News #3

Since I’ve been on hiatus for so long until now, my interests in music have changed. I think it’s time to change my review list.

I will be adding some new artists!


Ever since Follow Me, they’ve caught my eye. I’ve been listening to some of their music, and I like it! Their dancing is awesome, as well as their PV’s. They’ve become one of my new favorite artists.

Berryz Koubou

In memory of Berryz disbandment, I thought it would be nice to go back and listen to all of their music. This is the group that got me into jpop, and I have followed them for many years! Also, I have reviewed pretty much all of         C-ute’s stuff.


Mano Erina

I already reviewed one of her albums, I should just finish the rest of her music since she no longer releases music!



I will also be suspending some artists:

Sakura Gakuin: I don’t know, after Ayami, Ayaka, and Airi left, my interest in this group has plummeted. Their last two singles didn’t really impress me either.

Momorio Clover Z: Same with Sakura Gakuin, I haven’t really been caught up with momoclo is a long time.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: I was never really into this group, but I don’t want to completely drop them because I like them still.

Weather Girls: Where have these girls been?

Cheeky Parade: Same reason as Momoclo and Sakura Gakuin.


I will be getting rid of the artists:

SUPER☆GiRLS: I’m sorry. I really hate their music style. I tried to like them, but cutesy generic Idol pop is not for me.

i☆Ris: Same reason for SUPERGiRLS.


That’s all for now!


SUPER☆GiRLS: Ganbatte Seishun

Ganbatte Seishun 4/5

If anybody knows me, you know that I do not like generic idol music at all, but sadly this is what this is… This song is so sugary sweet that the definition of “idol”has this song written next to it in the dictionary. Putting that note aside, this song isn’t too bad. At least the song is catchy, the solos were good, and the vocals are decent. But It’s just too energetic and annoying for me.

Hatsukoi Graffiti 2/5

I deleted Hatsukoi Graffiti off my ipod. Since I deleted it, I must have not liked it. I remember that the song was slow, and boring, and looking up the song again on YouTube, I find that it is slow and boring. It reminds me of those boring AKB b-sides. It’s just blah… even the chorus is bad.

This debut really wasn’t my cup of tea… I don’t like idol groups like this, but since I do like some of S☆G’s songs, I’m going to try to be as fair and civil as I can. The song did have it’s few perks, It wasn’t all bad. But I’d like to see this group do better….

Chozetsu Shojo: SUPER☆ GiRLS

File:chouzetsu shoujo C.jpg


Nijiiro Star (chozestsu version) 4/5

*This is a nice song, I like it a lot, it has a unique sound to it, and the girls sound cheerful. I love the “Yeahs” and “Wows”, surprisingly, it doesn’t get annoying.

Kira-Pure-Power 5/5

*I love how this song starts out, followed by the ah uh’s and yeah’s. These ah uh’s, yeah’s, and lets go’s are a very nice touch to the song! The individual vocals are nice, but sometimes when they sing together, it sounds odd. But whatever, I love this song!

Yume no Inryoku 5/5

*Again, I love how the song begins with “Ohhh, let’s go!!”, it’s so cute~ The second girl who sings, Mirei, has a really nice voice. It’s kind of scratchy sounding, you don’t hear it a lot in jpop, but I love it and they should let her sing more! Her mini solo in this song was also epic! My favorite part is near the end of the song when the girls are singing “Le’s go! Le’s go! Never ever give up” and it get’s louder and louder and more people sing followed by the mini solo and the “Rabu na Inryoku”. It really get’s you pumped up!

The ROCK You ~Kimi ga kureta akashi~ 3.5/5

*This used to be my only favorite song on this album in the beginning, but now I listened to it too much and it got annoying, lol. I like the semi-rockish feel to it and the background beat is nice. And when they are singing kind of fast is a nice change in pace.

Egao ga Porori 5/5

*This sounds like folk music or like a fairytale.  At first I couldn’t even listen to this, but it just takes some time to get used to. That girl’s voice in the beginning, I think her name is Ami, her voice is super annoying… It’s that typical jpop idol voice that I hate. It also seems like she’s forcing herself to sing like that. On the other hand, Ruka sounds very nice in this song. This song is really catchy after a while.

Tokimeki Shoku no Kaze to kimi 5/5

*This is the best track on the album! The song isn’t the typical genki cheerful song or a ballad. The song is super catchy and the girls’ vocals sound nice. Whoever is singing in the begging sings really nice. I wish SG was more popular, because then there would be color coded lyrics.

Renai Rule 5/5

*This is the second best track on the album! I love the background music, If there was an instrumental, I think it would be nice. I love how one person sings, and then the rest sing, it’s a nice touch. My favorite parts are when they sing “suki desu” or “kudasai” at the end of the chorus.

Nijiiro Namida… 3.5/5

*At first, this song is just another boring ballad… but it’s actually not that bad. When they get to the chorus, it get’s more interesting. I love the “La la’s” at the end.

Be with you 4/5

*This was their very first song right? It’s not bad, kind of catchy. I love the speaking part in the middle~

Miracle ga Tommanai! 4/5

*This song is so upbeat and catchy, even If it is the typical idol song. I love the “Let’s enjoy together” and “Hey listen to my voice” parts. I can’t decide If the “Hai’s” in the beginning are cute or annoying.

Kizuna Days 3/5

*This reminds me of Mint ni Tsuite by AKB, at least the beginning. I’m not a big fan of this song, but it has its nice moments.

Be with you (chozestu version) 4/5

*As I said before, It’s not bad, kind of catchy. But the reason these songs are tied is because this version adds a cool medieval sound, but the original has the speaking part that I love and this does not…

Niji Shoku Daiya~Super Girls no theme~ 1/5

*I am not big a fan of this song. Just something about it… it just doesn’t sound right…


Why do idol groups debut with an album? Albums cost more than singles do, and If you are new, it’s likely people will buy a single rather than an album because it’s cheaper. But whatever… 😀 At first, I was disappointed in this album. But If you just give the songs some time, you’ll find out that they are actually really catchy.