4TE: Leave a Message

Leave A Message cover art

Leave a Message 5/5

US based jpop group 4TE is back with their second single, and boy did they start 2016 with a bang!

Leave a Message reminds me a lot of MORE, except it’s edgier, heavier, and more mainstream. The instrumental is fantastic, filled with interesting sounds to keep your feet taping and your head bobbing. I love the phone sounds at the start of the song. Chii sings the first line of the song, and her vocals are powerful and velvety. The chorus is amazing with the “ring ring ring” parts and the repetition of “Leave a message at the ring.”

The most impressive part of the song is Jenny and Chii’s raping. It’s explosive, it adds so much energy to the song. I love the sassyness of the girls performance during the rap part, as well as the mix of English and Japanese. Seriously, Jenny and Chii remind me of CL (From 2NE1) when they are raping their parts. Then Mei follows up with her amazing deep and smooth vocals in her solo after the raping part, and it sounds amazing. Micchi is also killing it with her lines, and I especially noticed that she was the best at facial expressions and performance.

Overall, this song is just so amazing, and it sounds like a whole other group. I could see this song being played in a dance club and enjoyed I’d sing this with my friends at karaoke.

These girls are seriously slaying, and I can’t wait to see what they do for the rest of the year

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4TE : Ippozutsu MV Review!

M O R E / 一歩ずつ  [Repackaged] cover art

4TE, the US based idol-electro idol group is back! I reviewed their MV for MORE briefly in this post here. Be sure to check it out!

I’m go glad to see this group continuing to be active. They have more than 1,000 likes on their Facebook page, and their YouTube channel is filled with supportive comments. In such a short time, this group has already gained a pretty dedicated fan-base.


On to the MV!

In my last review, I mentioned that MORE was my favorite song from the single, and that still stands as true. However, listening to Ippo zutsu after a long time has made me appreciate it more. I realize how soothing and catchy the melody is.

For the MV, the girls collaborated with Canadian based cover group Frolic Lassie. I love them! I’ve been following their flawless dance covers for years.

Ippo Zutsu’s MV has a story to it! MV’s with a story line are always the best. In the beginning of the MV, we see members of  Frolic Lassie attempting (And failing) to do various tasks such as baking, cosmetology, Lolita Fashion (model?) and work. In the end of the MV, we see that the girls have gained success!

The story matches perfectly with the song, which translates to “One Step At a Time.” I like the overall message of the MV, and I find it really inspirational. At the end, when she calls her friend and says she found a nostalgic photo, my eyes felt a little watery! And of course, there are beautiful shots from the members of 4TE’s scattered through the MV. The split screen scenes are perfect for making sure each member has enough screen time.

One thing that I really enjoyed is the dancing through the MV. I really wish they had shown more of it! I hope that they think about uploading dance only shots. I could see a lot of YouTuber’s doing dance covers, which would only spread more awareness to the group!

Overall, 4TE’s collaboration with Frolic Lassie was a hit. The members of Frolic Lassie did great with their acting, and conveyed a message through with it.

As always, I will be continuing to write about 4TE/ Keeping up to date with their activities in the future.

P.S, the new covers are really adorable!

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4TE: MORE/ Ippo Zutsu


Everyone knows how much I love non-Japanese idols, and how much I try to review them. I believe that jpop is a wonderful music genre, and it should be loved and shared by everyone, no matter where you come from. I am all ways on the lookout for international jpop groups. In the past I have reviewed Weather Girls, who were a Chinese based idol group, and also Sea A, who were from Singapore. Also in the past, I had interest in the US based idol group, Oishii Ichigo before they disappeared. I had no idea that some 4TE members used to be in Oishii Ichigo, so I am even more excited.

So today, I am reviewing a single from a US based group called 4TE (Pronounced “For-tay”) made up of members Chii, Mei, Jenny, and Micchi. I want to thank Jenny, 4TE’s publicist and a member herself, for reaching out to me or I would have never known about this group!

This idol group hails from the Southwest coast of the United States, and uses the internet to make their music. Despite living in very different places, they have come together to make music and form this group. Their music style is similar to Capsule and Perfume. Today, March 4, 2015, they will release their first single in Japan (digital). I love how despite it being jpop and Japanese, they are reaching out to a worldwide audience, not just Japanese audiences.

MORE 5/5

I’m going to be honest. When I first heard that this group uses “electric sounds” like Perfume, I was a little worried because I didn’t want this group to sound exactly like perfume. I still hear the Perfume influence in the song, but 4TE has made this pretty unique.  Right from the start of the song, a sort of very cool instrumental kicks in. I think this is one of the best things about this song. The instrumental is really interesting! I love the use of the English lyrics in the beginning of the song, as well as after the chorus. The repetition of “More” is also really catchy. Whoever is singing first has a very lovely voice! I think it’s Mei? Overall, I think that this song is really catchy, and could find myself listening to this on repeat.

Ippo Zutsu 4.5/5

The instrumental in this song is definitely more “electro” like. In addition, the group uses the electro effect on their vocals like Perfume does. Even though it has that filter, the girls individual voices can be heard. It has a more toned down sound, with a nice and relaxing melody. I think the harmonies sound really nice, and the high vocals in this really impress me. Although it is a nice song, it doesn’t make me as exited as MORE. It also reminds me a little too much of Perfume. It’s still really catchy though!


Overall, I’m really impressed with the vocals of 4TE. They all can sing very well, and their Japanese pronunciation is really good. Their music is something I can go into a Japanese shopping mall and not think is out of place. Their name, 4TE, is unique and original. The cover art for their single looks amazing and professional.

I’m afraid of people labeling them as a Perfume #2. I hate that even though there are a ton of idol groups who produce idol-like music, they are not called copycats, but If a group produces music that it not so common (such as the eletro style music) they will be labeled copy cats. MORE sounds really original, with the use of English lyrics and really cool vocals, while Ippo Zutsu sounds more like a Perfume song.  I think that this group has to focus on kind of creating their own identity further, so that they don’t get compared.

In the meantime, I will be keeping my eyes on this group. I have already become a fan.

Do me a favor, and click the link to their website and listen to their music!

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