna. The instrumental is adorable, and really makes me think of chewing gum. I love the “Chew Chew Chew” part. In addition, Ami sounds great here, as her voice fits the song nice. The other two girls did good as well in their solo songs, and they all sound great together as a group. This is a great album song!

Kuru kuru 4/5

I think this is one’s of the group’s weakest singles… The opening music is very nice with the music and everything. It sounds very light and upbeat. It reminds me of MM’s Seishun Collection. However, I just think somethings missing. It sound very boring, and there’s nothing really in it that makes me want to listen more.

I heard a rumor ~uwasa wassap~ 4.5/5

This song has some cool sythns in it’s instrumental! The versus are a little bland, but the chorus with everyone singing “I Heard a Rumor” sounds really good. There’s good line distribution. Overall, this is a nice b-side to kurukuru, but they definitely have better one’s out there.

Boogie Woogie Train 5/5

Another one of the group’s “cooler” b-side’s. I absolutely love this song! While the solo’s in the versus, and the shouting parts after every line are good, what really rocks in this song is the slow part after the chorus, the “Nandemo, Odoreru, Konna mo…” part that Shizuka (I think) sings. She sounds flawless!

Winter Love ~Ai no Okurimono~ 3.5/5

This b-side comes from kuru kuru. This songs starts off really good with Shizuka’s solo line. However, the bridge and chorus is just kind of bad in my opinion. It rises in tone, and just doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the song. It kind of ruins the song.

Yakusoku no Basho 5/5

Another great album song from the group! I love the slow pace of the song.  The song has great vocals in the versus. Even the chorus is good. The “la la la” parts are the best part of the song because it kind of ties the melody together, and makes the transition from chorus to versus effortless.

So here’s E-girls 2nd album! In terms of experimentation, there didn’t seem to be much, but there are definitely less cutesy-pop songs on here compared to the last album. This album had more original songs (Aka non single or b-side) on here that I liked compared to the last album. Overall, I think this album and their previous album are about the same in terms of quality. In the future, I’d like to see this group try out new things!

E-girls : Lesson 1

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Follow Me 5/5

This is the first E-girls song I ever heard. Essentially, this is what got me into the group! I love the colorful MV for this. This song is just straight up simple idol pop music, but it’s so catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Love the repetition in the chorus, as well as the random English words. Definitely my favorite E-girl’s song!


After Follow Me, this song comes as my second favorite E-girls song! It’s just another idol pop song, but again, it’s so catchy! The chorus has a really nice rhythm (lyrics wise) and the “Shiny Day Love, Shiny Day Girl” part is really cute. The instrumental sounds like a song from DDR. SHIZUKA from DREAM’s voice sounds amazing since her deep voice clashes with the song.

Loving Bell 4.5/5

This song get’s past off as kind of boring and annoying at first. That’s what I thought. But If you listen to it more, it’s actually a really nice song. I like the repetition of  the “nee doushiyou” parts because it sort of pulls the song together. I fear that the song would have been a bit painfully boring if that wasn’t in there.

One Two Three 4/5

Ah, the group’s second song. I definitely don’t think that this is their strongest or best song. Compared to Celebration, it’s a little bit of a step down. The versus are just okay; the English in them makes it more fun. And the chorus isn’t the best either. They all sound… strained or something? And then the transitions back into the “Ima I wanna be with you” part just does not flow.


One of my favorite songs on the album! This song is just so upbeat and positive. It makes me smile. My favorite parts are definitely the solos throughout the song. The members have some really good vocals!

Shiny Girls! 4.5/5

Another great song from the group. very upbeat and happy, reminds me a song DREAM would sing.

Take it Easy! 4.5/5

This song is a lot edgier than the previous songs. Not much to say about it. The chorus is pretty catchy, as well as the instrumental. Also, the electronic (auto-tune?) effects aren’t annoying and work in this song.

Love Letter 3.5/5

Here we have an R&B style ballad. This reminds me a lot of what BRIGHT used to release. Truthfully, this song is a little painful, mainly the chorus. Their voices sound so strained! It hurts to listen. However, I like the chorus with the half rapping, half singing style.

Suki desu ka? 4.5/5

Here’s another semi-ballad from the group. This is a pretty catchy song, mainly because of all of the members with low-sounding vocals who sing here. The beginning is okay, the chorus is where the song picks up.


Here we have a techno-party type of song from the group. I’m not a big fan of the versus, but the chorus rocks, especially the repeated “I’m Just In Love” parts. Their modified voices actually sound good here.

Celebration 4.5/5

The groups debut single. For a debut single, it’s a pretty okay song! The opening beat is really cool, and it’s a common sound I hear in party music. I like the repetition of the “Celebration! My Super Star” part.

Himawari 5/5

Probably my favorite E-girls single ever! (Excluding singles). I don’t know what’s so great about this song, but it get’s me pumped and it’s so happy sounding. This song is originally a DREAM cover. E-girls version definitely sounds more modern and “pop-ish”, which isn’t a bad thing of course.

Tadaima! 5/5

This song, like most E-girl songs, takes a while to catch on. This song was really boring when I first heard it, but now I love it. The piano intro is beautiful, and the solos sound amazing here due to the quality of vocals. Especially near the end of the song where the four members sing their solos; it sounds amazing! The only think is the chorus once again sounds a little strained-sounding.

THE NEVER ENDING STORY ~kimi to himitsu wo oshieyou~ 4/5

This song is a cover of a very famous song. I’m surprised that the groups covered it! Originally, the song is catchy, so I really don’t know how to rate this. I think the group does a good job of adapting the Japanese language to this song. Of course they keep the “Never ending Story” part in English as it’s the best part of the song.


So, I’m really impressed with E-girls first album. They are not considered Idols, but the songs on here were pretty “idol-ish” to me. Oh well. This album proves that the group can sing more than pop idol songs (Which is 95% of their singles). The album really had some nice ballads and R&B type songs. People say E-girls music sucks. Well… I sort of agree! It took me a while for me to like most of their songs, despite the number one rule in song making is to have a “catch factor” that’s big enough for a person to like the song the first time they hear it. But even If their songs aren’t the best and take a long time to like, at least the members vocals are amazing, so I guess that the fact that 99% of E-girl members have awesome vocals is what sets them a part as artists.

News #3

Since I’ve been on hiatus for so long until now, my interests in music have changed. I think it’s time to change my review list.

I will be adding some new artists!


Ever since Follow Me, they’ve caught my eye. I’ve been listening to some of their music, and I like it! Their dancing is awesome, as well as their PV’s. They’ve become one of my new favorite artists.

Berryz Koubou

In memory of Berryz disbandment, I thought it would be nice to go back and listen to all of their music. This is the group that got me into jpop, and I have followed them for many years! Also, I have reviewed pretty much all of         C-ute’s stuff.


Mano Erina

I already reviewed one of her albums, I should just finish the rest of her music since she no longer releases music!



I will also be suspending some artists:

Sakura Gakuin: I don’t know, after Ayami, Ayaka, and Airi left, my interest in this group has plummeted. Their last two singles didn’t really impress me either.

Momorio Clover Z: Same with Sakura Gakuin, I haven’t really been caught up with momoclo is a long time.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: I was never really into this group, but I don’t want to completely drop them because I like them still.

Weather Girls: Where have these girls been?

Cheeky Parade: Same reason as Momoclo and Sakura Gakuin.


I will be getting rid of the artists:

SUPER☆GiRLS: I’m sorry. I really hate their music style. I tried to like them, but cutesy generic Idol pop is not for me.

i☆Ris: Same reason for SUPERGiRLS.


That’s all for now!

News #2

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been so busy with college stuff and graduation. It’ll be Summer soon. Hopefully I can listen to music and review stuff more often.

Since I reviewed all of C-ute, Ieiri Leo, and S/mileage’s stuff, except for their recent singles, I think it’s time to add some new artists.

File:Start Promo.jpg

Silent Siren

I recently just discovered this Idol-band. Silent Siren is a 4 member bandol made up of magazine models. These girls are seriously cute! Don’t let their cuteness fool you. The girls claim to play their own instruments, and I believe them unless I see proof. The lead singer, Suu, has a great voice. Their songs include a wide range of genres such as rock, ballads, pop, and much more. I will be also posting lyrics from SS since nobody seems to have them romanized anywhere!



H!P’s new group. I have been watching them closely, and I love them! Their debut single is amazing. I eve learned part of the dance, (yes, I do dance a bit). I also like their second indies single.

File:Buono! - Sherbet Promo.jpg


Since pretty much all of C-ute’s and S/mileage’s singles are done, for the most part, It’s buono’s turn since they have the next shortest discography in H!P. They have been inactive lately. I love this trio, and I hope a new single from them comes out!

BRIGHT has disbanded….. *_____* I loved this group! I’m so sad that they won’t be releasing anymore… so I won’t be reviewing them anymore except maybe their old stuff…

A new artist has been added to the thinking about/want to review list

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Yeah… that’s about it. I’ll try to write more.