File:Fairies - Soushisouai destination goods.jpg

Soushisouai☆Destination 4/5

This is a very powerful song that kind of sounds like a classic anime opening. Sounds like we’re all preparing for a battle. Along with the powerful sound comes some powerful vocals! I’m impressed at how more fair the line distribution is. Whoever sings those high notes at the end of the chorus… (Miki?) They aren’t bad but they do sound a little strained. Overall, this is a sold single showing Fairies more powerful side but don’t think I would rank this in my top 10.

Honey Vacation 4/5

The b-side is also really upbeat. It has a more sweeter sound to it. Instead of individual solo lines, the song is sung together as a chorus and shared lines, which I kind of like. This isn’t one of their best b-sides, but it’s nice to just listen to it. I do really like the instrumental of the song. In fact, I find myself focusing on that rather than the vocals. It has a lot of synth sounds in it. Also, I find the “Love you my Prince” in the beginning of the song really funny, but cute at the same time.

So I think that this single is a little weaker than their past, but it definitely isn’t their worst song ever. I really like how the group showed a more powerful side to them that we haven’t seen sing “Bling Bling Love.”