SIlent Siren: 31 Wonderland

File:Silent Siren - 31 Wonderland reg.jpg


Ring Ring Ring 4/5

At 0:15, this song kind of sounds too similar to Kimi wa Tenki, their other song. Other than that, this is a solid song. I love the “Hey, Hello, Ogenki desu ka?” part, because of the blend of English and Japanese. The chorus is catchy with the “Ring ring ring” part as well. Other than that, this song seems a little too similar to some of their other songs.

Biisan 4/5

The “Whoah oh oh” parts are really really cute and catchy. This song has a very summery and refreshing sound. The versus are really boring, but the chorus is solid. I don’t really think this is a strong single for them, but it’s a solid song.

Are You Ready? 4.5/5

This song takes on a much darker tone than most of their songs. I love the the interruptions with the vocals in the versus. I have no idea what they’re saying, but it sounds good. The chorus is really good as well. I love the whispered “Are You Ready” part. Definitely the best so far on the album.


This is pretty average song. It kind of sounds like their past songs, but it somehow has a very calming and comfortable feeling? I like all of the chanting, it adds energy to the song. I think I prefer this over the a-side IxU.

Antionmy 4/5

The beginning of the song starts out great with the piano, then it feels kind of feels that part crashes too much with the rock sound. I do like the instrumental though, and some of the vocals have a filter applied, which sounds cool. Other than that, I just can’t seem to get into this song.

Delay 4/5

The instrumental has a cool rhythm to it, it’s not new, but it’s familiar, which I guess is why I like it. This song has a calming feeling, and I like the “sono kimi ga” part before the chorus.  Not a bad song, it feels like a solid b-side song or something.

I x U 3.5/5

Here’s a sort of christmasy ballad that was one of the groups singles. Suu’s soft vocals in this song are everything. It’s an okay song. Not really single material in my opinion.

Limited 5/5

I heard this song before I got this album. Basically, this song made me want to listen to this album. This song is darker, more so than “Are You Ready” , and I love it. Love the chorus with the repetition of words, as well as the “Semai semai sekai” part. One of the better, if not best songs on the album.

Milestone 4/5

Can’t be an album without a ballad! Here is the album’s ballad. I like the “kira kira hikaru” part of the versus. The chorus however, is quite annoying compared to the calmness of the versus. I don’t if it’s just Suu’s vocals, or if it’s the melody? It isn’t bad at all, but it’s definitely not their best ballad

Amefuri Frill 5/5

Here is a song that quickly became one of my favorites. It really stands out due to the pauses in the song and the variation in how the lyrics are sung. It sounds different from what they’ve done in the past, and it’s fun. One of the best on the album!

Guru Guru Wonderland 4/5

Here is the title song. It’s a really upbeat and happy song, perfect for ending an album. The versus are a little bland, but the chorus rocks. I love the “iin jan” parts, and the little chants. It has a lot of energy, but I just can’t love this song 100% no matter how many times I listen to it for some reason.

So… I wasn’t really feeling this album. In their past 2 mini albums, I liked 90% of the songs. This album, I can only say that I really fully like 3-4 of them. It isn’t a horrible album, but It just didn’t feel as good as their previous mini albums.


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