Juice=Juice: First Squeeze! (Disc 2)

File:Juice Juice - First Squeeze! reg.jpg

WONDERFUL WORLD & ca va? ca va?: See review here


This song’s instrumental is hardcore. Well, more hardcore than the group usually does. I love the instrumental, it’s so interesting. I love the girls all taking turn singing their short solo’s in the versus. The chorus is catchy and has a good rhythm. Most of all, I like Tomoko’s goodbye part! It sounds like some filter was put on Akari and Yuka’s vocals? Other than that, this is a solid song.

Ai ・Ai ・Gasa 5/5

This is a very happy and upbeat J=J like song. Love how the song starts out with the chorus, which is definitely the best part of the song with the repetition of the Ai Ai Ai Gasa part. The solo’s are on point, and everyone pretty much has an equal chance to sing. Love the ending part with the I love you…I want you…I need you which reminds me a lot of AKB’s Heavy Rotation.

Umaretate no Baby Love 5/5

Another upbeat song! Reminds me of ai ai gasa, except less dreamy. This song actually made me check out this album. I usually do not bother too much with album, but once I heard this song live, I had to. Overall, this is one of the best songs on the album to me.

Erabareshi Watashitachi 4/5

This song takes a lot to warm up to. It’s one of those “mature” songs that sounds generic in a way. but if you listen to it, it eventually sticks. Not sure I like those weird shouts in the versus. Also, despite Sayubee having the most lines, Yuka’s vocals fit this song the best. Not bad, but it took me too long to fully like the song.


This song has a lot of energy, I love it! The line distribution is extremely fair, and every member gets their own solo line. Love the chorus part where they sing “Yeah Yeah Yeah Girls be Ambitious.” This song would song great live, but seems to fall a little flat in this recording.

Ai no Diving 4.5/5

Another mature song, like Erabareshi Watashi. I think this song is superior to Erabareshi Watashi. It has a really interesting instrumental, and the chorus repetition of “Ai no Diving, yuukan ai no diving” is really catchy, along with the ending. Akari sounds amazing here as well.

Tick-tock Watashi no Shun 5/5

This is definitely the most fun song on the album! It has a fantasy-like feel to it. The members sing with a lot of emotion in the lyrics, and there are a lot of singing parts. The chorus is really fast paced, and it’s overall one of the best songs on the album that feels like it would be fun live too.

Mirai e, Saa Hashiridase! 3.5/5

Probably my least favorite song out of the whole album. It just sounds really generic, and the vocals sound a little strained in the chorus. I do like how they say their name at the end of the chorus, and the song gives off a feeling of a concert ending song or an encore. This will probably become their song.

Tsuzuiteiku STORY 4/5

The album closes with a ballad. I don’t think the group has done any ballad’s ever before, so for their first ballad, they hit the nail on the head. This song is nothing really special. In fact, it would be really boring, but the members have amazing strong and distinct vocals that really “make” the song. The versus are my favorite part!


So this is the groups first album! It took them many years to release one, but it was so worth it. H!P albums can be a hit or a miss, this one was definitely a hit. The new song’s were overall really great, and had diverse sounds.


SIlent Siren: 31 Wonderland

File:Silent Siren - 31 Wonderland reg.jpg


Ring Ring Ring 4/5

At 0:15, this song kind of sounds too similar to Kimi wa Tenki, their other song. Other than that, this is a solid song. I love the “Hey, Hello, Ogenki desu ka?” part, because of the blend of English and Japanese. The chorus is catchy with the “Ring ring ring” part as well. Other than that, this song seems a little too similar to some of their other songs.

Biisan 4/5

The “Whoah oh oh” parts are really really cute and catchy. This song has a very summery and refreshing sound. The versus are really boring, but the chorus is solid. I don’t really think this is a strong single for them, but it’s a solid song.

Are You Ready? 4.5/5

This song takes on a much darker tone than most of their songs. I love the the interruptions with the vocals in the versus. I have no idea what they’re saying, but it sounds good. The chorus is really good as well. I love the whispered “Are You Ready” part. Definitely the best so far on the album.


This is pretty average song. It kind of sounds like their past songs, but it somehow has a very calming and comfortable feeling? I like all of the chanting, it adds energy to the song. I think I prefer this over the a-side IxU.

Antionmy 4/5

The beginning of the song starts out great with the piano, then it feels kind of feels that part crashes too much with the rock sound. I do like the instrumental though, and some of the vocals have a filter applied, which sounds cool. Other than that, I just can’t seem to get into this song.

Delay 4/5

The instrumental has a cool rhythm to it, it’s not new, but it’s familiar, which I guess is why I like it. This song has a calming feeling, and I like the “sono kimi ga” part before the chorus.  Not a bad song, it feels like a solid b-side song or something.

I x U 3.5/5

Here’s a sort of christmasy ballad that was one of the groups singles. Suu’s soft vocals in this song are everything. It’s an okay song. Not really single material in my opinion.

Limited 5/5

I heard this song before I got this album. Basically, this song made me want to listen to this album. This song is darker, more so than “Are You Ready” , and I love it. Love the chorus with the repetition of words, as well as the “Semai semai sekai” part. One of the better, if not best songs on the album.

Milestone 4/5

Can’t be an album without a ballad! Here is the album’s ballad. I like the “kira kira hikaru” part of the versus. The chorus however, is quite annoying compared to the calmness of the versus. I don’t if it’s just Suu’s vocals, or if it’s the melody? It isn’t bad at all, but it’s definitely not their best ballad

Amefuri Frill 5/5

Here is a song that quickly became one of my favorites. It really stands out due to the pauses in the song and the variation in how the lyrics are sung. It sounds different from what they’ve done in the past, and it’s fun. One of the best on the album!

Guru Guru Wonderland 4/5

Here is the title song. It’s a really upbeat and happy song, perfect for ending an album. The versus are a little bland, but the chorus rocks. I love the “iin jan” parts, and the little chants. It has a lot of energy, but I just can’t love this song 100% no matter how many times I listen to it for some reason.

So… I wasn’t really feeling this album. In their past 2 mini albums, I liked 90% of the songs. This album, I can only say that I really fully like 3-4 of them. It isn’t a horrible album, but It just didn’t feel as good as their previous mini albums.

Fairies: Kiss me Babe/Hirari

Kiss me Babe 4.5/5

This song is so different than the group has done in the past. The instrumental has character, and I absolutely love Sora’s rap! It sounds really good. Even Miki get’s a line right before the chorus. In the recording, she sounds good, but live she’s screechy. The chorus is catchy and easy to sing. Near the end though, it kind of sounds a little messy, but other than that, this song just adds another awesome song to Fairies impressive discography.

Hirari 4/5

This song is more idol-y than ksb, but it has a very catchy and sort of flowy melody for the chorus. It sounds kind of dreamy, and feels like it would be a great b-side to “Hikari ni hate ni“. All of the members sing the chorus; always a plus. The versus are okay, but at least Miki get’s a lot of solo lines. I think the auto-tune is completely unneeded though.

Tokimeku Tokyo 4.5/5

This song seems very American/Kpop inspired, but somehow it still feels fairies-like. Feels like it should have been a b-side for BLING BLING love. I love the powerful chorus, with the melodies, and overlapping vocals. Though the rap near the end, not Sora’s rap, but the one before that sounds really really lame. The lyrics are just too typical. It’s not their fault though because whoever wrote this song isn’t writing it for native English speakers, but still. Also, this should have been the other a-side instead of Hirari because it’s so good!

So this single is just as sold as their previous one’s. It’s still very Fairies-like, but with trying a new sort of sound. I’m excited to review Soushisouai destination.

Juice=Juice: Wonderful World/ Ça va? Ça va?

File:Juice Juice - Wonderful World lim A.jpg

Wonderful World 4.5/5

This song is my JAM. I wouldn’t normally like songs like this. It’s just so cutesy; even more cuter than are kore shitai. It’s so generic, and there’s nothing special about it, but it makes me feel so light and airy. No one likes this song, and I can completely understand why, but once you listen to it, it’s quite infectious and grows on you. I like the part with the English and the “la la la” parts, though Sayubee and Karin’s vocals get out of hand a bit…

Ça va? Ça va? 4.5/5

I want to rate this 4.25, but I don’t do quarter ratings, so I went with the higher rating because this isn’t the worst I’ve heard from them. This is a rather unique sounding song. It has a sort of European flair to it, which fits the group perfectly. It’s also the complete 180 from the cutesy Wonderful World. I think it’s an odd song, but It’s something different for the group. The “dabada” parts are really annoying, but I’m in love with the low vocals, and the chorus. Not too bad.

While I like at least one song from their past 3 singles, it feels like this group is in sort of a slump after HADAKA was released? I don’t know, their singles have been good, but not amazing. Their upcoming album has really really amazing songs on them, from what I hear. I think they’ll get out of their slump after that album is released.


Bitter & Sweet: Renai Wars/ Koigokoro

Bitter & Sweet 2Renai Wars 5/5

This song has a different sound than the group has done, it’s way more upbeat. Again, it sounds like an anime opening. The group sounds a lot like Yui & Kaori, with the duo having contrasting voice types (Yui=Asahi the cute voice. Kaori=Moemi the mature voice). I absolutely love the verses because the duo takes turn singing certain lines, and they sound amazing together. I love how the girls each take on roles in this song and are rivals. Asahi takes on the younger, more cute type, while Moemi is the older girl and more mature. This song is cute, fun, and definitely the best I’ve heard from them!

Koigokoro 5/5

Here’s the duo’s first ballad. This is a very well done ballad! The chorus is catchy with the repetition of “suki de”, plus the versus aren’t boring. In addition, the vocals are outstanding. Not only can you hear the emotion of the lyrics in the song, but the harmonization skills of the girls just leaves me speechless. I love how they take turns singing the higher harmony in the chorus. Was really impressed by Moemi’s part.

Not like their last indie single was bad, but this is definitely a huge step up! Renai Wars is catchy and fun, while Koigokoro is emotional and touching. The group hasn’t released anything since February, but I can’t wait for their fourth indie single.

Bitter & Sweet: Dare ni mo Naishou/ Gesshoku

Bitter & Sweet 7

Dare ni mo Naishou 4.5/5

This song is calm, like their debut single. I am loving the synths in the instrumental, especially at the beginning. It reminds me of Perfume. The speaking parts were also unexpected, but added a really nice touch to the song. The only thing that I’m annoyed with in this song is the parts at the ending of the chorus. It has some sort of voice over filter or something on their voices, which I don’t think sounds good in the song.

Gesshoku 4/5

This song is again sort of anime-ish. I really like the chorus of this song. Again, it shows the duo’s vocals off really well. Also, the instrumental has some interesting sounds in it. Despite this, it feels like there’s something missing.

Bitter & Sweet’s second indie single. I definitely feel as if their debut was better. It had the perfect blend of sweet and strong. On this single, while I liked the songs, nothing screamed out “I love this.” Not to say it wasn’t good. I still enjoyed the songs.

Bitter & Sweet: Bitter & Sweet/ Install

Bitter & Sweet 6

Bitter & Sweet 5/5

This song is nice and laid back. The instrumental is gorgeous with its piano! (Courtesy of Asahi). This duo puts so much personality into their singing. It’s not dull and boring at all. The chorus is explosive and strong. The harmonization in this song is flawless. Moemi takes a lot of the higher melodies in this song, and combined with Asahi, they sound amazing. Overall, this song makes me feel all warm and cozy. I love the lyrics, and how they related it to their group name.

Install 4.5/5

Their second a-side is a completely opposite from the first one. Install is more upbeat, and sounds like an anime opening. Again, the harmonizing in the song is great. I love the chorus because their voices sound really powerful. It makes an impact on you. I like the more cozy bitter & sweet more, but this shows that the group has impact in their songs.

UFA has produced a really great duo! As a soloist, I wasn’t really too interested in Asahi, but teamed with Moemi, the duo is fantastic. Their debut single shows two sides of them: Sweet and Strong. Although they have a lot to improve in vocal wise, and they sound unpolished, I can tell in a year or two that they’ll be stronger!

Country Girls: Ittoshikute Gomen Ne, Koi no Dorobu

Ittoshikute Gomen ne 5/5

This song has such a classic H!P sound, heck, it has a very classic old school idol sound. I usually don’t like really idol songs like this, but this is great! I love the toy sound effect at the beginning, plus the English parts. The versus are a little painful at times, but it picks up in the chorus! The chorus has great harmonization, and is really catchy. The vocals aren’t perfect, but that’s what makes this song great. Momoko’s vocals though… they’re sometimes overpowering. The dance is really freaking cute, and the MV is perfect. Overall, this is a very old school sounding idol song that still sounds modern.

Koi no Dorobu 5/5

The group’s other a-side is more upbeat, and has a more idol sound that’s common, Still, it sounds “H!.” The versus of this song is definitely more interesting, also the line distribution is more fair to Risa and Manaka, who didn’t get much lines in IGM. The part where every member sings one line is really innovative. The chorus of course with its repetition of “zettai” makes the song super cute and sugary sweet. The “Love me do” part at the end of the chorus is just too adorable for words! The best part of the song is at the end where they scream “Oh my God.” I just thought that was super cute and unexpected. This is my favorite out of the two songs.


When it was revealed that CG was getting a reboot, with Momoko as the sort of supervisor, everyone panicked and thought it was a bad idea. But Country Girls debut single was a hit. It’s amazing. It’s regular old idol type music, but it is amazing and cute. Why do I ever doubt H!P? They never fail. Usually. It’s too bad Uta has left the group. I’m worried because it was clear that h!p set her up to be the face and center of the group. Yet I’m not worried because it’s pretentious to say that all of Country Girls fans were Uta fans, and the group’s remaining members are seriously all awesome. So here’s to hoping CG has a bright future!

News #4

Hi everyone, I can’t believe it’s June already! I’m again making some changes to my list.

I will be adding a few artists!

Bitter & Sweet

I have been following this lovely indie duo. They are under UFA, and I love their music so far. Here’s to hoping UFA really promotes this group!

Country Girls

Of course I have to add the new H!P unit. Their two debut singles are so adorable, I’m really loving this group. Review will be coming soon!

Kobushi Factory

Another H!P unit I have to add! Since they’re pretty much Berryz replacement, it’ll be interesting to see what they produce. I’ve heard their 2 new indie singles, and I’m blown away.


The new US-based idol group has caught my attention! Their first debut single is amazing, so keeping my eye on these girls.


I will be getting rid of the artists:


I said i wanted to review them further, but berryz is disbanding. There was an announcement that Buono will remain active, but with Miyabi retiring from the entertainment business, I don’t think they’ll release new material.  I don’t even have all of their discography, so it only makes sense to drop them.


Sadly, this group disbanded in 2014… It’s sad because I never got a chance to get into their music.

Mano Erina

Like Buono! I wanted to continue to review her songs. But she’s been inactive for a while, and it just doesn’t make any sense. Plus, I have reviewed most of her stuff to date.


They have announced their disbandment… : (  Since I have pretty much reviewed all of their stuff, after their new album, I will be finished.

E-girls: E.G Time

File:E-girls - EG TIME CD.jpg

E.G Anthem ~We are Venus~ 4.5/5

This is the perfect way to start off the album! E.G Anthem is an upbeat pop song, with plenty of shouting. Love the solo’s in the versus. We get to hear from a lot of members who don’t sing a lot. The chorus is great with the repetition of the words. In addition, I like how they incorporated the separate groups of E-girls in the song. It’s nice that E-girls finally gets an official theme.

Mr. Snowman 4.5/5

This song takes a long time to get used to. At first, it comes off as kind of plain and typical sounding, but it isn’t bad. The instrumental in the beginning of the song, that runs through the song is catchy. I don’t think this is even close to their best single, but it isn’t the worst.

Music Flyer 5/5

This song is very techno-like, with monotone vocals. I love that the group experimented with a different sound. It’s a breath of fresh air. Music Flyer reminds me of a lighter, more pop-ier Perfume or Capsule. I love the static “whoas” and the instrumental music is out of this world! I highly recommend.

Move it! 5/5

This song is sung by DREAM. I don’t understand why they say “Dream and E-girls” in the song, when it’s just DREAM singing, but whatever. This song was Snowman’s b-side. This song should have been the a-side. It’s a very fierce song, and I love the half rapping. It’s very catchy, and very E-girls!

Rock n Roll Widow 4/5

Like Dream Flyer, I appreciate the  group trying new things! I hated this song when I first heard it. The opening was just too loud and annoying. I still think the instrumental is too loud. But after a few listens, it’s a pretty nice song. It somehow combines country and rock?? Love the “Gakko” parts, and SHIZUKA’s solo right after. The members with lower vocals sing, which I appreciate. Overall, I think this song was nice because it’s different from the norm, but it’s a little weird…

High School Love 5/5

One of the group’s better singles! High School Love is still very pop-ish, and very e-girls, but it has a different sound than most of their songs. The bridge is really good with the build up to the harmonization. In addition, the chorus is solid and catchy with the repetition.This was used for the GTO drama theme. It fits perfectly. Overall, definitely in my top 15 songs from them.

Odoru Ponpokorin 4.5/5

Again, love the experimentation from the group. It’s still very pop-ish, but it’s more childish due to it being used for Chibi Maruko-chan anime. Although it can get annoying fast, this song is very fun, with its over the top sound effects, and random speech and screams throughout the song. Everyone hates this song, saying “Why did they release this?” but I think it has great energy and fits well with the anime.

Jiyou no Megami ~Yuvuraia~ 3.5/5

Even reading a translation of this song, I still I do not understand what this is about. The title translates to “Statue of Liverty, Yuvuraia” What does Yuvuraia mean? I tried to look it up but nothing came up. It’s just a very weird song that doesn’t make much sense to me. I admit that the chorus is very catchy, but it feels like that designated weird b-side that shows up on idol singles.

Ureshii!! Tanoshii! Daisuki!! 5/5

This song is a cover of a DCT song. No wonder I like it so much! I heard the original already, and it’s not too different from the original. I love the instrumental of this song. The versus, chorus, everything is just awesome in this. As expected from DCT. E-girls sounds good in their version of it. Letting the members with lower vocals sing was a great idea for this song.

Again 5/5

As soon as I heard the first 10 seconds of this song, I loved it. Mainly because the background music is gorgeous, especially the piano in the beginning. This whole song just has a very calming feeling. It’s very light, and airy. It reminds me of a summer day. It reminds me of SNSD’s older songs. The vocals really fit with this song. It’s definitely good enough to be an a-side!

Chocolat 5/5

Another really great b-side from the group. Chocolat has that same sweet and airy feeling as Again, but in a different way. The chorus in this song is really great, with the overlapping of the vocals. Ami’s opening solo made me cringe inside a little bit.

Kibou no Hikari ~Mirai wo Shinjite~ 3.5/5

I keep forgetting that this song is on this album. Every idol girl group of course must have a ballad on it. I was surprised that there wasn’t more than one ballad. Anyway, this song isn’t the best ballad ever. But it’s not the best. It’s definitely not the group’s best. The versus are as boring as every other idol ballad, but the chorus is interesting. It’s very progressive, and each member adds a level of progressiveness. Not my cup of tea, but not bad to end the album.

So this is E-girls third album. One of the things that people complain about with this group is that their music is all the same. I agree. Their A-sides are all very pop-ish and are sometimes too similar, but with b-sides and album songs, the group makes up for it. This is probably my favorite E-girls album. It’s jam packed with really awesome b-sides, a cool cover, and cool original album songs are. Overall, I’m impressed by the experimentation, and hope that the group’s a-side songs improve!