Guys it’s been too long. Almost a year. I don’t think anyone reads this blog. No one really did to begin with. It was mostly me just talking to myself! (lol). Which is fine by me.

Anyway, I really miss writing music reviews, a lot. In my last news post a year ago, I also stated how I wanted to get back into writing again. I was able to keep it up for a few months then fell off the bandwagon.

That was when I was in college and busy most days. As a new struggling graduate, I have a lot of free time! I definitely want to start being more active on this blog.

Like a year ago, my tastes in music have changed a lot.

If anyone has any recommendations for girl groups who focus more on dancing and singing (like Fairies or E-girls), send them my way please! I definitely need to check out more Japanese groups!

I have also become a huge fan of a lot of kpop girl groups. While the focus of this blog will still be jpop, I definitely would like to add the more underrated kpop girl groups.

I also am going to focus on updating a lot of older artists. I know I’m really behind and missing reviews for a lot of groups, so that will be the main focus right now. Then later, I’ll add more artists I’ve been interested in lately! (There are tons of new ones!)

Not Reviewing Anymore:

Crayon Pop: This group is on a hiatus due to Soyul leaving, but I’m not really fooled. I know that there’s little chance that they will ever release anything again. I’m really heartbroken over this because I really liked this group and thought they were really unique. I don’t think they’re going to release any more music so there’s no reason to keep them on here.

Idoling!!!: Was going to do their last album they released before their disbandment, but I kind of lost the motivation to do it, especially since the album before that wasn’t that great.