PASSPO☆: Beef or Chicken?

File:PASSPO - Beef or Chicken EC.jpg

Honey Dish 5/5

Starting off the album is a high energy pop rock song. It’s a classic Passpo song, except it seems more cute somehow. I thought this was pretty generic before, but it is a really cute and catchy song once you listen to it more than once. The versus and chorus are pretty rockin. I love the English phrases throughout the song. Great way to open the album!

Itazura Rock’ n Roll 4.5/5

Another high energy pop rock song, though this leans more on the rock side! This clearly takes inspiration from American rock. The chorus get’s kind of repetitive in my opinion after a while, but I’m in love with versus: Mio sounds really cute at the beginning of the song.

Not in Theory 5/5

I love that passpo fully embraces rock, not just sticks with pop rock . This song is more darker than the group usually does; reminds me of songs like Wing and Baby Jump. My favorite part is at the end of the chorus where there’s that overlay of voices and the fade out, then Shiori’s part! I thought it was a great showcase of both her vocals and the songs’s innovation. Definitely impressed with this one.

Himawari 3.5/5

The song is classic passpo pop-rock. As much as I want to like this song, I feel as if it’s a tad too weak to be a single. It has a nice sound to it, but I feel as if the song is repetitive. I definitely don’t think this is their worse song, but it just isn’t as strong as their past singles.

Shiny Road 4/5

The beginning of this song is classic idol music. I almost thought I had the wrong group, but then the rock hits. I find this song weird because the group sounds like a regular idol group, but then there’s this hard rock background! It works, I’m digging this song. It’s cute, but the rock arrangement separates this song from being generic sounding. For some reason, the song sounds like a Momoiro Clover song, like some of the members sound like Ayaka and Kanako. This is goof for a b-side

Heaven’s Burger 5/5

The energy picks up again for this amazing number. Again, this song is a tad more cute and more “idol” than the group usually does, but again it works for them. I find the overall theme for this song super cute.

High Tension Emotion 4/5

Another pop rock song, but stronger on the guitar. I don’t have much to say about this song. I think it’s fun, and the “suki kirai?” “kirai suki?” parts are cute. Not my favorite song from the album but not bad either.

FAKE 5/5

Another more dark rocky song from the group! I like this better than Not in Theory, the chorus is stronger, though both are great. I love Shiori’s part near the end: “I’m Faking.” The buildup is great. This should have been Wing’s b-side!

Perfect Sky 4/5

This was released as a single. I think it’s a little weak to be a single. It sounds more like a b-side to me. I think the chorus sounds like something I’ve heard before, but the versus are good. This was the first song the group played as Band Passpo, so it’s nice hearing them play their instruments as a band to this.

You 5/5

We get back into the upbeat classic passpo pop-rock style. I don’t know why, but I absolutely adore this song. I find it super sweet due to the lyrics. The chorus is also really catchy with the repetition of the “Hey You”‘s. Near the end, I also really love Ai and Shiori’s solo lines. This song just has really cute nice touches to it, like the slowing down of Shiori’s line near the end.

Fairy Tale 4/5

Ending the album is this mid-tempo b-side. I quite like the versus of the song. The member that sings first, I think Nachuu, also has a really unique tone to her voice. The laid back instrumentals and the wind/air effects give this song a relaxing feeling. It’s fitting to end the album with this song, though I felt “I” did better to end the album in JET!JET!JET!

I’m pretty blown away by this album from the group! While Jet x3 had more of a hard, intense rock sound, passpo went more pop on this album, though still incorporating some hard songs. The group honestly continues to surprise me, and they are getting better and better with each release. Members even wrote the lyrics to many of the songs on the album, and they seem to be serious about their band thing as well.














BABY JUMP~Tengoku e no toujou-bin~ 5/5

Right from the start, we’re greeted with an outrageous rock number! I love Shiori’s opening lines: “Do you feel hot?” “Enter paradise” “Take it Easy” “Here we Go” This song does not stop, let me tell you. It’s high energy all throughout the chorus and verses. I love the “We will rock” parts, as well as the Jump’s at the ending. This is such an amazing song, that I feel would be an amazing opener at a concert. Give me more hard core rock songs like this passpo!


This song as a little more tame, but still equally as amazing. The instrumental is what really makes this song. It sounds like they’re going to war. There’s also a ton of English in this song, ad It really adds a nice touch. The chorus is really one of my favorite parts, especially the faded voices part. Also, whoever decided to add “We gotta go” right before the chorus is a genius.

Sakura Komachi 5/5

And we get a break from all of the rock for one of passpo’s earlier singles. Sakura Komachi is nice and laid back, but still has that passpo rock in it. The PV is simple, but the blue cherry blossoms add a nice touch to it. I love the chorus, and Shiori rocks her part!

Onegai 5/5

When I first heard the opening, I was like “ugh” standard idol song alert. But no, Onegai is cool. One again, it has the signature passpo rock, which isn’t anything special, however, there are some really interesting sounds in the instrumental. I really like the chorus of this, it’s really sweet. This is pop-rock done right!

Step & GO 3.5/5

This song is the signature PASSPO☆ rock song, but it’s more light and fun. This is the type of music you heard regular idols do when they want to do pop-rock music. It honestly reminds me of a b-side than an a-side. This song is very energetic, but I can’t seems to love it fully. Not one of my favorites.

Kibun wa Saikou! Saikou! Saikou! 5/5

Another great energetic song! The Saikou’s in this song are surprisingly not annoying, I like it. Though, my favorite part is the added Spanish parts in the song: Amigo, Amiga, Seniora, Senorita. The break midway with the “Saikou Saikou Wasshoi’s” is pretty cute. Whoever’s singing (Is it Ai?) sounds like Ayaka from Momoclo! Great song.

Mousou Hawaii 4.5/5

I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed this song before. This is actually one of my favorite passpo songs. Right when I heard it, I fell in love. I really like the chorus, it’s catchy. The harmonizes in the verses are also nice. Why a half point down If It’s one of my favorites? The girls sound a little bored when singing. It needs more energy. At the beginning and the end, I hear a ukulele. I wish they’d incorporated that a little more into the song!

Shang Shang Chandelier 4.5/5

Still rock-ish, but with a new take on the sound! The instumental sounds like one of those Asian-inspired levels on video games. I like it. The way the girls sing is nice, it’s sounds sort of light and airy. Also, first Spanish, now Chinese? The counting just before the chorus reminds me of the whole amiga/amigo thing in KWS. Solid song!

Candy Room 5/5

Here is the better song from this single. The setting is really pretty, and the whole song and PV are really fun and silly! The group incorporates their flight theme more in this PV,  I love when idols let loose and do crazy things. I love the song, especially when they sing shake your boom boom, and the ah ah ah parts. I love when Shiori yells “Come on boy!!”

Kucha Love 5/5

If you thought it couldn’t get any cuter with Onegai, you were wrong. Kucha Love is the ultimate cutest song from passpo! It solidifies it with the Gyutto’s and Iya’s in the catchier than catchy chorus. Yet, this song is cute without being boring or generic. This is how you do typical Idol music!

Truly 4/5

It took me a while to like this song because it’s so laid back. Honestly, it sounds kind of like b-side material. It doesn’t really have anything that makes it stand out. However, the “Again’s” in the verses kind of saved this song for me. Don’t know why this was made an A side…

Mask 5/5

Yes! And we’re back to hardcore rock passpo! It’s more laid back than the first two rock songs. The chorus is pretty good, but my favorite in this song is the versus, especially the repetition of the words cry and alive. It feels like this song should have been more nearer to the other two rock songs, but order isn’t really that important.

Wish on a Star 4/5

This song seems really out of place on here. I don’t hate it, It just isn’t anything special. Wish they’d maybe swithced this song with one of the better b-sides like Dom Dom Freedom.

Growing Up (Album ver.) 3.5/5

This song suffers from being boring, like Truly. Also, it reminds me too much of Truly. They almost sound the same to me. It has a beautiful instrumental after the chorus, but can’t say it’s my favorite.

I 5/5

This was the b-side to the single Candy Room/ Step & GO. I like it! Whoever sings the opening needs to work on their vocals a bit, but somehow it fits with the feel of the song. This song is nice and upbeat. What’s best about it is that the structure is different than most passpo songs. The second verse is different. I think it’s weird to end an album with a b-side, but somehow this song really fits for the ending because it has a farewell feeling.

I didn’t think anything could beat the amazing-ness that was One World, but I think JET! HET! JET! outranks One World! One World has  a better selection of b-sides, but JET! x3 just has better original songs. It has more hardcore rock, instead of the pop-rock passpo is known for. Passpo really tried to experiment with a new sound, and I’m really glad that they did. They seemed to be in a slump after they released Step &Go/Candy Room. 2013 just was not their year. We need more rock songs like MASK and BEAST IN YOU. I have to review Perfect Sky and Himiwari, and I wonder what they’ll release after that?

PASSPO☆ : STEP&GO /Candy Room


STEP & GO 4/5

This song is the signature PASSPO☆ rock song, but it’s more light and fun. This is the type of music you heard regular idols do when they want to do pop-rock music. It honestly reminds me of a b-side than an a-side. The PV is really fun, even if it is all animated. Members like Mio who don’t get to sing much have a ton of lines in here. This song is very energetic, but I can’t seems to love it fully. Not bad, but definitely not one of my favorites.

Candy Room 5/5

Candy Room is my favorite out of the two! The setting is really pretty, and the whole song and PV are really fun and silly! The group incorporates their flight theme more in this PV, Mio cut her hair, and Shiori’s hair is straightened! I love when idols let loose and do crazy things. I love the song, especially when they sing shake your boom boom, and the ah ah ah parts. I love when Shiori yells “Come on boy!!”


We really haven’t seen PASSPO☆ “let loose” yet. They’ve been very serious and contained up until now. PASSPO’☆s serious rock songs are great, but it’s great to see some experimentation here! This whole trio project was a great idea!


Passpo☆: WING

File:WING Handshake.jpg

WING 4/5

This is the darkest single passpo☆ has ever put out. I quite like the idea of the PV: Vampires. It makes it funny and unique. But for some reason, I am just not digging this song. While I love the chorus,instrumental, and the vocals, I just think that everything moves too fast. The bridge makes it so that the chorus and versus melt together, into one blob. They sound almost the same, and there’s just no build up. I think that’s why I don’t like this song that much. My rating for this song was a 3.5 before, but after a few more listens, it’s a 4. I guess this song just takes some getting used to.

Dom Dom Freedom 5/5

Passpo☆’s weird side comes out in this song, because its pretty weird! The beginning sounds more like the traditional American rock. It’s a nice change from passpo☆’s usual pop-rock. This song is pretty energetic with the Go way out!’s and all of the Peace‘s and Yeah’s. I love the chorus with the Freedom part, and the Oh yeah Oh yeah. Best of all, members like Makoto, Anna, Mio, and Sako who don’t get to sing much get parts!

2Days 5/5

This has got to be my favorite song right after Next Flight. It’s different than passpo’s typical songs, and it kind of reminds me of bathtub. The lyrics are really inspiring, but somehow scary Today is a good day to die what?? Anyway, I really enjoy whoever sings the just keep on going, the wind is blowing… part, because it’s one of my favorite parts in the song.

I reviewed 2/3 of these songs on the passpo☆ One World album, but If I didn’t review WING, then all of my passpo☆ reviews wouldn’t have been completed. With WING done, I have reviewed all of the passpo☆ singles and albums! (YAY). Anyway, WING was a slight disappointment for me. It’s one of my least liked singles. However, the  two b-sides were simply amazing, so they make up for it!

Passpo: Sakura Komachi

File:Sakura Komachi A.jpg

Sakura Komachi 5/5

At first I had a problem with the group adding “sakura” in their song title, because it’s a trend that all idol groups do due for graduations. These graduating songs are meant be “nostalgic” and they’re supposed to make you think about all of the good memories you’ve had, but in reality, most of them sound boring and bland. *cough*Idoling!!!*cough*. So I was worried. But as soon as I heard sakura komachi, I was reassured! Sakura Komachi is nice and laid back, but still has that passpo rock in it. The PV is simple, but the blue cherry blossoms add a nice touch to it. I love the chorus, and Shiori rocks her part!

No. 1 Boy 4/5

This is the standard rock-ish b-side. The instrumentals in the beginning are pretty nice. While I don’t like the chorus much, I really like the versus! Sako and Yukimi get the first two solo lines in each of the choruses! And what a nice change that was! Sako has a really nice voice, and Yukimi sounds so energetic. Now if only they’d replace Shiori and Ai’s lines (because they get waay too many lines) with another two girls, maybe Naomi or Natsumi (because they don’t get to sing enough!) this song would have been perfect!

Wish on a Star 4/5

Here is another rock b-side! This song is more slow than the other two tracks. The groups sounds amazing as a chorus in the chorus. Not a bad song, I really like the chorus but I like No. 1 boy a bit better.


Passpo☆’s releases keep getting better and better! Sakura Komachi was such a nice treat. It was idol friendly without being too generic. Their sales are rising, and I’m happy about that~ Passpo usually has out of this world b-sides, and I found that these b-sides were a little on the weak side, but not by much. I wonder what they’ll release next?!



This is my favorite passpo☆ single! I think it always will be! It’s catchy, it’s fierce, and it’s a great way to open up an album!

Final Vision 4.5/5

This song reminds me a lot of American music, yet it still has that passpo feel. It’s weird. But anyway, I love how strong the vocals are! Especially in the chorus. And Ai sounds amazing! At first I thought that they were saying I tried to warn you in the chorus, but I looked up the lyrics, and their completely different from what I thought. Not a bad song!

Love diary 5/5

Probably one of my favorite songs on the album! It still has that rockish, passpo feel, yet it still feels like an idol song. Everything aout this song is so catchy, the versus, the chorus, and even the ah ah ah’s all throughout the song. The I wanna addict to you parts don’t make any sense! but oh well.

WING 3.5/5

Passpo’s latest single. This is the darkest sounding song that passpo has ever put out! And the song is filled with a lot of high notes. Despite this, I feel that this is once of my least liked singles. Maybe it’s because there’s not really a catch factor. At least the PV is pretty creative! And Sako got a solo line at the start of the song!

WANTED!! 3.5/5

I didn’t like this song that much at first. It somehow sounds western. The wanted’s in the song are a little repetitive. But good vocals, and the Catch baby, I’m shootin’ your heart… at the end of the chorus makes up for it. Ai’s solo is also really good. And everyone gets a solo! Not bad, but not my favorite.

Natsuzora Hanabi 4.5/5

I still really like this song! It’s different than what passpo normally releases. The traditional Japanese sound combined with Ai and Shiori’s good vocals makes this single one of my favorites.

Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru 3.5/5

Ah… my least liked passpo single. I used to really hate the blandness of this song, but now I’m learning how to like it.

2DAYS 5/5

This has got to be my favorite song right after Next Flight. It’s different than passpo’s typical songs, and it kind of reminds me of bathtub. The lyrics are really inspiring, but somehow scary Today is a good day to die what?? Anyway, I really enjoy whoever sings the just keep on going, the wind is blowing… part, because it’s one of my favorite parts in the song.

Tap My Toe 5/5

This is my favorite new song from the album! Everything about it is just amazing. The song keeps a steady beat throughout the whole song. The vocals are powerful and there is a lot of harmonizing. I like how I tap my toe I tap my toe for you all through the song. There is just a whole lot going on in this song. Also, the subject matter is rather interesting. What other idol than passpo sings about taping their toes?

Pock Star 4/5

The typical passpo b-side. But somehow, I really like this song because it’s so weird. It’s kind of crazy because it sort of sounds like it’s all over the place (vocal wise). I like shirori’s BANG!

Pink no Parachute 4/5

Another passpo b-side that I really like. I like how perfume-like this sounds. The vocal are really soft and sweet!

Kimiiro no Sanba 5/5

Another favorite out of the new songs from the album! This song is definitely not the typical passpo song. It’s, just like the title says, sanba. Which gives it a unique sound. The singing is kind of monotone/emotionless, like in pink no parachute. I love the chorus, though it sounds like only one person is singing. I also hear a lot of Mio for some reason. Or is that Ai? Anyway, passpo was going for a new type of sound

With XXXX 4.5/5

One of my favorite passpo b-sides! People say it’s boring, but it’s a nice surprise to see it pop up on here!

Dear My Friends 5/5

Another one of my all time favorite passpo b-sides! I really appreciate Shiori’s strong vocals here!


Sorry, half of these songs I already reviewed; I tried to pay more attention to the newer songs. Anyway, this passpo album was so sudden, it took me by surprise when I heard that thy were releasing one. I can’t tell if I like this album, or their CHECK-IN album better. Both have amazing songs on them that I love! However, in this album, passpo really tried some new types of songs, and experimented on a lot of different genres. I’m really glad that they have variety in their songs, and I can’t wait to see what they release next!

PASSPO☆: Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru

Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru 3.5/5

When I first heard this song, I was like. This isn’t passpo☆. This is some imposter group! But let’s not fool ourselves because this is indeed passpo☆! It’s unbelievable that they would release something like this after the greatness of their first two singles. The reason why I love passpo☆ is because they’re different from your typical idols. But this song is so plain and bland. Not even the chorus is catchy. It took me several listens until I could listen to this song without wincing. It’s not all bad. It has it’s charms that you’ll find the more you keep listening. But overall, it’s kind of a dissapointment…

With XXXX 4.5/5

Passpo☆ makes it up with this b-side! When I first heard this, I thought that this song was very plain and blah, but the more you listen to it, the more you come to like it. It’s very sweet, and it feels like it should be inserted into a romantic drama or movie. It’s similar to jaa ne…

RUIN 5/5

Passpo☆ really picks it up in this song! This song is dark, and deep, and it’s amazing. I’m loving the deep vocals, and the serious tone. I like how the whole song is sung in a chorus, there are no solos. This song officially marks passpo☆’s journey into more rock type of songs, instead of the more traditional idol sound. One of my favorite passpo☆ songs!

The a-side might have been a disappointment, but the two b-sides are pretty good. At this point, passpo☆ really started to become one of my favorite groups!

PASSPO☆: Vivi Natsu

Vivi Natsu 5/5

This song is one of my all time favorite passpo☆ songs! When I first heard it performed live for the first time, I loved it right away. The chorus, and the fast raping part before the chorus are my favorite parts. The ending is amazing (Fligh high let’s try take off, nukeru sora, vivi natsu de rock) Also, I like Naomi’s raps. I thought it was Shiori at first! I also really appreciate the even line distribution. I like the slight rock, and overall laid back feeling of this song.

Jaa Ne… 4/5

This is one of passpo☆’s most basic songs, meaning, it’s pretty normal and doesn’t have any hard rock or crazy sounds in it. Despite this, I really like this song. It’s laid back, the vocals are pretty, especially Naomi’s solo near the end. Poor girl barely get’s lines nowadays! I also  like the “Just my dream” part after the chorus. This is a nice bittersweet love sing, perfect for an idol group.


I knew that this song was going to be fun before even listening to it. I mean, look at the title of the song! Anyway, Rock da week is one of my favorite passpo☆ b-sides. I like when they say “Get wild” at the end of every chorus! The translation of the song is pretty amusing, but it’s really inspiring.


As passpo☆’s second single, I think that they did an amazing job. It’s just as good as shojo hikou, and the b-sides were good too.


Natsuzora Hanabi 4.5/5

After the awesomeness of NEXT FLIGHT, this type of song is unexpected!  Passpo☆ takes a break from their rock-ish sound, and produces something like this. I like it! It’s a refreshing sound. I like the whole traditional Japanese feel of the song, and the fans in the PV are a nice touch. Ai, who I haven’t really payed attention to before, sounds amazing in her solo’s! This is a really nice, relaxing song.

Dear My Friends 5/5

Here we are, back to passpo☆’s traditional sound. I love love love this song. Shiori has always had an amazing voice, and she rocks the opening vocals, and sounds amazing all throughout the song. She and Ai did a really good job with their solo’s near the end of the song.

Pink no Parachute 4/5

I love this new sound! This sounds like Perfume’s early stuff. The voices are so soft and monotone. This song is cute and catchy, but it does feel like something is missing. I’m glad the voices sound the way they do, because if a normal idol group sung this, it would sound really cutesy and idol-ish! Ai’s solo near the end is adorable!

This is another amazing single from passpo☆! It seemed like they took a break from their usual sound and experimented with some new types of sounds, and I really like the direction their going in.



originality: 4.5/5

PV: 3.5/5

overall: 5/5

While I wouldn’t exactly call it metal, it’s different from the normal type of rock stuff that passpo☆ does. And, it’s as far away from that mainstream idol crap that I really hate.  +100!! The PV is actually really simple. It features some planes (it wouldn’t be passpo☆ without them) and the girls are in what looks like a desert. There’s a lot of dust, which makes a nice, cool effect with the camera. The guys from the bands that passpo☆ collaborated are featured in the PV often too. The idea is very original, and takes a different spin on the typical idol dance and close up shots. I think the PV is just enough to hold your attention the whole way, but I don’t think you’ll be saying “This is the best PV I’ve ever watched” after watching it. After the disappointment of their last single, I had a feeling passpo☆ would pull something amazing together for their next single, and they did. NEXT FLIGHT is amazing. They hit the nail right in the head. This single is catchy, fun, and unique. Their best single so far.

Bathtub 5/5

I honestly did not know what I expected to hear from this song, because the title was so weird. I thought it would be a upbeat, rockish kind of song, you know, the normal passpo☆ b-side, but bathtub turned out to be a wonderful surprise. It’s a soft, kind of a ballad type song. Not all of the girls sing, only about half of them. But the members that do sing sound amazing. I just love all of the English incorporated, and the harmonizing is gorgeous. This is really one of the best b-sides passpo☆ has had ever, and that’s saying something because passpo☆ always has good b-sides.

Pock☆Star 4/5

Here’s our typical passpo☆ b-side that I love, though the vocals are a little crazy… it’s really upbeat, and catchy. I love the mini solo near the end. I wonder who sung it.

This was just an amazing single from passpo☆!! The main song was awesome, and so were the two b sides. It’s really rare for me to like all of the songs from a single 100%. It’s really too bad this single didn’t do too well… I heard the preview for Natsuzora HANABI, and their next single looks really promising as well!