News #5

Hi guys!!! It has been foreeever since I’ve logged in/looked at/posted on this blog. I definitely want to get back to reviewing music again. It’s a new year with new goals. Plus, my tastes in music has definitely changed a little, so it’d be interesting to see how that compares with my old interests. With being gone so long, I have gotten interested in a lot of new artists and lost interests in others.

Artists to Add:

Tsubaki Factory

File:Tsubaki Factory - Hatsukoi Sunrise promo.jpg

Since I added their sister group, kobushi factory, why not add Tsubaki as well? I admit, they don’t impress me as much as kobushi does. Kobushi just has better personalities, vocals, music, etc, but I admit that tsubaki has been improving a lot so they are worth giving a try at least!

File:Crayon Pop - Evolution Pop. 01 promo.jpg

Crayon Pop

I KNOW. What is a kpop group doing on this blog? The HORROR. I have been increasningly enjoying a lot of kpop girl groups lately, but even before this new craze, crayon pop has always been one of my favorite groups. They’re silly and a little quirky. Due to that, they don’t get a lt of attention and are often labeled “weird.” Despite this, I am a huge fan of theirs and think they should be added.

Image result for stellar kpop


Another kpop group! Stellar is a small 4 unit girl group, and like Crayon Pop, they are seriously underrated. When their cute concept wasn’t working, they turned to a more mature style to gain attention. This came with extreme backlash from the public and now this group is kind of hated a bit. Despite Stellar’s mature themes, their music is actually very good. They have an interesting and unique sort of synthpop style.

Thinking About Adding

Predia: This group was requested, and I have taken a peek at their music. They all seem to have good vocals and I love that they embrace a more mature image instead of going for the typical youthful idol thing

Gfriend: This is a kpop group again. Although I’m not blown away by Gfriend’s music, their dances and concepts are always really cool

WJSN (Cosmic Girls): This large kpop group is very cutsey which I normally don’t go for, but they have a very “cosmic” or “spacey” quality to their music which I like

Not Reviewing Anymore

Dream5: They are disbanding soon and my interest over the years has gone down

Momoiro Clover Z: My interest with momoclo also dwindled down. I think them doing blackface was the last straw for me honestly…

Sakura Gakuin: Once all of my favorites graduated, I lost interest in this group which is such as shame. They were just a generic idol group, but their songs were so lively and the members had spirit

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: See Sakura Gakuin

Weather Girls: I really liked this taiwanese-japanese group but it seems that are not active anymore : (




News #3

Since I’ve been on hiatus for so long until now, my interests in music have changed. I think it’s time to change my review list.

I will be adding some new artists!


Ever since Follow Me, they’ve caught my eye. I’ve been listening to some of their music, and I like it! Their dancing is awesome, as well as their PV’s. They’ve become one of my new favorite artists.

Berryz Koubou

In memory of Berryz disbandment, I thought it would be nice to go back and listen to all of their music. This is the group that got me into jpop, and I have followed them for many years! Also, I have reviewed pretty much all of         C-ute’s stuff.


Mano Erina

I already reviewed one of her albums, I should just finish the rest of her music since she no longer releases music!



I will also be suspending some artists:

Sakura Gakuin: I don’t know, after Ayami, Ayaka, and Airi left, my interest in this group has plummeted. Their last two singles didn’t really impress me either.

Momorio Clover Z: Same with Sakura Gakuin, I haven’t really been caught up with momoclo is a long time.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: I was never really into this group, but I don’t want to completely drop them because I like them still.

Weather Girls: Where have these girls been?

Cheeky Parade: Same reason as Momoclo and Sakura Gakuin.


I will be getting rid of the artists:

SUPER☆GiRLS: I’m sorry. I really hate their music style. I tried to like them, but cutesy generic Idol pop is not for me.

i☆Ris: Same reason for SUPERGiRLS.


That’s all for now!

Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo ~My Generation~

File:Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo FRIENDS reg.jpg

Wonderful Journey 5/5

I think this has to be my favorite Sakura Gakuin song so far. I admit, when I first heard it, I was a little disappointed. It sounded like another copy of Verishuvi, happy and upbeat. But I was wrong. The more you listen to this song, the more you love it! I think the best thing about this song is the topic. The girls are singing about traveling the world. In my mind, Japan has never really been viewed as an “international” country, so it’s really nice to see a jpop group singing about different countries and holding up flags. The vocals are getting better and better! Now that Airi, Ayaka, and Ayami are gone, I see some girls are filling in their spots, and they sound pretty good. This song is really fun and cute.

Sleep Wonder 5/5

This song is pretty amazing! It sounds like a sleepiece song. It’s nice and laid back, it has a relaxing feeling. I really like the instrumental. The vocals in this are pretty nice; I think at least every member gets a part, or at least a shared part. The speaking part in the middle is nice, since they never do them. The title really matches. This song reminds me of sleeping, and dreams. It’s really easy to follow.

Headbanger!! 5/5

One of my favorite sub-units (now an official unit) is back with another great song! I loved their first to songs, and this is even better! It has a Gothic-like instrumental fused with metal. Suzuka sounds great as always, and Moa and Yui have cute vocals as always. My favorite part is when the chant Headbanger! It’s so catchy and addictive!

Miracle♪Pattyful♪Hamburger 4.5/5

The beginning of this song is a little annoying… but besides that, this is the typical Cooking Club song. It’s adorable and cute and slightly annoying/ The instrumental sounds like Sonic or Mario… maybe both, lol. The members changed. I guess Nene, Raura, and Marina are too old? Anyway, this song is sugary sweet, and the new members did a good job of keeping the Cooking Club image.

Scoreboard ni Love ga Iru 5/5

This song is from the newly created Tennis Club. I am already loving this. This song is one of my favorites from the album. The instrumental music is amazing! It has a lot of interesting sounds. I love the verses and the chorus. This song isn’t what you think of when you think about a song that has to do with sports. The girls vocals sound amazing together, and the solos are great!

Science Girl▽Silence Boy 5/5

This song is from the new Science club. The song sounds all techno, and the vocals are pixelated a bit. The song is really catchy, especially the chorus when they sing Science Girl Silence Boy. The group harmonizes very nicely together. I love this new sub-unit!

Delta 5/5

Another song from the Science club. Like their first single, it’s all techno and the voices are pixelated once again. This song is also pretty catchy. Some of the vocals are a little iffy, but it’s not bad. I love the build up to the chorus (the bridge?) as well as the chorus itself. The instrumental is pretty cool. It has a lot of synths and interesting sounds going on in the background.

Sakura no Iro Avenue 4/5

This is Suzuka’s solo song. Honestly, this song is a little on the boring side for me. It’s nice, but it just seems like it’s missing something. It sounds empty. Suzuka has an amazing voice, but I don’t think this song was the right choice for her graduation song. If anyone but her was singing this, it would sound even more boring.

My Graduation Toss 5/5

This is Sakura Gakuin’s latest single. Honestly, this song just blows me away. It’s so amazing! The group ditched their usual cutesy act, and traded it for a more mature pop rock piece. I am loving the rock in this song. It’s so upbeat, and it get’s me pumped up. This song is seriously catchy, especially the Dear My Friends in the chorus. The group sounds fantastic singing as a chorus, as usual. Suzuka has a ton of solos in this song, and she knocks them out of the park. I especially like her Hey Everybody. Yeah Everybody. It sounds so high and clear. I thought that they would choose a ballad for her graduation song, but instead it’s a song like this. I like this much better!

Marshmellow Iro no Kimi 4.5/5

Sakura Gakuin sings so well in a group! While the versus of this song are a tad bit boring, the chorus is really good! The vocals are so strong! I originally gave this song a 4, but It has grown on me a lot.

Tabidachi no Hi ni ~J-Mix 2012~ 5/5

They took this touching ballad and turned it into an upbeat song. I love it! A lot of the harmonizing parts are taken out of the song, which is a shame since they’re the highlight of the song. But harmonizing is suited for slower songs, so I understand. Suzuka’s solo is beautiful. This is a nice version of the song.

Sakura Gakuin always has the best albums! They never fail to create unique and original songs. “My Generation” is no exception. I still like FRIENDS better, but this is still another wonderful Sakura Gakuin album. The new sub unit songs were cool. It’s sad that Twinklestars, one of my favorite sub units, was the only unit that did not get a song. Overall, this album has to be my second favorite. The new songs were amazing. This group really knows how to make a good album!

Sakura Gakuin: Tabidachi no Hi ni

File:sg tnhn cddvd.jpg

Tabidachi no Hi ni 5/5

Like Message, this song is a ballad. At first I was a little disappointed. The three graduating girls were going to have a ballad as their graduating song…? I wanted something more upbeat. But then I realized that I really love Sakura Gakuin’s ballad’s. Besides BRIGHT, these girls are the queens at ballads and harmonizing. This song, which is a cover of another schools song, is absolutely breathtaking! Ballad’s can sometimes be boring, but this song isn’t boring at all, it’s really nice. I couldn’t have picked a better graduating song for Ayami, Ayaka, and Airi.

Tabidachi no Hi ni ~J Mix~ 5/5

This song appears the same as the original, but when you get one minute in, the song suddenly becomes upbeat. When I first heard it, it surprised me! I already really like this song, so I love how they turned this song from a ballad to upbeat. The harmonizing, which was the best part of the song, is gone, but oh well.

Planet 008 4/5

This song is different from their typical cutesy b-side songs. Even though I like it, It’s kind of all over the place! Not my favorite b-side from them.


I’m really late on this single. But anyway, I really enjoyed this song from SG! Not many groups can release a ballad as a single, and still do amazing. I’d also prefer something happy and upbeat for a graduation song, but somehow, this song is perfect and fits well.




I think this has to be my favorite Sakura Gakuin song so far. I admit, when I first heard it, I was a little disappointed. It sounded like another copy of Verishuvi, happy and upbeat. But I was wrong. The more you listen to this song, the more you love it! I think the best thing about this song is the topic. The girls are singing about traveling the world. In my mind, Japan has never really been viewed as an “international” country, so it’s really nice to see a jpop group singing about different countries and holding up flags. The vocals are getting better and better! Now that Airi, Ayaka, and Ayami are gone, I see some girls are filling in their spots, and they sound pretty good. This song is really fun and cute.

Song for Smiling 5/5

The first b-side is the typical Sakura Gakuin song. It’s semi upbeat and happy. I like the beginning of the song, when they sing Step by step, day by day, do my best, piece of cake because the English is really cute. The chorus is really catchy. Suzuka’s vocals rock!

Marshmallow Iro no Kimi to 4/5

Sakura Gakuin sings so well in a group imo! While the versus of this song are a tad bit boring, the chorus is really good! The vocals are so strong!


This is my favorite Sakura Gakuin single to date. The a-side is amazing, and the b-sides are good as well. Another single is planned to be released soon, and I can’t wait to see what SG does next.

Sakura Gakuin: Yume ni Mukatte/ Hello! IVY

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this single yet!

Yume ni Mukatte 5/5

This song is a perfect blend of idol music.  It’s not too happy go lucky, but is still upbeat and happy. For a debut song, it’s not what you expect! I love this groups vocals, they blend so well.

Hello! IVY 5/5

This is one of my favorite Sakura Gakuin songs! There are so many catchy parts in here. Again, it’s the perfect blend of cheerfulness; it doesn’t sound too idol-ish at all.

School Days 5/5

This song starts off slow, which I wouldn’t have minded at this point, but it’s pretty upbeat when you get more into the song. Out of all three of the songs, this has to be my favorite. The harmonizing at the beginning of the song sounds lovely. And I like the solos.

For a debut, this single is really good! It’s jam packed with catchy songs, and all of them are good!

Sakura Gakuin: Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo ~Friends~

Verishuvi 5/5

I reviewed this song earlier and gave it a 5/5. I still really like this song! It’s fun, upbeat, and cheerful! A really nice way to start out the album.


This is the title of their album. The title is supposed to be the best song on the album.  In Sakura Gakuin’s case, FRIENDS is definitely one of the best songs on the album! What impresses me the most about this song is the vocals. They just stand out so much! Unlike SKE where the voices can sometimes sound the same, Sakura Gakuin’s members’s have really unique sounding voices. The song is, of course, about friendship. The line that’s really touching is in the chorus: “Sore wa Tomodachi Datte” translation “That’s a friend after all” or “That’s what a friend is after all”. The song is just really touching and nice! One of my favorite songs on the track!

Please! Please! Please! 5/5

I have twinkle stars other single, Dear Mr. Socrates. I knew Please! x3 came out, but I had never gotten round to ordering it or even listening to it. I regret that now, because I really love Please! x3! You never really hear low piano notes in songs; it makes this song unique. The girls vocals all sound really nice too. The tu tu tu’s/du du du’s are also really cute. Twinkle stars is one of my favorite subunits. I hope they release another single again.

Rapicamu 4.5/5

Another song from twinkle star! Does anyone know what Rapicamu means? It’s a pretty weird title. Anyway, the song is pretty catchy! The background music is pretty fun and entertaining too.

Hashire Shoujiki Mono 5/5

This song is by sleeppiece. When I first heard this song, I was like “What in the world?!” because it sounds really weird. Despite it’s weirdness, it’s pretty unique and catchy. I like the little speaking parts. The bom bom bom parts are a little weird, and kind of creepy. I really like this song now! A super step up from their other single Medaka no Kyoudai from their first album.

Yokubari File 4.5/5

This song is by Minipati. Like their previous songs princess a la mode and happy birthday, off their first album, the song is sugary sweet, and cute. I like the “yeah!”‘s.

Ii ne! (vega mix ver.) 5/5

Here is the second single from BABYMETAL. I don’t see any differences in this song compared to the original. Anyway, it took me a while to get into this song, but now I love it! The chorus is extremely catchy with the “Ii ne!” ‘s! The rap part was a surprise too! The “yo”‘s were just so cute. I love the play on the phrase “sou desu ne” which means “is that so”. But instead, they say “sou DEATH ne“. Ha ha, I see what you did there! Suzuki sounds amazing. She has a great voice!

Otomegokoro 3.5/5

This is another song that took some time to get into. I like it better than before, but it isn’t really one of my favorites.

Pictogram 5/5

This was a song that surprised me. I didn’t think it would be so catchy, but it is! I love the speaking parts. The chorus is especially catchy. One of my favorite songs on the album.

3 a.m 5/5

At first, I didn’t really like this song. I was like “How could they give the graduating members a horrible song like this?!” But I listened to it more and more, and now, I really like it! The song is made up of three completely different songs, like Momusu’s “Souda! We’re Alive”. I think each member get’s their own song.I think the first song is really nice, the middle one is okay. The last song is the best part out of the song! I like the “rin rin rin”‘s. This part of the song would have made an awesome song by itself. Anyway, the idea of mashing up three totally different songs was genius. It’s a really fitting farewell song for Ayaka, Airi, and Ayami! One of my favorite tracks.

See You… 3/5

Along with Otomegokoro, this is a song that I can’t get into fully. I think the chorus is catchy though.

Tabidachi no Hi Ni 5/5

This is Sakura Gakuin’s third, and latest single. Like Message, it’s a ballad. I really love Sakura Gakuin’s ballad’s. besides BRIGHT, they are the queen’s of harmonizing. They sound absolutely breathtaking! Ballad’s can sometimes be boring, but this song isn’t boring at all, it’s really nice. Overall, it’s a really touching song! The perfect way to end an album.


I didn’t think anything could beat Sakura Gakuin’s first album, because I love it so much, but this album did! I loved all of the new song’s. I’m still really mad that they made Ayami, Ayaka, and Airi leave just because of their age. It’s really dumb! You can’t just keep having auditions…

I’m looking forward to what they release next!

Sakura Gakuin: Verishuvi

Verishuvi 5/5

When I first heard this song, I was disappointed. If you know me well, you’ll notice that I hate typical mainstream idol music. If you listen to verishuvi, it’s the exact definition of mainstream idol music. However, if you’re a Sakura Gakuin fan like me, you’ll listen more closely to the song and try to like it, and that’s exactly what I did. Now, I love the song! It’s weird to hear an old children’s song in a jpop idol song, lol. It’s a little weird, but I think it fits nicely. The PV is also nice. It’s simple, but the pink background matches the uniforms nicely. The dance is cute, and all of the girl’s hairstyles are really nice!

Sakura Hyakunnin Isshu  5/5

Do you know what I love about Sakura Gakuin? They try different styles of music instead of just singing the same genre over and over. (SUPER GiRLS could learn a lesson from them…) We’ve seen Ballads and plenty of up beat genki songs from SG, even heavy metal! Sakura Gakuin’s take on rap was a success! I love the chorus of this song, and the rap solos. I hope that every member got a rap solo. It’s a little long, but I can still listen to the whole thing without getting tired of it.


Overall, this was a huge success single for Sakura Gakuin. Will review Tabidachi no Hi ni and their album later.

Sakura Gakuin 2010 ~message~: Sakura Gakuin


FLY AWAY 3.5/5

*This song is nice, though I don’t like the long beginning…reminds of a nice spring day and flying airplanes.

Hello! IVY 5/5

*I love this song so much! I like the Ivy gyaru wa… parts. The “doushitano” part was cute too.

Chime 3.5/5

*Hmm, this song isn’t bad, it’s kind of catchy, not my favorite though.

Happy Birthday 5/5

*One of the best songs on the album! I don’t know what they are singing, is it “Happy mini party birthday”? The best part is the “papa to mama junbi wa OKAY!” and all of the other parts where they shout “OKAY!” and of course the “happy happy birthday to you”

Princess a la mode 5/5

*Again, one of best albums on the track. It’s so cute and reminds me of the S/mileage mini unit: Lilpri.

Brand new day 5/5

*I love the rockish sound this song has to it. I also love the singing, it sounds kind of robotic and monotone, but it fits well with the song. I love the little bits of English in it.

Dear Mr. Socarates 5/5

*This song is so unique. I love the background music of the piano. I love how there’s no stable chorus, because after they sing the chorus, there’s a music break and them one member starts singing again. One of the best song’s on the track.

Medaka no Kyouda 5/5

*This has a nice sound to it, kind of princess-ish. I love how the chorus is basically the same, except for a few words. I love the junjun’s, nyannyan’s, and tsuitsui’s! so cute~

Doki Doki Morning 5/5

*At first I hated this song because I hate screamo and metal music… but the whole song isn’t like that. I love the “Ima nanji” part. Heck, I LOVE this song!! What other group has made a song as unique as this one?

Yume ni Mukatte 5/5

*I’ve always loved this song. It’s so upbeat!

Message 5/5

*This song is so heart warming. The members sound so nice here. The harmonizing is outstanding with the “La la’s” and “Sakura Gakuin” parts. The mini solo is also nice~


I loved Sakura Gakuin’s debut single: Yume ni Mukatte/IVY! Girl. This album was everything I wanted it to be. I 100% love it~ I wish Sakura Gakuin would be more active though. while other groups would have already announced their second single, Sakura Gakuin hasn’t…