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What do I review?/Request

These are the artists I review regularly. I review singles/albums in random order. It is mainly jpop.

I may add more, so check back. Also, If there is an artist you want to see, you can request it and I’ll think about it!

Regularly Reviewed    Bold=Non Active groups, but reviewing until I finish their discography

Chunning Candy
For Tracey Hyde
Ieiri Leo
Izone (Japanese songs)
Kobushi Factory
Silent Siren
Tokyo Girls’ Style
Tsubaki Factory
TWICE (Japanese songs)



4 thoughts on “What do I review?/Request

  1. hi! first off, i love your blog! i found out about 4TE through here and love them (sad they haven’t made any new music though TT), so thank you! also, i have some other JPOP artists that are kind of “under the radar” that I was wondering if you could review!

    -Aisha (she’s actually mixed, african-japanese!)
    -BananaLemon (has an african-japanese member named Saarah, she is AMAZING)

    I know it’s a lot haha, but even if you don’t review them, i do think these artists are really good and worth listening to! i have a few more that are more popular, but don’t want to send a giant list ^^;

    1. Thanks so much for your comment!! I agree that 4TE had great music and it’s sad that the group will probably remain inactive.

      Thank you for this great recommendation list! Feel free to send more. I have become a big fan of kpop groups the last few years and I feel like I need new jpop groups/artists to listen to. I have become recent fans of Chunning Candy, Ieiri Leo, FAKY, and For Tracy Hyde but definitely need more recommendations.

      I really miss this blog and will definitely get to updating it soon. I really miss jpop and my Japanese is suffering by not listening to it anymore lol

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