Ieiri Leo: LEO


Sabrina 5/5

This is Ieiri Leo’s debut single. I like how the song starts out. It’s kind of an echo. And I love the steady beat of the drum. This song is a toned down kind of rock. The chorus in this is awesome. I like how the tone of her voice rises and falls on the itsudatte. That’s something you don’t see much in songs.

Last Stage 4/5

The vocals in this are amazing! I love the beginning on this song a lot as well. However, this seems to be one of my least liked songs. I guess it’s because the chorus is really nice, with the intense music, but the versus are kind of average. Even so, this is still a good song!

Say Goodbye 5/5

I love Ieiri Leo’s smooth vocals in this song. I love the progression in the beginning. The chorus is also amazing with the repeats of the I wanna say goodbye. The I can meet you at the end of the chorus is cute as well. I love the western sound of this song. I also love the little echos in this song.

Shine 5/5

Ieiri Leo’s second single, and her most successful single. Also my favorite single! I love shine. The lyrics are so positive. And the song is so bright and happy! The chorus is amazing! I love the English at the end of the chorus as well won’t you get the shine we can shine. This song is amazing and can appeal to anyone!

Ashita Mata Hare Masu you ni 4.5/5

I was surprised to hear a song like this. It’s so cute! This song also reminds me of Ieiri Leo’s early vocals, like in Sabrina and Ripe. The best part is after the second chorus where she says On a Day After Rain. She really hits that high note good. As cute as this song is, sometimes it’s a little unbearable to listen to it!

Second Dream 5/5

This song starts off a little weird, but now, I think that it’s a cool way to start off a song. This is probably my favorite song off of the album! The versus really build up some anticipation for the chorus, and the chorus is really awesome. The vocals here are amazing due to the high notes. I love what she says at the end of the choruses. It sounds like I sent you, but I’m not sure what she’s saying. This is the perfect tone for a dream-like song.

Kimi Dake 5/5

I used to hate this song. It’s hard to get into ballads from artists I’m new to. But once you listen to this song, it’s really amazing! This is such a touching ballad. The chorus is absolutely amazing! The Awai mirai no dokoka ni part after the second chorus is really touching as well since the music slows down and gets quieter. I love how the song ends as well.

Bless You 4.5/5

Ieiri Leo’s third and current single. I love how this song starts out. Her voice sounds so strong and powerful! The versus, which are soft are a complete contrast to the powerful chorus. Not my favorite single from her, but its still amazing nontheless. I wonder what she’s saying at the beginning of the song? It sounds like triumph and reason.

Fake Love 4.5/5

I love the you lie lie lie at the start of the song and through out the song. The guitar playing all through the song sounds lovely. Ieiri Leo’s vocals are always nice, but somehow in this song, they sound really nice. I love the chorus, especially the kirai kirai kirai at the end of it.

Hello 5/5

This is another cute song. The song starts with some cute music, and then glides into the chorus, which is really nice as well. My favorite part is the see you when I see you part because it sounds like she’s saying see when I see you instead of see you when I see you. I love the glory glory… part after the second chorus. They make her voice sound really cool with that effect.

Mister 5/5

Another cute song! This song is the cutesy-est out all of them. Ieiri Leo’s voice sounds so smooth and soft, I wonder If this is the same girl who powerfully sung Bless You. I say love the chorus for all of her songs, but I really love the chorus for this song. Especially the brand new day part. I love when she says kakko tsukete yo Mister She sounds really cute. This song is just a head lifter!

Lady Mary 5/5

Another ballad! This song starts off rather nicely with the music. The versus are a little slow, and it takes a while to get to the chorus. But in the chorus, Ieiri Leo’s voice sounds so powerful when she’s singing Lady Mary. I love the instrumental for this song. My favorite part is the let me fly away part after the chorus.

Linda 4/5

Along with Last Stage, this is one of my least liked songs on the album. I like the datdate Linda part. Also I like this Ah Daisuki de part. The song ends rather weirdly, but I like it. Not my favorite song, but it’s still really good!


I’ve gotten into Ieiri Leo recently, and I’ve been meaning to review her album. I really enjoyed this album. Her singles are amazing, but the new songs were out of this world amazing. I don’t know what I was expecting when I first listened to Ieiri Leo’s songs, but I wasn’t expecting this! This album definitely goes down as one of my favorite albums ever. I’m so excited for her new single that’s coming up.