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Wonderful World 4.5/5

This song is my JAM. I wouldn’t normally like songs like this. It’s just so cutesy; even more cuter than are kore shitai. It’s so generic, and there’s nothing special about it, but it makes me feel so light and airy. No one likes this song, and I can completely understand why, but once you listen to it, it’s quite infectious and grows on you. I like the part with the English and the “la la la” parts, though Sayubee and Karin’s vocals get out of hand a bit…

Ça va? Ça va? 4.5/5

I want to rate this 4.25, but I don’t do quarter ratings, so I went with the higher rating because this isn’t the worst I’ve heard from them. This is a rather unique sounding song. It has a sort of European flair to it, which fits the group perfectly. It’s also the complete 180 from the cutesy Wonderful World. I think it’s an odd song, but It’s something different for the group. The “dabada” parts are really annoying, but I’m in love with the low vocals, and the chorus. Not too bad.

While I like at least one song from their past 3 singles, it feels like this group is in sort of a slump after HADAKA was released? I don’t know, their singles have been good, but not amazing. Their upcoming album has really really amazing songs on them, from what I hear. I think they’ll get out of their slump after that album is released.