My Berryz Koubou Memorial: All singles reviewed!

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Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai 5/5

How awesome is it that an idol group debuts with a rap-esque song? Never! I love berryz’s debut song. It’s fresh, it’s different, it certainty made them stand out from the rest of the debuting groups. Love tsunku’s backing vocals in combination with the high notes and harmonization. Miyabi sounds sooo good here.

Fighting Pose wa date ja nai 5/5

This song is a great comeback from their debut! It’s cute and catchy, and best of all, doesn’t sound idol-ish and bland. This song has a pretty cool beat as well. It’s too bad all of the lines were given to only four of the members though.

Piriri to Yukou! 5/5

I deleted this song off of my ipod haha!! Not because it’s a horrible song, but because it got annoying! But now that I listened to it again after so long, I love this song! The instrumental is so silly. There’s a type of Japanese music that sings in this direct style, but I forgot the name…

Hapiness ~Kofuku Kangei~ 5/5

Another solid single from the group! It’s their third “cute” song, but it still sounds different from the other songs. I love the part leading up to the chorus, where they all sing a short part. Of course the “We Welcome This Happiness Tonight” is definitely the best part of the song.

Koi to Jubaku 4.5/5

H!P gave this group a rather cool song. After all of the cute songs, I’m glad. How old are these girls that they’re singing such a cool song as this! It’s too bad the solo parts are only going to the four main members though!

Special Generation 5/5

This group is KNOWN for this song. If your a berryz fan and this song isn’t on your top 10 list, something is wrong with you! Wota LOVE this song. From the cool ‘Oi’s’ to the catchy chorus, this totally cool and mature song to me was a turning point for berryz. Personally it has a huge significance to me as well. If I never clicked on this video on YouTube, I wouldn’t have discovered H!P or any other idols. To me, this song represents berryz, just like how Love Machine represents Morning Musume.

Nanchuu Koi wa Yatteru YOU KNOW? 4.5/5

Riding the cool song wave. the group produces another mature song. It’s instrumentals remind me a lot of Koi no Jubaku; they sound pretty similar. While I think the versus are a little bland, the chorus is great. Having the “You know” part in English adds a catchy factor, though it sounds more like “JEW Know.” Still no solo lines from the other four members, but a solid song.

21ji Made no Cinderella 5/5

After 3 cute songs and 3 cool songs, berryz tries a new style. 21ji made is such a fun song! The instrumental with tsunku’s vocals is fun and something new. It reminds me of detective music mixed with tropical music. I absolutely adore the chorus with the “Aishiteru” parts. This song makes my top 10 berryz songs list! Love the reference to Cinderella as well.

Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai 5/5

Love the experimentation with this group! Here is another cute song, but I like how they speak their vocals a lot. The chorus of the song is the shining star here though, thanks to the awesome vocals of Momoko, Miyabi, and Risako. They were so young, but where able to sing this long chorus with so many high notes. Momoko got the bulk of the chorus and she sounds fab.

Jiriri Kiteru 4.5/5

This is hands down one of their best mature songs. I mean, the have one of Chopin’s piano numbers in the beginning of the song. It sounds absolutely beautiful. In fact, the whole piano instrumental of the song is amazing. The dance is also pretty amazing as well. It looks complicated and there’s a lot of hand movements, it’s very artsy, but the group looks so put together. They were so young at this age and I’m so impressed!

Waracchaou yo Boyfriend 5/5

This song is so underrated!!! It’s such a cute song, that takes inspiration from older music. The harmonization in the chorus is spot on and is definitely the best part of the song. Yurina sounds so good in this song too.

Munasawagi Scarlet 4.5/5

One of berryz better cool songs. This song just has a really cool atmosphere and sound. I love the “Yes My Love” parts, as well as the ‘nai ya ya’s’ in the versus. Risako sounds particularity nice in this song as well.

Very beauty 4.5/5

Ah, the groups first ballad. Idol ballads are either a hit or miss with me. This one’s a hit. Although the music sounds outdated and sort of slow and boring, the vocals really make the song for me. Their so powerful! Their vocals really stand out in the song, and to me, that’s what makes this song so touching.

Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba 5/5

Tsunku, why you make such good instrumentals?! The instrumental is this is amazing! Another amazing half-ballad from the group. The versus are a little meh, but the chorus is amazing! I love the altering high and slow notes, and combined with each member getting a short solo part in the chorus, it really pulls the song together.

Tsukiatteiru no ni Kataomoi 4/5

This song is nice and refreshing after the string of cool songs and ballads. It’s very cute and idol -like. There’s nothing really special about it, but somehow I like it. The group also seems to perform this song the most out of all of their old songs for some reason. I guess it’s a fan favorite?

Dschinghis Khan 5/5

Love this song! Granted it’s a cover of a song, so you can’t really judge it to much. But berryz really makes this song their own. There are a few differences. Their notes are higher, and they use English in the chorus. Only someone like tsunku would choose this song for an idol group! Overall, great song from the group.

Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance 3.5/5

I don’t know what to think about this song. It’s completely silly and has such an odd ball tone to it. I used to really dislike this song, but in time it’s grown on me. I still can’t bring myself to completely love it. It’s just so weird!


Again with the awesome instrumental! This time it kind of sounds like surfer music. This is a great song from the group. The chorus is catchy with the “Mada mada mada” and the “ha ha ha’s” repetition parts. Other than that, this song kind of falls into the middle territory for me. It’s no out of the world great, but it’s not bad either.

Dakishimete Dakishimete 4/5

This song is pretty cool sounding and mature. In fact, it sounds like it could be a c-ute song. Along with the pretty catchy chorus, it has a really cool instrumental that sounds like a cross between party music and Indian music. This single definitely signified that berryz is becoming a more “grown up” idol group. After this, the group definitely abandoned their childish kid-like sound. Unfortunately, It’s not one of my favorite songs from them. To me, it sounds too one dimensional, like it’s missing something.

Seishun Bus Guide 4.5/5

I used to hate this song when it came out, the other a-side was better to me. But I put this song on repeat one day, and it caught on. This is a nice cool sounding single from the group. I think it sounds a little more interesting than Dakishimete Dakishimete, plus the dance is cool and easy to follow.

Rival 5/5

Here is my favorite berryz song of all time!! I know, this song is actually pretty generic, and they definitely have more interesting songs out there. But there’s just something about this pop-rock-ish song that I love. First, I love the fast half spoken, half singing lines in the versus. And the chorus is super catchy, with a nice melody that’s easy to the ears. In addition, the little spoken parts through the song are cute. I also love the “Go go Fight!” parts. When this single came out, it automatically became my favorite, and still this day, it’s my favorite.

Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama 5/5

Here is another mature song by berryz! I personally think that this is one of their best mature songs. The vocals sound so cool. They either have some sort of filter on them, or their whispering. The versus are cool with the repetition of the vocals. In addition, the instrumental is super cool, it sounds like their in space or something. I think this song is totally underrated!

Ryuusei Boy 4/5

This song sounds like the Golden Age of Morning Musume. You can definitely hear the tsunku influence. This song is pretty upbeat and gets you pumped up with all of the “GO!’s and the “One Two Three” part. Pretty good for an anime song.

Otakebi boy WAO! 3.5/5

I think this is one of my least played songs by them. The opening part is just too weird sounding for me. The Oh Wao Oh parts are annoying to me. The members try too hard to make their voices powerful. Some fail, like Yurina. And Risako tries way too hard that it goes overboard. Chinami sounds cute instead of powerful. The chorus is the only good part to me. The SUPAKU BOY part is really catchy.

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda 5/5

This song is my second favorite to Rival. Again, it’s a pretty simple song, but something about it rocks. The beat is so catchy, it’s sort of like a jazzy song combined with pop. Again, the fast speaking parts in the versus, and again in the chorus sounds really cool. Again, this song if pretty much underrated and forgotten in the fandom.

Maji Bomber 5/5

Again, this single is pretty up there with Rival and Tomodachi. I love how upbeat and fast paced it is! And it’s a little more rock-ier than the group usually does, which is nice. The versus where one member sings, the the others repeat after is a nice touch to the energy of the song. Just an overall hit for this single.

Shining Power 5/5

Again, you can hear the tsunku influence in this song. This song is pretty jazzy, and has a nice instrumental. Best of all, one of favorites, Yurina leads the song! Some people say it was a mistake to have her as the focus, but her voice really suits this kind of song. The repetition of lyrics, in combination with an awesome chorus leads this song to be a great one.

Heroine ni Narou ka 4/5

Instrumental reminds me a lot of Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama. I like how the solo’s in this are evenly distributed. I’m not really a fan of the versus, but the chorus rocks! It has a lot of high notes. Not my favorite from them, but it’s solid.

Ai no Dangan 4/5

The opening of this song is really cool. It sounds like an action movie. In-fact, the whole feeling of this song is very spy-like. Maybe it’s the outfits in the MV? This isn’t one of their best mature/cool songs, but it’s not their worse. The song really flows together nicely, but it just feels like something more could have been added to make it a little more interesting.

Aa, Yo ga Akeru 4.5/5

What were they thinking with these outfits for this single?? Moving on. The instrumental in the beginning is really cool and upbeat. Then, they kind of ruin the song with the bridge and that whole slow “Omoi” part. It’s a shame because the chorus is really catchy. When this song came out, everyone hated it including me, but I now think that this is actually one of their strong cool/mature songs. Listen to it live; they sound so strong and amazing! If only the bridge had been different, this song could have been a masterpiece.

Be Genki Naseba naru 3/5

This song falls under the category of WTF, right along with Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance and Otakebi Boy. The beginning is so annoying with all of the “nai nai”‘s. It’s s childish and doesn’t feel like it suits the group at all. It sounds very Momoiro Clover. However, the chorus isn’t bad at all.

Cha Cha Sing 5/5

Covering Bird Thongchai’s hit song was a great idea after the failness of the last single. CHA CHA Sing is amazingly catchy! The song has so much energy, and the girls got so much international attention from this.

WANT! 3.5/5

Another one of berryz lackluster cool/mature songs (With a bit of techno added in). The “I I I I want it” part sounds so awkward. I’m not sure what I think about the versus with the weird robotic part either. And the weird instrumental in the bridge doesn’t help. The chorus though, is pretty nice and smooth.

Asian Celebration 5/5

This song is just so freaking catchy! The “Pa-pa-party party celebration” is definitely the best part of the song. I like how the versus sounds all high and distorted. Plus Miyabi’s little “Hai minnasan” parts are cute. Berryz high-energy songs are the best!

Golden Chinatown 3.5/5

Ugh what even is this song? It’s just so awkward! I hate the instrumental, it sounds all fake and too synthy. The versus sound a little appealing at least…

Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi 3.5/5

WOW, this sounds like a song that almost went to C-ute! I like this style for berryz, however, the song is really uninteresting. It sounds like an album or b-side. However, the instrumental is at least interesting. Why do Risako and Miyabi get all of the lines in this song though?

Motto Zutto Issho ni Ittakatta 4.5/5

If the title of this song wasn’t a hint to their disbandment, I don’t know what was. But this song is a huge improvement over the last single. The song is simple, and doesn’t have any weird sounds or pauses. The instrumental is beautiful, and the vocals are really nice. Even the members who have “cute” voices like Chinami and Momoko totally toned it down in this song. This song is really touching!

Rock EROTIC 5/5

This is berryz most rock sounding song EVER and I love it. This song sounds edgy, something the group has never done. The chorus is catchy, the MV is sexy and creative, Risako and Miyabi rock those lines. Momoko’s last line was mind blowing. I have nothing to complain about for once!!

Otona na yo! 4.5/5

I should hate this song, but I don’t. The instrumental sounds similar to parts of Aa yo ga akeru. The part with all of the “WAO” is slightly unnerving. The versus are definitely the better part of the song. I can’t even tell where the chorus is because it all kind of blends together. Chinami looks so cute in the MV though.

1 Oku 3 Sanmen wou Diet Oukoku 4.5/5

Well, here we have a rather unique EDM inspired song. This is seriously one of most strangest arrangements for a song I have ever heard of. It’s weird, but it’s actually pretty cool. The ‘WAO’ parts are pretty addicting, and I love all of the repetition going on in the song. The only part I hate is the ‘Onegai’ parts because it;s just too many of them. I also like how this song has an important message. Also, the dance doesn;t suck!!

Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni 5/5

This song is epic-ly amazing. It weirdly reminds me of Attack on Titan. The beat of the song, the intense instrumental, the okay MV, everything about this song just works. I think this song, hands down, goes into the top 10 berryz single category. I love the sort of tongue twister in the songs with all of the “Ai”‘s.

Fustuu Idol 10nen yatteranai deshoo 4.5/5

This song was a huge RED flag for their disbandment. When they released it, I thought the title was weird, but didn’t even think they were going to disband or anything like that. But regardless of that, this is a great song. It falls into the category of “weird berryz songs” for me though because the instrumental has some weird sounds in it. (Did I hear a horse neighing???) The versus sort of suck, but the chorus has a nice ring to it.

Romance wo Katatte 4/5

This Christmas-ey song is part 1 pf berryz farewell song. I think this song is a little weak. I think it’s all of the “fu fu white romance parts” that overdid it for me, plus the bridge. However, I adore the low notes and harmonization in the versus.

Towa no Uta 5/5

Ahh, part 2 of berryz farewell single… I love this song. It’s very “berryz” with the slight pop-rock and uplifting music. This song makes me want to cry, yet at the same time, makes me want to smile. I love the versus in this song. Everything is on point with this MV, the outfits, hairstyles, makeup, etc. Even though others have said this song is plain, It definitely has that “farewell” sound to it.


Berryz Koubou was the first group that got me into Jpop music. I stumbled upon the Special generation video, and I loved it! I thought: “This song is catchy. Who are these girls?” They led me to H!P, and other groups in the jpop bubble. Since Berryz Koubou is disbanding, I thought that I could review all of a-side music as a sort of goodbye/memorial. Other bloggers have done other things; this is just my way. I would never do this for any other group 9this took me DAYS  to do after all!!!!!), but Berryz is special! I have accepted that they’re going to disband, and I am actually happy or them, so I won’t cry. (I said I wasn’t going to cry, but some tears fell out while I was typing). You can definitely see a decline in their performance in music around the Shining Power time. Though their music got weaker, I still loved watching them perform. All of the members will move on to big and better things. I may appoint a new H!P group as my favorite,  other group can take the actual first spot of my favorite jpop group. Thank you Berryz for your idol years!!



News #3

Since I’ve been on hiatus for so long until now, my interests in music have changed. I think it’s time to change my review list.

I will be adding some new artists!


Ever since Follow Me, they’ve caught my eye. I’ve been listening to some of their music, and I like it! Their dancing is awesome, as well as their PV’s. They’ve become one of my new favorite artists.

Berryz Koubou

In memory of Berryz disbandment, I thought it would be nice to go back and listen to all of their music. This is the group that got me into jpop, and I have followed them for many years! Also, I have reviewed pretty much all of         C-ute’s stuff.


Mano Erina

I already reviewed one of her albums, I should just finish the rest of her music since she no longer releases music!



I will also be suspending some artists:

Sakura Gakuin: I don’t know, after Ayami, Ayaka, and Airi left, my interest in this group has plummeted. Their last two singles didn’t really impress me either.

Momorio Clover Z: Same with Sakura Gakuin, I haven’t really been caught up with momoclo is a long time.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: I was never really into this group, but I don’t want to completely drop them because I like them still.

Weather Girls: Where have these girls been?

Cheeky Parade: Same reason as Momoclo and Sakura Gakuin.


I will be getting rid of the artists:

SUPER☆GiRLS: I’m sorry. I really hate their music style. I tried to like them, but cutesy generic Idol pop is not for me.

i☆Ris: Same reason for SUPERGiRLS.


That’s all for now!